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Title: Due to TK's special request, A NEW THREAD!
Post by: BabyShark on February 01, 2019, 10:07:12 PM
What? No GTFO WE ALL HATE YOU this time? :)

Followed by "why don't we have any players?"

I'm not sure why you of all people want to be first in line to jump all over me...I thought we had agreed we weren't friends and that was fine for both of us? Or are you still worried that my hands are in your pockets trying to steal "your" people?

Nevertheless, triggered Frenchmen need space on the world stage to denounce people who don't want to play with rude people as evil liars.

Here we go.

Why are you lying?

What have I lied about now? Randomly calling people "liar" with nothing to back it up is actually being the liar you condemn.

Ah yes you were definitely banned from here yes no lies at all.

Lol. No I was not. I was never banned from the forum or from the server or from the Discord.

I was *muted* at Discord for defending myself from van's lies and filthy garbage, when he came in saying he hadn't been continually harassing me for over a year, probably closer to two years. I called him a psycho liar, told him to leave me alone, then but him on ignore list on Discord. Someone butted into it as if they knew something about what was going on, I told that person to shut up if they have no clue what the situation is. I came back later that evening to find myself muted for saying 5 frustrated lines that any reasonable normal person would be capable of saying given the situation. DeathKnight~ and Tupac got banned without warning for no reason. Tupac did not do the attacks on ru from some months ago. He is capable of a lot more than that. Think Braveheart, though. Everyone sees Braveheart as the hero of the story when he started a fight against the evil overlords of his day because they did evil things like rape people's wives and thought they were entitled to that. Maybe even if Tupac does one day decide to do battle against the evil ru tyranny and all the abuses that have happened, maybe he is like Braveheart? I've only seen him be nice to people and help people, even back before USA when he helped people get on Russian server.

Dugs said he wanted me banned, and countless users said they want me killed, but I wasn't actually banned from anywhere. Get your facts straight.

The person who was actually banned without warning was DeathKnight~, who is a legit and nice player who was active from late 2015 - 2018 on ru. And yeah, most people can say WHO CARES. SO WHAT? IT WASN'T *ME* that was banned. Everyone only cares about themselves. Except me. I happen to believe fair treatment for everyone.

Which of you WOULDN'T get pissed off if you were randomly banned from W2 permanently because you beat someone in a game like Tupac was by XuRnT??

You see on war2.ru unlike your own thing we have something called freedom of speech

There was no "free speech" for me. I got muted without warning while I wasn't even there and had already stopped talking a long time ago for saying about 5 lines of text that contained nothing truly objectionable. Compare the two: Close to two years of unprovoked targetted vulgar hate spam to me and MANY others that admins don't care about. A few lines of very provoked, frustrated text following finally getting annoyed briefly on one day with admin apathy for long-term harassment ("you're a psychotic creep and a liar, don't ever message me again" to van after which I set him on ignore list on Discord, then "shut up, stay out of what you don't know anything about" to someone else).

That mute was totally unfair, unwarranted, and a complete skewing of any kind of justice. An admin also publicly called me a liar (what else is new) without evidence. She actually had plenty of evidence and SS's that Leeroy had been harassing me for a long time, along with convos about the toxicity of the server that went back to approx 1.5 years before where we had already talked about creating a new server that would welcome new players that ru rejects. You can ignore something so long and eventually when you get annoyed with how long it goes on, you can't go back in time and get ss's you never took of psychotic losers whose opinion you care nothing about.

Before you can promote an idea, you have to be able to define the idea. What is freedom of speech? Is this your idea of freedom of speech?


If anyone can say anything they want at anytime with no regard for how human beings or the server are affected by them, how can you justify my being muted for a comparatively tiny infraction when you consider that the long time racist perpetrator I was addressing spent close to two years harassing me in spite of my continually ignoring and squelching repeatedly?

How can you justify your "suggestion" that I GTFO if you really support freedom of speech in the sense that anyone can say whatever they want no matter what?

Here is an old stream from May 2017, which is a B2B which includes you and XuRnT before you both joined the racist/hater/liar/evil group, which contains proof positive that van's harassment was going on for over a year:

B2B Big Older game Pulsar[A]/Vizzer/BS/Xurnt v 00Logan/Cel/steezey/BigShark - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxWyTb7SYvg#)

Time stamp 11:25 right at the end. His name has a big red X beside it. Now why do people put big red X's by people's names like that for, do you think? Right. My guess is you would say it's so they can prove that human healing is the best thing since sliced bread because it's cheaper than sliced baguettes. I very rarely squelch anyone for what they say. Van and Leeroy are pretty much the only ones due to their extreme persistence in spite of being ignored for years. Obviously it had already been going on for a long time at the time this stream was made.

Me not wanting my screen spammed while I'm playing was ignored. The admins did not care at all. The experience of a long-time W2 lover matters zero to the community leadership, and the experience of visitors from long ago and newcomers matters even less.

http://forum.war2.ru/index.php/topic,867.msg11738.html#msg11738 (http://forum.war2.ru/index.php/topic,867.msg11738.html#msg11738)

Someone complained about /f a /f r /f a /f r abuse spamming the screens. This problem somehow got taken care of. Oh, maybe because the person threatened to bot spam the server until something was done about it.

Think about that. You have to threaten to do something nefarious in order to get action taken by leadership. If you're a good ol nice person who wants to do the right thing (but doesn't always ofc), you're outta luck. You'll still get called an evil lying crybaby (who apparently cries about and is "oversensitive" about things that never happened...to get "attention" in the form of morons asking for tit pix and acting about 25 years younger than their age), don't worry, but your concerns don't matter unless you have power and inclination to damage someone or the server to get it.

This is the stance of RU. Everyone for himself. Do whatever you want. Say whatever you want. But OH MY if you do something or say something the ADMINS or special favorites don't like, watch out!!! It's dog eat dog until an admin is offended, then suddenly the same behavior everyone else is expected to put up with day in and day out is "out of line" and "inappropriate" and mute or ban worthy.

And communists pretend to want to put "power" in the hands of "peons". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA. LAUGH FACTORY right here.

The communists look out for themselves and look the other way when kittens are microwaved, shrug their shoulders and say "I'm not the moral police around here," but still take every opportunity to decry decriers as immoral irrational beasts.

While I was getting that link, I found these old streams from when everyone was getting along so nicely:

Awww. So sweet. Riiiight, This was from before Swift determined me to be worthy of all the hate in the world, who then proceeded to brainwash every person he could that I'm soo evillll for petty/silly/hypocritical reasons.

MUD - YouTube (https://youtu.be/WRJiTY3kW0I#)

If that was the case that people would be banned for such random reasons maybe your stream and your server would not be advertised for free on the discord channel and the war2.ru site just like all other war2 streams.

The thing is, Cel, *some* people are banned for the same reasons that others are not. And there is no written code of conduct that is even attempted to be adhered to.

Strata-G/warbux had an actual BOT www.war2usa.com (http://www.war2usa.com) in the server for a period of time, I think perhaps some days to two weeks, I don't recall exactly, and to my knowledge, he never received any penalty. He went around advertising another place to play W2. (Which is the exact same thing XuRnT did to BNet back in the day, he went to BNet spamming the Russian server, so get your history straight too, so you can see how tightly wound your warped mind is in hypocrisy.)

Bottom line is, there is, nor was there, any rule against it. The idea for a new newbie friendly server was the idea of mousetopher herself, who is the person who has put the most work into maintaining the website and forum you somehow think you own. Of course she has the ability to ban me at any time for any reason without warning. I know this. I've seen her in action at Discord back when we used to be friends.

Banning someone without warning when there is no rule, while not banning someone else who does the same thing, only MORE and LONGER and with a BOT instead of a few typed lines to people, is one of the reasons why many people don't want to play at the Russian server. Blatant discrimination and unfair treatment and power abuse and banning people on a whim kind of leaves a sour taste in most people's mouths.

And we're talking about people who love W2. Like me. I've played longer than you have, so if anyone has any "ownership" to W2 between the two of us, it's definitely me, since I was around when you were still in diapers. Yes. I'm old.

I used to promote the Russian W2 server, you can see in vids like this one, which got 264 views and 17 likes for XuRnT's youtube channel:

Warcraft II - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFXmFyP-Gps#)

So don't make out like I didn't put years of effort into promoting ru before the harassment and admin abuse and hatefulness of the player base (*not everyone, just the noisiest and nastiest of the bunch - there have been plenty of great people playing W2*) made it not fun for me at ru anymore.

I'm making tutorials for new players to learn W2. Here's the latest one, and yes, in the absence of rules against it, I see no issues posting W2 tutorials for new players on a W2 forum, even if there are triggered hateful fanatics who will take every opportunity to badmouth and attack me:

Warcraft 2 Tutorials: How Units Emerge from Buildings and Why It Matters - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcCXtZKhg5Y#)

Your implication is that I should not be able to play my favorite video game. You actively encourage people not to play with me. I've seen it with my own eyes. Why all the hate?

I was always kind to you. Yet you insist on siding with racist haters like van and Leeroyjenkins and the admins who accept their gross behavior and ignore all the people they chase away. Then whine about how there are no players on ru.

Also Babyshark can you promise us right here right now that anyone can come to your server and exercise his freedom of speech while being respectful to others?
Can anyone come to your server and forums and do exactly the same thing you are doing here?

We have a written code of conduct that we endeavor to uphold, and no, I don't think it will be a piece of cake once the server becomes more crowded, but so far, things are going along satisfactorily well.

Very few people have actually been banned, and they violated the code of conduct at our server or Discord AFTER being warned, and include van and Strata-G. Strata-G's original ban for continually swearing, then intentionally attempting to avoid censor bot (also violates written rules), then talking about my tits, then talking dirty sexual stuff in a PG-13 channel where kids have been invited earned him his initial 7 day ban. His ban was increased to permanent when he went on a rampage of lies and intentional attempts to wreck the reputation of War2USA with unfounded garbage. This drug dealer has zero credibility and writes on a Grade 1 level. You are welcome to keep him. And his best buddy racist van. You're really sitting in the midst of a crowd of winners there.

Can I come recruit people from your server would I not be banned if I do?

Have you read our code of conduct? Why don't you come find out what USA is like before slamming it as angrily as you do?

It may need revising as issues crop up, but you will not be banned if you stop violating our code of conduct. One of the points in our code of conduct is "attacking the community or its right to exist". I know you go around telling people not to play with me. The reason you have this level of hate and anger is a bit of a mystery, but I can tell you plainly that you are on the wrong team.

You are promoting and supporting evil and injustice and hate.

And you are purposely attacking someone who just wants to play a video game with people she likes.

I'll be honest. I'm not your biggest fan anymore and think the way you've been acting since ditching your "let's be nice" values in order to fit in with toxic people who like to bully others so they don't laugh at you for being a pussy is pathetic. You actually started being a pussy when you lost your backbone to stand up to them.

I liked you better with the backbone and some interest in doing the right thing by humanity.

If you're thinking, "well you deserve it because you're you, and van deserves the freedom to harass people year after year with racist and vulgar hate because he's him", you're being the bigot you've in the past decried.

You're such a hypocrite it's not even funny.

You advertise YOUR stream here too. For free! A W2 stream on a W2 website. Wow. What are the odds.
Title: Re: Due to TK's special request, A NEW THREAD!
Post by: BabyShark on February 01, 2019, 10:08:40 PM
I'm ok with Babyshark getting banned/deleted from the forums.. she just came into an amazing discussion and took a big fat shit on it.

People who are evil and have no conscience are fine with people being persecuted for no good reason.

On what grounds are you suggesting I should be banned?

Telling the truth? The truth is so ugly it needs to be hidden?

Instead of suppressing truth-tellers, maybe change the truth instead. Maybe bring justice and kindness to ru? Maybe make it better instead of celebrating evil and trying to silence the truth with all your might?

If you had your life together, you would not be drinking yourself into a stupor regularly. That's a sign that all is not well and you're not really in a position to be asserting yourself as someone who should be banning other people.

There is a reason only the bottom of humanity swarms together at ru. Because they feel comfortable with each other. When someone with some standards of behavior (like saying "hang niggers" is wrong and hateful) just steps in your midst, you feel uncomfortable, because it shines a light into your dirty mouth and dirty life and you don't like that.

When you see someone picking up litter from the ground, even if they say absolutely nothing, it convicts you for not only doing nothing about the litter, but also for actually littering yourself.

Until you have some legitimate grounds to ban people, maybe you should stop demonstrating the hate and "LET'S BAN ANYONE WHO TELLS THE TRUTH OR DOESN'T APPROVE OF RACISM!!!!" attitude that puts off normal people.

For all your whining about how badly the ru server is run, you've done a sudden turn-around and seem to think it's run great! How many whiney threads have you posted? How many times have you "retired" cuz you were fed up with it?

In all the games we've had, tell me a single time when you had a problem with me in game or on server?

The last game I recall us in together, we allied on GSEPS vs I forget who. But after they killed you, I killed em both.

It's sad that you think "It's the cool thing to do to attack this person all as a group, now I feel like I fit in! Maybe Swift will finally approve of me now! If we all hate on BS together!! YES!"

You are a mentally and emotionally very weak person, and I feel sorry for you. I've always treated you fine, stood up for you when you were being bullied, because I know your life hurts you and you have enormous frustration with life. But I'm pretty fed up with being bullied myself and it's time to stand up for myself.

You have no legitimate grounds to call for me to be banned. That's a symptom of you being too stupid to be silent when you have no real argument against the truth. You just don't like it.

Well that's too freakin bad.
Title: Re: Due to TK's special request, A NEW THREAD!
Post by: ~ToRa~ on February 01, 2019, 11:09:11 PM
You know Babyshark has no life.

Title: Re: Due to TK's special request, A NEW THREAD!
Post by: Cel on February 01, 2019, 11:40:33 PM
Thing is Babyshark you simply said people risk getting banned here on that very forum for saying they want or love another game or play elsewhere.

This is the lie. It simply is not true.

The only place you were banned from was the discord channel because you invaded a user's private life dirrectly harrassing that person's wife on a different social network.

war2.ru does not ban people because the mods do not like them or because they don't like their attitude.

The only reason I don't agree with that server is because it is not inclusive.
I just like to play the game and honestly when we have 50 players playing the game in the world when I am here it just feel stupid to split that number even further between two servers.
Players do not like toxic behaviors I agree but you know what makes player leave even more? Empty servers and not being able to play and horrible waiting times.

That is what kills the game.

Now that is my opinion we can disagree I can accept that.
The only reason I replied to your post is because you were lying about that forum and the people moderating it.
Title: Re: Due to TK's special request, A NEW THREAD!
Post by: Winchester on February 02, 2019, 02:11:00 AM
You're being paranoid again Babyshark.
Title: Re: Due to TK's special request, A NEW THREAD!
Post by: BabyShark on February 02, 2019, 02:13:31 AM
Thing is Babyshark you simply said people risk getting banned here on that very forum for saying they want or love another game or play elsewhere.

This is the lie. It simply is not true.

I am continually having people call for me to be banned (and even killed) for groundless reasons or false accusations, including admins like Dugs. I have already been unjustly muted after being harassed for about two years by multiple W2 users (two in particular).

For you to say that trying to get two years of relentless harassment to stop by sending ONE polite and calm online message to a woman is preposterous and idiotic. Where has your logic gone?

What's next? You're gonna find a girl who got raped and make her out to be a criminal if she tells the police? She might upset the rapist. Oh dear. Is there anything sitting in your head where a brain should be? I did not initiate any of the crap. I've only ever stood against bullies and unjust treatment of other users, and eventually it turned on me. If you go back a couple years in the forum and streams, you can see that I actually got along very well with almost everyone of even remotely competent intellect and even many with suboptimal, played almost all maps with all groups and was overall very well-liked and my games filled fast and I often had to choose who to keep in the games because more people wanted in than could fit.

So trying to turn me into someone who "harasses people's wives" is just total nonsense, and you surely know it. I have no interest in anyone's wife, only in stopping prolonged harassment from morons who are cowardly losers who hide behind screennames but are the first ones to start crying like babies when they are called out. You do not have to be worried about the police if you are not committing crimes (or unless the police are corrupt).

It's like you believe a girl should just sit there and be raped and not even think about fighting for herself or risking causing the rapist's feelings to be hurt. I'm reeling trying to figure out how your mind can be so far from reason...and the only answer is that your emotions are so out of control that they are blocking your mind from thinking rational thoughts.

The only reason I don't agree with that server is because it is not inclusive.

Actually, it is. It includes all people who can follow the code of conduct (http://war2usa.com/index.php/code-of-conduct/ (http://war2usa.com/index.php/code-of-conduct/)). If you take issue with any point of the code of conduct, address is promptly.

Yes, people who make the gaming experience bad for other people are excluded.

Ru does this selectively to some individuals (for instance, some people are banned for ss dodging (lethal~viruz, after provoked by an unknown smurf orcdude11), others are not (d@ta and others), some are banned for "spamming" (DK), some are not (van, leeroyjenkins, strata-g, countless others), some are banned for "racism" from forum (ripe), some are not (claw), so it is not "inclusive" to all either. But there's no consistency with how those things are handled. It's all based on the whims of whatever the admin present at the time is feeling, rather than even trying to follow some kind of guideline, which can obviously be a difficult task. But I don't think the laissez-faire approach has caused them less grief than if they had more strict penalties for blatant racism and sickening talk about raping people's mothers or children or death threats and the like all along.

And I know for a fact from having talked to many visitors to Ru over the last few years while I was trying to help newbs settle in to ru, playing with them (including yourself when no one else wanted to play with you cuz no one had heard of you) that many newbs have the same problems over and over and over again. They are insulted, told to GTFO, and repeatedly banned. They can't get in most games most of the time. If they are allowed to play once, they mishall, everyone leaves, they rehost and ban that person. That's the typical experience.

Here's one newb's experience. I didn't hunt down all of them, but everyone already knows what's the standard treatment of newcomers to Ru.

http://forum.war2.ru/index.php/topic,3402.msg55485.html#msg55485 (http://forum.war2.ru/index.php/topic,3402.msg55485.html#msg55485)

Most people don't register for the forum or make a post about how much their ru experience sucked. They just move along.

No one listened to all these people.

There could and should be a MAJORITY of newbs on any given server for any game at any time, because newbs are like "children". You need to reproduce them so they can grow up and replace the current aging population who often lose the ability to play when real life adult responsibilities take over.

No one cared about all the many, many newbs falling through the cracks, getting dissed and told to get lost. It's so senseless to put effort into bringing people in, only to give them a terrible experience while they are there, banning them and telling them to get lost. It's laughable and sad at the same time.

One user in particular is a complete joke, as he's one of the most rude to new players (and basically everyone) of all the ones I've seen, then makes a post about how Ru needs to increase their fb presence...presumably so Ru can bring in more newbs...so he can chase them out with his rudeness and banning. LOLLLLLL. I looked up the term bogan after it was used on him and it didn't quite seem to cover the extent of his total lack of awareness or ability to think. Like, repair the hole in the boat before you worry about what kind of spoon you need for dumping out the water.

The rude people who drive newcomers away are the holes in Ru's boat.

If you want to address people who drive people away from Ru and keep the new players away, you have been around long enough to know who the adult-raging-tantrum-toddlers are.

I just like to play the game and honestly when we have 50 players playing the game in the world when I am here it just feel stupid to split that number even further between two servers.

So your solution for people who don't want to be spammed "you suck nigger dick" along with numerous other vulgar/intentionally offensive things is to quit their favorite game? Let evil win? Be bullied out of something you enjoy?

I love W2. I do not like playing at ru anymore. I used to, but enough is enough. The notion that I'm "oversensitive" is absurd. I've been playing W2 with pigs since I was a teenager and have been asked for nude pics more times than I can count, been messaged stuff about jizzing on me and killing me plenty over the years, and other stuff people who were raised by decent people don't say to girls or women. I know the guys talk like this to each other, but I know for 100% certainty that no one guy gets the same level of spam from frustrated/lonely/horny/angry males that I have. I am not very sensitive to it. I was raised by and around loving people and know plenty of wonderful, trustworthy men, so I know the people who act this way are demented and worth ignoring. There used to be many girls playing back in my younger days, many of them sweet and friendly, but the reasons females are generally *excluded* are so obvious to anyone with a brain. I could have been a 12 year old girl who would be affected very differently by a much smaller number of perverted comments. But no one in the approx 17 years I've played this game online was ever as persistent and continuous as those two psychos you love to wallow with and defend. Your stance supporting and embracing them makes you a part of what they do.

Also, no one is "splitting" anything. People are adults and choose what they want to do and whom they want to do it with. It's not like anyone is *forcibly* moving players from one place to another. The individuals make their own choices. You should respect that, whether they are playing Pac man or League of Legends or Warcraft 2, you're not really the policeman of the universe to tell all people what they should do in their spare time or who with.

Empty servers and not being able to play and horrible waiting times.

So you admit I am "queen" of am empty server. Oh, the power. I've also been accused of being "power hungry". How much power do you think I exercise on an empty server?

Whether or not people log on USA is completely up to the individuals. I have no power to force people to play with me. It turns out that many of the people I played with for years on ru and know what kind of person I am still like to play with me. You can watch the pages of streams to see that we have fun games in a relaxed environment...of course interpersonal arguments can and do happen and that's normal, but it's not a toxic community where people are making death threats and telling people they will kill or rape their family members.

The only reason I replied to your post is because you were lying about that forum and the people moderating it.

Lol. I did not lie. Deathknight~ and Tupac were in fact banned unjustly, as they broke no existing ru rule. And banned from server is obviously far worse since that's where the actual game is. They were banned from the community without warning, for breaking no rule, because they want to play in a nice environment...and you obviously know the other server is better on account of that (and probably other factors like security), or you wouldn't feel "threatened" by its existence. Accusing me of lying when you inject the diffrentiation "forum vs server" is just you desperately trying to invent things to accuse me of when you know very well DK and Tupac were unfairly banned from ru server.

If you thought it was just an empty server, you would have no reason to despise it or fear it or tell people not to play with me.

It really isn't that scary. I've not been threatened with death a single time on it. I've not had harm wished on my kids a single time on that server. I've not been spammed with sexual demands, not once. And I love it.

Besides all this, pretty much everyone who plays at USA also plays at Ru, so they haven't been "poached" or "stolen" or whatever you think happens to adults who choose to play something else other than W2 Ru with you on some given nights.

It isn't hugely different (for you) than if I were hosting a game on Ru with the same people. The main difference is that I can enjoy myself in a nice environment, because being bombarded with daily messages like "die bitch", "you're an ugly worthless cunt", "go kill yourself faggot", "you suck nigger dick", "ima shove my dick up ur ass then jizz on your face and slice your throat open and shit on your worthless corpse" kind of actually does have an unpleasant effect on your psyche over time, and having your screen spammed up while you're trying to play affects your ability to play the game.

I had enough of that.

But I haven't had enough of W2. W2 I love. Still. I'll take my W2 memories and my W2 gaming to my grave.

If you think evil is gonna win this fight, it's because you haven't met my God.

I'm a lot of things, not all of them great. You can find a thousand flaws in me, especially if you're looking. When I look at people, I don't look for their flaws first. I look for the beauty in people. And there's usually something pretty awesome about each person if you get to know them.

But my God is perfect and wonderful and holy and loving. And He is the one who carries me in His hand.

Man can do nothing to me He doesn't allow. I can see now how all this hate and stress I've experienced on account of the W2 community has actually been good for me. I thank God for it all, and for giving me the opportunity to profess my faith in spite of my own sinfulness.

I'll say that absolutely people can find fault in me. I've sworn, lied, gotten angry, been rude at times...we are all in the same sinking boat together of being entrenched in the mire of our own sinfulness. Most people have some kind of pain in their lives.

I think people should be kinder to each other. I think human life matters. I think it's wrong act nasty online because you're anonymous and your targets are just "screennames" instead of an actual human being, which they all are. They should go say the same thing face to face to someone their own size who can punch them in the face if they're not just pathetic cowards.

It would have been ideal if Ru and USA could affiliate. That was what Tupac wanted from the beginning. He was gonna add Ru to his new client (although I admittedly wasn't on board with that at first cuz my trusted friend mouse had accused me of lying in contradiction to all the evidence available to her, muted me although I was the one harassed for years, and watched me get bullied by the majority of the W2 forum when they saw she was not gonna lift a finger any longer to stand up for me (since it's easier to go with the crowd than stand up for what's right) "die bitch, you're a slut, get hit by a bus, show me your tits", etc etc all from a bunch of losers who only feel tough enough to kick someone when they're already down, but once I got over the pain of how mouse treated me since I genuinely cared about her, I was able to join Tupac in his desire to bridge the two servers and have one be primarily for the hardcore GOW pros and the other for newbs and people who like newbs.

Then came Strata-G's crusade of lies about USA after he got banned from it. I was only ever nice to him and helped him edit his stupid manual, which I don't regret because that's in line with who I am. I help people, even people I don't know, even people who turn out to be dirtbags. Then came DK's and Tupac's unjust bans. Then more death wishes to me etc.

Ru players want to KILL people, and phone their employers and have them lose their REAL LIFE JOBS. Why don't you have an issue with this?

Why does it not bother you that XuRnT called Tupac's REAL LIFE EMPLOYER and told the employer LIES about Tupac in an effort to get him in trouble or fired so he can't support his family?

Like WTF?

You're not worried about that, but you ARE worried about the racist pig's pooooor wife who now has been notified (I bet she's *shocked*) that her husband is a pig?

Like, open your eyes and stop siding with evil criminals. Do you not know XuRnT has a criminal record? I thought he was past that and no longer acting like a criminal, but clearly that isn't the case. Maliciously defaming someone to their employer with unfounded lies is a criminal act.

Here is a link to a lawyer from Indiana that discusses defamation laws:

http://kellywarnerlaw.com/indiana-defamation-laws/ (http://kellywarnerlaw.com/indiana-defamation-laws/)


Title: Re: Due to TK's special request, A NEW THREAD!
Post by: ~ToRa~ on February 02, 2019, 07:54:22 AM
Babyshark are you sad because War2usa isn’t working out the way you hoped?
Maybe look into playing a different game?
Title: Re: Due to TK's special request, A NEW THREAD!
Post by: mousEtopher on February 02, 2019, 08:45:01 AM
Why does it not bother you that XuRnT called Tupac's REAL LIFE EMPLOYER and told the employer LIES about Tupac in an effort to get him in trouble or fired so he can't support his family?
tupac also said I "called the FBI on him", 90% of everything that guy says is delusional drivel. please stop spreading rl slander/accusations about other war2 players here. future threads of this nature are also more appropriately situated in this board (Flame Wars & Off Topic), if you're planning to keep making them.
Title: Re: Due to TK's special request, A NEW THREAD!
Post by: Winchester on February 02, 2019, 08:50:47 AM
Ru players want to KILL people

Yep, totally not extreme at all. rofl
Title: Re: Due to TK's special request, A NEW THREAD!
Post by: BabyShark on February 02, 2019, 09:52:33 AM
Why does it not bother you that XuRnT called Tupac's REAL LIFE EMPLOYER and told the employer LIES about Tupac in an effort to get him in trouble or fired so he can't support his family?
tupac also said I "called the FBI on him", 90% of everything that guy says is delusional drivel. please stop spreading rl slander/accusations about other war2 players here. future threads of this nature are also more appropriately situated in this board (Flame Wars & Off Topic), if you're planning to keep making them.

1. Where were you when Ogremage was going around lying and telling people an innocent W2 player is a real life rapist who has raped girls? (Mouse: *shrug*) Where were you when all the other crap was going down? You didn't lift a finger when people called me a drug addicted mentally ill homeless slut among many other things. Slander against me is totally A-OK in your books of hypocrisy. Set aside your fiery emotions for a second to actually think about how you violate what you're condeming if you suddenly pretend to care about slander.

My claims happen to be true.

2. Of course you want to hide and suppress the truth. You don't like the truth, so you want to suppress and hide it. You have no legitimate reason to hide this in Flame Wars. There's no flaming. It's just the truth that you don't like because it calls you out for your own actions.

Explain how Tupac's employer calls him into the office on the exact same day that XuRnT sends him threatening forum msg saying he has Tupac's personal info? Explain why XuRnT didn't deny this when accused?

Are you so bent on protecting evil people acting badly that you're willing to ignore facts and reason?

Explain why XuRnT hasn't denied the accusation, either on Discord when I first asked him if he did that, or on the forum, since he's already been called out for that a long time ago.

He is obviously on the forum regularly and has read it.

Why are you protecting someone with a criminal record who clearly hasn't stopped criminal behavior?

Question marks.

Have you seen the movie Ben Hur? Messala sends Judah Ben Hur to the galleys to be a slave where most people are treated so badly that they die. He condemns his mother and sister to the dungeons (a black concrete pit where they become lepers) even though he knows that what happened to the governor was an accident. He was more interested in making his image look fierce (and not protecting his childhood friend Judah after the governor's accidental death) than in doing what was just and right.

Have you seen the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest? Nurse Ratched also reminds me of you.

You pretend to have an issue with slander (when it's convenient for you), since you desperately want a reason to hide the truths I'm telling.

You did not have an issue with me being slandered, or countless other people who have been lied about, including myself and Tupac (who did not do the attacks on ru a few months ago - but you were content to watch him slandered and banned anyway).


Tupac was actually threatened with FBI action. This is the PM he got from XuRnT the same day his employer was called and lied to about him. His real name is blocked out.

Here is XuRnT not answering when asked, showing he is guilty:


Doesn't TRUTH matter to you AT ALL?

It sure looks like it doesn't.
Title: Re: Due to TK's special request, A NEW THREAD!
Post by: Cel on February 02, 2019, 11:19:07 AM
Damn Babyshark seriously try to be more synthetic next time wth...

"people who make the gaming experience bad for other people are excluded." < What do you think "not inclusive" stands for? I do not care how good you think are your reasons.

Yes you can hate playing with toxic people and most people may agree.
Though you see, toxic people might behave differently depending on who they are playing with and a very toxic person toward you may be totally fine with someone else.
That is the main issue here, that user in the middle who could be a totally fine person will have one less player to play with because you failed to find a better solution to isolate and control that toxic behavior.

That is why I was not against a by default server squelch for people that tend to generally not behave, these kind of solutions fix the toxicity problems while still allowing these players to play with the people they like and guess what these people they like might also be people you like.

Excluding people you do not like just means removing players from the player base at a time where it is not always easy for people to fill their games.
I do not believe we can afford this.

A lie is a lie:
There is a difference between what users say and what admins do.
I can ask admins to do lots of things that does not mean they will do it that also does not represent their policy so when you say admins ban people from the game/forum randomly for talking about playing another game without warnings etc you are lying, end of story.

"open your eyes and stop siding with evil criminals. Do you not know XuRnT has a criminal record? "
Are you not a christian? Or did you just choose to forget your  book and values when it suits you?
Have your ever heard of: "You shall not judge", "Forgive as the Lord forgave you." and all the rest that comes with these ?

I am not a believer but still I believe it is not my place to judge what others did in their past,
I am here to play a game not to judge people and care about their private lives.

I do not hold on to what you may have done in your past I do not care what you did if you did anything to be honest.
As long as it does not impact our games and our experience here why should I even care?

Plus from what I understand he was judged already and served his time ever heard of redemption?
If you keep judging people after they served their time you are as guilty as they are because you are pushing them into a box and never give them a chance to get out of it.
Title: Re: Due to TK's special request, A NEW THREAD!
Post by: BabyShark on February 02, 2019, 01:12:37 PM
Tupac, I know you've been treated horribly by ru and have legit reason to be angry.

But please don't talk about mouse this way or attack her appearance or femaleness. Please keep it to behavior only. I care about her and I don't want to see her or anyone else hurt. I've seen her pic and she's very cute.

I know it's easy to wanna fling poop when poop's flung at you.

Ofc it's hard maintaining composure when people are banning, lying, slandering, name-calling, threatening, and the like.

We gotta be different Tupac. I've actually grown to admire you for holding the power you have shown me you have that you *aren't* using against ru even though they deserve it. Remember, every action has consequences. The cheap thrill of revenge fades away fast.

Title: Re: Due to TK's special request, A NEW THREAD!
Post by: Cel on February 02, 2019, 02:12:46 PM
Я надеюсь что ты не думаешь что нет народ которые опаснее тебя...

How long will you continue your childish online bullying are you really proud of yourself for sniffing people's personal information in 2019?

Sniffing and exposure of private life information on a public forum aggressively accompanied with threats, this has nothing to do with war2 or a normal behavior.
If that was me you would just get a well deserved ban end of story.

And honestly given how much you two hate war2.ru I really do not get why you would rather spend time doing that crap than leave and go your own way, you guys must be retarded or something.

When a normal person does not like shit he does not go in a shit hole and eat shit but you guys do, good job!
You literally are sniffing personal information of people you dislike to look at photos you do not enjoy.
And then you waste even more time hanging out with them and threatening them and talking or caring about what they say or think.
Well done you just qualified for internment you are a psychopath, a very retarded one...

But that is a perfectly fine behavior by you I assume it is totally tolerated on that new server of yours.
Totally non toxic and respectable behavior that is indeed...
And it is not the first time you are doing this, damn the more I know you the more I am convinced you are not what you want people to believe you are.

You may find people ugly but your filthy actions tell a great deal about you, your ways are the most disgusting thing there is in that forum.
Id rather be the ugliest person on earth than share one bit of that dirty mind of yours.

I do not believe there is a hell for you, all I believe in is you will someday die after you lived your miserable life of bullying people behind your computer screen without ever having achieved anything positive for anyone... A true waste of air...
Title: Re: Due to TK's special request, A NEW THREAD!
Post by: BabyShark on February 02, 2019, 02:34:23 PM
Cel, why don't you spew the same venom at XuRnT who has actually DONE something illegal and completely out of line by using someone's personal info to harass them in real life at work?

Don't you get that people who are attacked, persecuted, or mistreated sometimes get pissed off?

You are the one supporting van who threatens to slice people's throats open while they scream (like winchester) after he kills the "niggers" and tells people he will hunt them down in real life and kill them (like Ogremage and probably many others).

When will your eyes open to your hypocrisy?

Tupac has bullied no one. He is acting in self defence after some very serious boundaries were crossed.

Think about how you would feel if one day you tried to log on W2 and can't, because you were banned without warning for no legitimate reason.

You are wanting to send a victim of abuse to hell for getting annoyed with abuse. You really think you yourself wouldn't be capable of saying or doing anything other than smiling or nodding when your rights are wrongly removed?

Neither Tupac nor I have done anything bad to you, Cel. Your rage level isn't warranted.

I don't approve of words like those used above about mouse, yet you, mouse, and the noisiest forum users have subject me to the use of this kind of language towards me regularly by numerous users.

Don't you see your hypocrisy blaring like a red flag the size of Russia?

I was intending to reply to your earlier msg when I'm at PC, which might happen this weekend or later since I'm busy IRL atm and only have my phone. But you are the one throwing a childish fit spewing nonsensical accusations while defending people who do much worse UNPROVOKED and over long periods of time to people who never did a thing to them.

Why do you want "forgiveness and understanding" for real life criminal acts by your buddy XuRnT and want to send Tupac to hell for getting upset about his personal info used to bully/harass/threaen his real life job that he needs to support himself and his family?

You are acting like a hateful fool. I think you are capable of better than this.

Once you cool off and think through these things if you put aside your irrational hate, you will see things more clearly.

Tupac has actually helped Ru countless times by protecting it from hackers and sealing security gaps. He has helped many people log on Ru and now on USA. He has created a beautiful, fun place for W2 lovers to play and hang out free of toxic crap. He's actually done a lot. A lot of work, money, and time he's put in to making something good.

The slander has got to stop.
The lies have got to stop.
The real life harassment of people's workplace has got to stop.

If it doesn't, and you push someone over the edge with relentless lies, slander, harassment, banning, then you've brought what they might do on yourself.

I control only myself and regularly reign in my impulses to retaliation against evil people, but then people have only threatened harm to me and my kids and haven't yet carried it out in real life.

When people are threatened, they get into flight or fight mode which is part of the autonomic nervous system.

Why are you okay with Tupac, who did not do what XuRnT accused him of doing (suspiciously, *before* it even happened!!!) being harassed/threatened/bullied in real life?
Title: Re: Due to TK's special request, A NEW THREAD!
Post by: Cel on February 02, 2019, 02:49:02 PM
Sniffing and private information exposure along with threatening is not just showing that you are pissed off.
The fact that someone insulted me based on my race does not make it right for me to do the same or worse...

Maybe you should be the one opening your eyes...

First of all I am not "spewing venom" and I am not especially hating either.

If you do something respectful I honor it if you do something disgusting I show my disaproval.
Exactly the same way I have shown that I have problems with toxicity and especially toward the way people treated you in game.

The fact is calling someone names is not the same as threatening and violating someone's private life that is just not the same.
Maybe you do not see where the line is ?!

The fact that he would spit these disgusting words against mouse is just showing he is a dirty and disgusting person that I do not really care about. Its not me who has to see that in the mirror everyday.
Title: Re: Due to TK's special request, A NEW THREAD!
Post by: BabyShark on February 02, 2019, 02:56:14 PM
You completely ignored everything I just wrote.

1. XuRnT is the one who has actually done something illegal and inappropriate with someone's personal info and harassed/bullied/slandered/threatened them at their real life workplace.

Yet you defend XuRnT and condemn his victim.

2. Tupac has been friendly and polite to mouse for a very long time, read the Discord chat history. His words here (which I do not approve of, it's a gross way to talk to a person) are PROVOKED. If a dog runs up to you and bites you and you bam the dog on the head with a stick to get it off your arm, it's not the same thing as going around with a stick and hitting random dogs for fun.

3. You condemn Tupac for gross words against mouse yet embrace van and leeroy who used words like those on me for TWO FREAKIN YEARS UNPROVOKED and many others who were less persistent...and support the lawless nature of ru...right after saying name calling isn't the same thing as real life violations. TUPAC IS THE ONE WHO WAS VIOLATED IN REAL LIFE.
Has YOUR employer been called by W2 psycho who tells them lies about you?

Title: Re: Due to TK's special request, A NEW THREAD!
Post by: Cel on February 02, 2019, 03:11:10 PM
"calling someone names is not the same as threatening and violating someone's private life"

That behavior from Tupac started waaaaaay before that even occured.
Like ages before. Now I am not justifying anything I am saying Tupac did not wait for this to do what he has been doing for a long time now.

You keep saying  burnt did the call was it ever proven it was him?
I personally do not think it was him.
The same way I always defended Tupac when people said it was him behind the attacks maybe you do not remember that?

Even though all the odds were against him, the timing of the attacks etc...
I kept saying there is no proof and we are not going to prove it, the only thing I was helding against him and you is your way of supporting these attacks by not condemning them and showing support.
That is literally all I held against you guys.

About your example:
No matter how much you provoked a dog if the dog attacks a person he will be put down.
Title: Re: Due to TK's special request, A NEW THREAD!
Post by: Winchester on February 03, 2019, 12:11:34 AM
You are the one supporting van who threatens to slice people's throats open while they scream (like winchester)).

Don't talk about me or my situations when you'll ignore everything else I'll say with evidence. Because you really don't give a fuck about me or anyone else on here for that matter. So quit pretending like you do. You attacked me after i shared that information with you to the point where I defended the guy who made those disgusting threats to me. At least I know he's actually not gonna do something to me, which can't be said about you who will actually do something to me.