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Title: Kickercraft 2 3p FFA
Post by: mousEtopher on December 13, 2018, 06:34:00 PM

mousetopher v Kicker.M v disgruntled

great match on KC2!! aside from some initial newby bumbling around i actually played pretty good for me and it turned out to be a long & exciting match :D

about KC2:

KickerCraft 2 is a custom map created by Kicker.M featuring custom building & unit properties to create a better human/orc balance and ensure all units serve a purpose in gameplay. we've been play testing a good amount in the past days/weeks & so far the games plays great and are a lot of fun -- today we did some FFAs and they all played especially well!! there's noticeably a lot more variety of units in play throughout all stages of the game & a lot of intense micro.

definitely check this map out!! contact @iamli3 at war2 Discord (http://en.war2.ru/discord (http://en.war2.ru/discord)) to get a copy of the .pud & find out more info about the unit rebalancing. it'd be great to get some feedback about it from pro players :thumbsup:

brief overview of rebalancing:

the goal is to make the races unique with total unit balance like in starcraft where no units are useless , the themes for the races are the humans have the weaker and cheaper units that are more ideal to harras the enemy base with and they rely more on gold , while the orcs rely more on wood and scoutning and building a strong core army to fight off the human advances

and to coutner balance the resourse dependence difference peasants cost the default 400g while peons are now 450g with  10hp , but farms and pigfarm are made cheaper and weaker at 400g 150w , and teching and upgrades are made more expensive to insentivise building larger current tech armies to do more tactics with , they also take longer to build so the multi worker building mechanic is more tactically useful and vital to use early game

this focus on larger armies however nessitates the removal of blizzard as there is no way to ballance the spell as spell effects cannot be changed , but should help make bloodlust less of a gg tech

here's how the unit balance looks
peasant < peon < footman < grunt < archer < troll < many archers < grunt-troll < footman-archer < orger < knight < ogermage < gryphon < deathknight < paladin < dragons beat all < mage for polymorph < many ogers

Title: Re: Kickercraft 2 3p FFA
Post by: mousEtopher on December 15, 2018, 09:53:11 PM
another fun replay! 2v2 w/ 1 strong and 1 weak player per team

kicker.M + KillerE VS mousey + Lord_axe2

Warcraft 2 - KickerCraft2 2v2 - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owpD7ynw3Rc#)
Title: Re: Kickercraft 2 3p FFA
Post by: Lambchops on January 05, 2019, 08:26:36 AM
Looks interesting. I must watch this tomorrow.. sleep now zzzzZZZZZ ::)
Title: Re: Kickercraft 2 3p FFA
Post by: mousEtopher on January 07, 2019, 08:20:33 AM
:D did you happen to get around to it ? interested to hear your feedback!!

here's another replay from a couple weeks ago, a 1v1
Warcraft 2 Online ! KickerCraft2 1v1 - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5ueRA5cEvA#)

the map/unit properties are undergoing active development & so are minorly different in each of these replays, i think the biggest dif is that dks got a little cheaper & auto-aggro and skellies got a buff to make them more useful & anti-air