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1) Server.War2.ru / Re: 2020 New Year 1x1, 2x2 Tournaments!!
« on: December 10, 2019, 11:11:11 PM »
Sounds good. Hope to see some of the games up on youtube.

2) Server.War2.ru / Re: 25 games with only Humans!
« on: December 10, 2019, 11:55:39 AM »

3) General Discussion / Re: Clan GGL Turtle Rock 1vs1 Tournament
« on: December 03, 2019, 10:31:28 PM »
Twisted Meadows, Echo Isles and Turtle Rock were always my favorite maps to play on warcraft 3, gl with the tourney.

Winchester, my goal is peace - if this has been achieved with us, I can remove your name from my list of RU meanies. You can play with us if you want to.

I'd say its achieved now.

I never believed lambchops that you hacked in that game claw. Pretty sure i brought up whatever zelya used to show that he was hacking and you weren't as well as Droids insight replay in my posts to him.

I rarely play with you but in games i have played with you on chop i've never had any reason to suspect you of hacking. I know alot of people say you like to make hacks, so If i did call  you a haxor, it would probs be for that, tho i think you're good enough to not need it based on your warvids and youtube vids i seen.

I was not in the best state of mind. I was acting like a dog who'd been poked and hit with sticks for too long by a crowd and just snapping at everyone around. I misunderstood your intention with Britney Spears comment. I thought you were making fun of me. If I said something that hurt your feelings at that time, I'm sorry. I really don't remember ever saying anything mean to you back then.

That'll do. Thanks.

2. What facebook group? I have never interacted with you on facebook and generally hate facebook anyway. I have no interest in facebook groups, W2 or otherwise.

I left the war2 facebook group after the discord stuff just to be safe. You didn't interact with me on FB, but I figured it was a matter of time after I had left the discord. 

Why do van's feelings matter and mine don't? If someone punches you in the face repeatedly, are you just gonna sit there or run away?

You bringing up vans threats towards me to further your agenda with him and the RU server after how you acted out on me upon telling you this info was a slap in the face. A Babysharks feelings matter and winchesters doesn't at the time, and then using my story to push something if you will which then became more complicated then it should of been.  You've apologized for that now and explained that you snapped at everyone around,  great, i'll avoid responding to your posts that you don't want me to respond to now. I don't want to be friends again after that, but i'll keep out of your way from here on.

4. I never pushed for you to be banned from anywhere. That's nonsense.

5. Lambchops is his own individual. He does not ask me for permission before he posts. I have no idea who Dellam is or whether you are or aren't Dellam. I'm not interested in that.

Dellam is a hacker that is supposed to be  permanently banned for map, build and spellhacking constantly. Lambchops was trying to convince everyone I was him so I would be permanently banned. So trying to frame me for hacking in other words, considering how long you played on ru im surprised you dont know who he is, but i'll let you have that one, my apologies for 4 & 5 if that's the case.

I gave myself a week ban from W2 to support another player that was harassed to stand against admin apathy. I wanted to play W2 during that time, but I didn't, because I did care about what was happening to another person. I stood up for another person who got unjustly banned, more than once. Had I not advocated for DK a few years ago, probably none of this would have happened. There would probably still be one server. And it would still be a corrupt pile of toxicity. But DK didn't deserve to get banned and I wasn't okay with it. I stood up for Cel, when I had no clue who he was. He got banned from a game and I left the game I wanted to play after telling them they were jerks for banning Cel (GOW with Joe/Ogremage) to host a game for some random unknown newb I'd never heard of. This was when they still wanted me in game with them. I spent an hour editing Qanon/Warbux Warleague manual to help another person I didn't even know. So don't tell me I don't care about other people.

This would mean something still if you didn't recently condone lambchops for trying to frame me and unjustly try getting me banned.  You don't need to like me to know that what he did was wrong and that I should not be banned for something I didn't do. But because I don't wanna delete a post for you i deserved to be banned for hacking when I didn't do it. Right? You can't feign ignorance on this. You came into that thread and start talking about swift. You knew what was going on. You probably encouraged it. You wanted an admin to unjustly ban me because I wouldn't delete a post for you a year ago.  You are a leader for another server condoning that sort of behavior if its towards people you don't like. That says alot.

You endlessly attacked me to the point I left the war2 discord and facebook group for not deleting that post.  That's harassment/bullying. Do you want to explain to me how me making One post that isn't about you is ganging up on you, and bullying you now since I have no idea what harassment is?  By the way,  You do not speak for everyone on the forums. Speak for yourself. Not one person in even your friend circle who we have many mutual friends, said anything to me about it even after you harassed me endlessly to remove it. Our discord chats were also on voice for clarification, only Pm on discord i've got was to join your USA server im pretty sure, I delete my discord messages often if its nothing important. Most of our chats are on voice, many of times which I had to tell you i'm not removing it, im standing my ground on this, the post wasn't about you, so leave me be, and left the voice chat. When I would rejoin hours later, you would rejoin and reattempt this conversation like it never happened. Then giving me ridiculous statements which make no sense like how if don't delete  my post its proof that I'm a van supporter. Despite me literally telling you multiple times how the guy threatened me.

This was the first post on forums I had that had any sort of interaction with you after you harassed me. I'll add your post beforehand for context. I didn't attack you, nothing, but boy were you straight away  ready to label me as "Anti-babyshark toxic" for saying something as simple as I bet 2 people don't speak about you. There are way better things to talk about. Btw in one of these screenshots, "thats not what america stands for" is a huge LOL considering how you're trying to censor me and demanding I delete my posts for you then labelling me as toxic when I don't do what you say. Isn't freedom of speech a big thing over there? Did that magically change when you started posting?

You even later tried to deny that you said this when a simple search for "Anti-Babyshark" leads you straight to it lol.

So in your speech of what a hater is, which by the way, you meet that criteria whenever on these forums for the past year,  you mentioned truth matters, why are you incapable of telling the truth then about what you did to me?

It's clear you're still shitty at me for refusing your demands and so you lumped me in with people out to get you, no, I ain't out to get you, you're being paranoid.  I've been really patient with you and avoided insulting you like I used to insult Equinox, or how i currently insult lambchops, hoping that you'd grow up a bit, get over your paranoid delusions about me hating you, and just own up to your part in this conflict. Because at one point, you were better then most of the others. But that's long changed. You're just another one of the liars doing your own brainwashing now. You couldn't even write on your usa post that we just had a falling out to a disagreement that both parties were at fault for. Nope, just "his reallllly mean posts!" Which again, prove how what I am saying is mean to you, alot of my posts to you involve pointing the insincerity in what you say because of first hand experience talking to you multiple times, the lies you tell, and telling you to stop mentioning me in your posts about van or the toxicity of the server (mentioning the threats against me word for word without saying my name so its obvious who you're talking about)

I even showed you how to block out names to help you post your evidence, but you still haven't done it.

And I told you if the forum pms I sent you weren't enough for you, you can go post them yourself public, you have my permission. So whats the problem? You're not posting it either? You have the screenshots and pms already?

Now that I understand you were getting harassed by van too, I don't not care. I'm not sure what you expect me to do about it...I'm not a RU admin.

I've told you plenty of times what i want you to do, stop mentioning me or what he said to me in your posts about him or the 'toxicity' of the server. You absolutely did not care then after me telling you repeatedly in a voice chat and in a forum pm, because it wasn't about you. After literally being told in voice a story of how someone just threatened to slash my throat. You not even a minute later make the subject about you and how I should delete my post or i'm supporting the guy who just threatened me. I didn't need to send you a screenshot of vans threats by the way in order for you to believe it?  Yet you can't believe me when I tell you that you bothered me  into leaving a discord and facebook group? Didn't I tell you in those forums pms you would know when I have a problem with you when you asked me if I had one with you? You clearly didn't want to ask again on pms to sort it out when there was an actual problem this time, why is that? Because you knew exactly why and you wanted to avoid it.

You did go around posting something mean or negative after many of my forum posts. You even said that I make van look like a good guy.

This was in 2019 after you harasssed me in late 2018. Again, find me these mean posts about you  prior to our forums pms. If I "hate" you for no reason like you've claimed before, that shouldn't be hard to find, right?

Also, you contacted the mans family. I hate van,, but you contacted his family, that's messed up.  That is not information  he gave to you, and you went out of your way to get that information to contact his family. When I bring this up to you, you bring up tupacs employer being called up to avoid the topic, tupacs always been good to me so I consider him a friend and i sympathize but that does not make what you did any better. You crossed a line. Had van been doing illegal activities that was putting his family in danger, then I would understand the need to contact them. But he wasn't. You absolutely made him look like the good guy coming out of this. That is painful to say.  I have said to you that is painful to say. This is all after you were telling me Im a van supporter for refusing to delete a post for you. So you were saying that shit about me long before I defended him on this particular issue.  Tupac doxing dellam wasn't right either but at least he knows that and can own up to that and his past actions. You can't own up to your past actions and you choose to avoid it or lie altogether.


9) Server.War2.ru / Re: Let's be honnest....
« on: December 01, 2019, 01:54:12 AM »
From there your head somehow makes the jump to child pornography... which is a thought process that really should have you red-flagged as a risk to the community. Like seriously WTF?

From the lambchops handbook, Why are you so touchy about it?  are you actually in possession of child pornography? You sick fuck.

4) Why are you so touchy about the house fire thing?

Did you actually burn someone's hose down?  Was meant to be a joke, but now I think about it, it wouldn't surprise me at all.

From tk doing work your head makes the jump to him committing arson, which is a thought process that really should have you red-flagged as a risk to the community. Like seriously WTF?

Probably you that planned burnts's grass to be burned and you that hired someone to fuck with vans property then like the stuff with his tractor, You definitely have the motive down packed for van that's for sure!

10) General Discussion / Re: What actually happened between Swift & BabyShark Part 1
« on: December 01, 2019, 12:33:57 AM »
Winchester - Many mean forum posts

Please. Calling you out on your insincerity is not mean. You harassed me for refusing to delete a post that didn't have anything to do with you.  Then started pretending like you cared about the threats to me by van to further your agenda against van. Pointing out your insincerity is not mean. You either care that he threatened me or you don't, make up your mind. Harassing me for being threatened by someone is a clear indication that you don't care. So don't pretend that you care. You have a problem with him, be my guest, but don't drag me into it after you harassed me and now want me to fight for you.  Now show me these mean posts to you that weren't stirred after your harassment that caused me to leave the War2 facebook and discord.  You have the forum pm of roughly when it all started, now show me these mean posts before those pms. That's right, you won't. You'll lie and avoid it again so you can avoid accepting responsibility that you acted worse then some of the people on your list of names. It's easier to just label me mean and a hater then to avoid accepting that you messed up badly. So if you need to lie about something as simple as that, what else are you lying about and going to lie about in your next chapters?

11) Server.War2.ru / Re: Let's be honnest....
« on: November 30, 2019, 12:06:51 PM »
Just a reminder that lambchops posted this when he got caught hacking via 2 different methods and still got banned when he denied it, imagine writing all that to deny something you got caught red handed doing lmao. And then still getting banned :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


What a good title for this thread. Thanks claw for posting definitive proof of your build macro hacking.

Sorry this is a long post, feel free to TL;DR it if you have no brain and just want to hate - I really don't care.

I have known Claw for quite a few years. I have had many conversations with him - in channel, in private games, via PMs and email. It was actually his idea to make my chop mad bot, which was an interesting experiment. AFAIK its the only external AI (albeit a very simple one) that can play wc2. To build it has a list of tasks that need to be completed then selects peons to perform the various tasks, moving on to the next task when pre-defined trigger points are reached, i.e. when fort upgrade starts -> kill mound.. etc. It also prepares for upcoming tasks by moving building and repairing peons to the required spot to wait for the next trigger. The same command list works for all 6 spots on the map, inverting the layout when necessary. It can do neat stuff like build 9 roosts simultaneously and overload a powermine auto-correcting any stuck peons instantly.

It was a fun project, but it's far from perfect. Peons can occasionally get stuck, and if they are blocking a trigger action then the entire thing stalls. This could be corrected but I have never bothered. The the attack algorithm is very simple, it sort of tries to out-flank the opponent, but again I never really bothered perfecting it. A decent player will still beat it. But it's an AI, not really a macro as such. If this is news to anyone I have posted a full description and video on this forum before. I made the name "bottest" or something and told people what it was when they joined.

Claw is a build macro hacker, I am well aware of this and he knows that I am. I'm sure most of the "pros" know what this means from "back in the day" when they were busy totally destroying the custom maps with this stuff - or at least knew a few people who did, but for anyone seriously out of the loop enough not to know what this means, it works like this:

The simplest kind of macro maker simply records all the keystrokes/mouse actions that are made, so in this way the hacker can make a game on a very slow speed and very slowly and carefully make a very efficient build, wasting no time in building/training/upgrading everything perfectly. Then when they get into a real game they get an automation type program to replay the exact same actions at 2x or 4x (or wvr) the speed ... depending on how slow they recorded it and just like magic they have a super fast perfect build. Claw actually sent me the link to some macro recorder app in like 2014 or something, I've never used it, I have no time for such noobish stuff, but I'm sure its on a backup HDD somewhere...

So for KOTR claw has 8 macros pre-recorded, one for each spot. He has an entire library of this stuff which he has been making and updating for years... (bgh, archers obviously, chop bases/fast towers/hops etc) .... Probably they are set to hotkeys, IDK probably the numpad would be my guess, so as soon as the game starts and he see which spot he has he presses the corresponding key and the script starts. He uses AutoIt for that stuff - the same macro scripting language that was used in conjunction with stealthbot to write the old hostbot (source is on the server website).

So for once the main build has finished he also has 1 or more training macros defined, that simply click each rax and press 'O' to build an ogre. These will just be assigned to another hotkeys so he can rack ogres with one keypress. There's a couple of them to mix it up and hide his tracks, but its easy to see the fingerprints (more on that later).

I have no build macros, unless you count the mad bot, but certainly I have no kotr build macros*. In this game my base is built the old fashioned way, that is easy to spot - for starters because I miss place my first hall - eww not a PM how noobish. That's why I put a smith below the hall, normally I do smiths next to the unused corner mine and another hall below the first one, but it is 1 space too low so I corrected with the smith. Also you can see all the peons standing around while I am frantically building rax and farms. I repair build my mound with 6 peons after claw already has ogres in droids base.
*Actually now I think of it the mad bot actually started out as a kotr bot but I never really got past the first scout grunt and peons kept getting stuck building farms - it was really terrible first attempt that I never finished and I actually changed/rewrote the code into the mad bot - not really relevant, but had I ever finished it would not be starting to build a mound while it's opponent was already attacking with ogres.

Anyway, it looks like the initial build part of this macro only lasts until about 2:30 or so when he starts making ogres. After that he just slowly finishes off building the remaining rax probably by hand idk.What is pretty clear is that he keeps using macros to train ogres.

--> The easiest way to spot this is to look for the mistakes from when he recorded them, because the same mistakes will keep repeating every time he uses them. The most obvious one in this game can be seen by watching these 2 barracks:

When he recorded this particular rax macro he got a bit greedy and clicked the second one and pressed 'O' too fast (remember he is recording it at a slower speed), as a result when the macro input is played back into the wc2 client at a much faster speed these 2 events glitch together and occur on the same game cycle, and the ogres build simultaneously. If you look at the insight replay, you can clearly see these 2 rax - and only these 2 rax - glitch together at 2:35, 2:50, 3:20, 3:35, 4:35, 6:55, 7:15, 9:50 and 10:05. There is also at least another 7 times that the 2 rax are almost synchronized but the one on the left is very slightly ahead - which will be the order that they were initially recorded in, but where they haven't glitched.

Putting aside the fact that building simultaneous units is exactly what he is accusing me of, and even assuming that this could randomly happen when playing on fastest speed, there is absolutely no possible explanation for this happening on the same 2 rax out of 20+ rax over and over again all game except for the fact that the exact same mouse/keyboard input is being repeatedly pushed into the client from an external source.

Yes there are also a few times these rax aren't in sync, if you run out of gold or if one is already training etc the macro input wont have any effect, also there is nothing to stop a hacker from manually racking the odd ogre to mix things up, or run a second macro, but none of that changes the facts outlined above. Look for yourself.

            -----------------  -----------------  -----------------

I guess I should put in a small explanation for the odd genuine newb out there who really doesn't know this stuff exists and wants to know OMG what does this mean for gow or other bne/ef games? The answer is: a bit, but nowhere near as much as for customs. For starters there's the obvious fact that in most customs you start with a crapload of res which means you can set up your entire base as fast as you can physically build it (big advantage to hackers like claw), also when the game is on fastest it greatly increases the speed differential advantage.

In bne/ef style games there is much more interaction earlier in the game (well earlier in the tech tree). Basically if an opponent is using a build macro and you enter their base or tower them or whatever and cause them to react to your presence then they have changed their build and at that point any pre-recorded input won't line up with the actual game state so their macro breaks and they have to start playing by hand. Just another reason to scout early!

I'm sure there will be players around who have macros for say pstop rushes at 2, and maybe for duals when playing 1v1 etc.... who knows? But they can only be useful effective as long as you leave them alone. Scout early!

         ------------------  ------------------  ------------------

So let's look at the 2 players. Claw is one of the most renowned hackers in the game. He calls himself "invincible" and goes around yelling in ALL CAPS about how good he is, calling everyone else a whore and spewing nazi hate-speech. He constantly macro hacks in games then brags loudly about it and puts down the people who he just cheated.

Then there's me, who has never claimed to be a particularly good player, I have negative stats on all of my accounts, and I think most people know that I am usually friendly until someone assholish starts shooting their mouth off at me, when I will usually lol at them or occasionally - if they have annoyed me enough - give them a mouthful back. You will almost never hear me brag about winning and you will never hear me blaming my pards for a loss (unless they start trying to blame me).

So do I go around build macro hacking in games? No. Do I go around bragging and claiming to be "invincible". No I don't. Do I have the skills to pump out a crap load of units when playing against this serial hacker just so I can laugh really hard at his loudmouth nazi ass and rub his nose in it - well of course I do.

its gooder to hax hard and NEVER get caught!

Are you really trying to convince all the people you showed your hacks to that somehow that was just in private and you don't hack all day every day?


So this shit is what happens when you give him a smack for being a racist asshole. Someone who goes around all day screaming the N word then pulls this shit when you call him white trash cracker spawn, isn't a funny troll, just a petulant biggot.

It is also worth mentioning that he seriously tried to blackmail me for $15 to not make this thread ;D ffs seriously. I told the sad little man that if he needed it that badly I would have sent it to him if he just asked, but under the circumstances he could go fuck himself :)

damn, that looks pretty conclusive to me. that really sucks. ;( good to catch a cheater though.

Very glad you feel that way. Have to admit I always assumed you knew he was a hacker, but if you're actually serious don't just skim this post. Read it.

i don't think claw made a post to call out his own hacks :P

No, he made a post because he's two-faced sneaky little asshole and they took his N word away, proving his own hacks was just a byproduct.

I went into that game knowing full well he would be hacking his ass off as per usual, at the end we had around the same number of units, is anyone seriously suggesting that he doesn't hack at this point?... more to the point hack all the time for years and call himself "invincible" and everyone else a "whore" or worse.

12) Server.War2.ru / Re: Let's be honnest....
« on: November 25, 2019, 11:59:26 PM »
Once again proving your words yet again mean nothing. Do continue on how they do actually mean something though. Do tell.

13) Server.War2.ru / Re: I've been really hurt by evil words from Macdre
« on: November 25, 2019, 11:43:02 AM »
You actually accused me of ganging up on you and bullying you for saying that in the pms. Bullying is a repeated effort. i made one post not related to you which strengthened your case against van. You knew who I am and why I posted that. That is not  me bullying you. You have seen how I post on here to know if I have a problem with someone. But you still acted out on me.

Some of the forum pms I have one of our USA friends akas who when I last spoke to them prefered that it wasn't public, I haven't played in quite a while so im not up to date if everyone knows its them or not, or if they play on ru at all or not, so out of respect to that person i'll just pm you all the forums I got which aren't many. Most of the stuff happened on discord and in game lobby that caused the real issue between me/you. Forum stuff was trivial in comparison. I'll pm you  the forum stuff tomorrow and you can decide if you want to post them here or not or just keep the rest of our discussion in pms now that you're choosing to address it.

14) Server.War2.ru / Re: Let's be honnest....
« on: November 25, 2019, 07:01:31 AM »
The fact that simply because she is female you can't imagine this possibly happening without some kind of sexual overtones is exactly why you are a total creeper.

I have plenty of female friends in real life and online. The only one who ever makes themself being a female a big deal is babyshark, she brings it up all the time. and you do this too which is what i called you out on when she started contacting other peoples families. You are friendzoned but you want more, it's quite obvious.
No my wife did not leave me, I think you are referring to my ex-girlfriend who was 12 years younger than me and ran off with a guy who was four years younger than her. Tough shit, that stuff happens when you have a life, and congrats on stalking your way back however many years to find that.

Tora literallly asked you in a thread you made about me and you said it there, but ok im "stalking" you in threads you made about me and my family like the fucking weirdo you are lmao. 
Quote from: ~ToRa~ on August 11, 2019, 07:52:46 AM
Quote from: Lambchops on August 11, 2019, 07:17:49 AM
LOL. Shit Tora, I wish I had a trust fund so I could get some better hobbies like.... playing video games, hiring whores and posting on internet boards.

No judgement, I just seriously wish I had the money. Unfortunately I have to work for a living.

Tell the truth Lamb. Why did your wife leave you and take your house?

Hmm. Relevance?

Well she was having an affair and she ran off with her bf. Shit happens.

I'm sure Winchester's mum would never do something like that.

You're really pathetic dude, Not even 5 months. Your alzheimers is showing bro. So is it a girlfriend or wife, in toras question you didn't reply, "it was my girlfriend". Or did you just make up a story yet again on how you know girls. Easy to find, it was on a thread you made about me and my family showcasing what a freak you are. 
I was accused of hacking by the game's most notorious hacker

And you got caught by the games most notorious hacker, and Droid and Zelya proved you were hacking with replays and zelyas tracker, and you're still denying it because you're a cheating loser.

I made a thread pointing out that you used the aka "Della.AUS" and since you mentioned blid I'm sure you also remember that he agreed that this was your aka (we all know this was you duh). Eventually after hearing enough of the pathetic garbage you spew I had to agree that you are just too stupid to be the original Dellam, because my words actually mean something, and that name has been banned for so long that it's hard to really know anyway. Nobody tried to frame you - YOU DID THAT. YOU PRETENDED TO BE DELLAM. So don't complain when someone accuses you of it.

Not a name of mine and I told blid to reveal my akas after he said that which he didn't do (and my request still stands, any admin reading this has my permission to reveal my akas as if I had just refused an SS)  because unlike you I have nothing to  hide. You listed a bunch of names that weren't me while bragging about your shitty data and this name was no different. I did not pretend to be dellam ever. The only recorded logs you posted which were me were Mrlemonade games AFTER  I had to tell you who i was, despite you claiming you knew i was dellam for YEARS, then you started posting random games of dellam where our ips didnt even match or were even close to matching. Just that we shared an internet provider that is common in australia. You can try pin the blame on me all you want for you being a pathetic failure, but I did nothing. Quite literally, I did nothing. Didn't even make that name! And the only person you were able to convince that I was dellam was a guy I argued with for years who doesn't even believe it now. Great job there you failure.

You had Tupac up your sleeve as a friend to ask who remoted my pc several times and was infact the guy who doxed dellam but you still refused to ask him because you knew I was right the second I brought him up as a source, and wanted to be spiteful anyway and try frame me. The only guy to have seen both me and dellams real information, you ignored, you ignored tupac like I told you to ask tk or something. Tell me whats wrong with asking your friend tupac? You don't think his reliable enough source despite literally doxing a guys real life information? Or were you just too much of a lazy cunt to talk to your friend? You don't need a bunch of spreadsheets and a powerpoint presentation to log on usa and say "yo tupac, can you confirm this for me" you idiot.

because my words actually mean something

Rofl, your words only show what a complete arrogant fool you are. You pretend to have morals but have none at all, your words mean nothing. That's why you're a hacker and you got banned for being one after you posted a 22 paragraph essay on how claws the hacker and not you. When you have to lie as much as you do, you gotta keep making more lies to cover your shit up. And I and several others caught you on it so many times that you just constantly changed the topic each and every time just like you will inevitably do again.

I couldn't be bothered looking up the post but I'm pretty sure I would have said "SS or it never happened" which is the usual line, no doubt with a wink or lol emoji after it.

Nope. Just you being a creepy weirdo demanding to see someones face, where they work, photos of their family. 

Continue to tell me how your words mean something you senile cunt :)

You have real issues with women.

Nope, women are great, know plenty, friends with plenty, work with plenty.  only one i've had an issue in the past 10 years is babyshark because she feels the need to bring it up all the time, because she can't be her own person and needs to be defined by her gender and how only her problems matter because of her gender and no one elses.  You clearly behave different around internet women and backtrack your shit when one enters the discussion. I know you don't remember because you're showing signs of Alzheimers , but go read some of your posts. You're up on these forums till like 6 in the morning every day anyway. which by the way, You're like 50 bro. That's weird to be doing that at that age.  Get a real job instead of making warcraft 2 hacks. it's not something centrelink is gonna accept as employment. You're nearly double my age. If I can get a job you can get one too.

BTW funny how I told you to go out and meet some women in march and you started telling me how you started banging your imaginary next door neighbour. I'm not desperate enough to need to seek approval  from a perverted middle aged man going through a mid life crisis to need to share any stories. Unlike you, i'm actually more respectful then that.  But please, do go on about my issues with women. When your posts show how  how different you are around women on the internet compared to a guy. It's not even a you being a gentlemen thing, it's just you changing who you are the moment a girl shows up. It's phony and weird, and no ones impressed by it, they're more likely to be impressed if you I dunno, actually be yourself and not an obvious fraud. That said, I hope they turn out to be guys just to see how different you'll act upon finding out. Maybe you're into guys pretending to be girls and this is what excites you the most about it all, hey, I won't judge that. I will judge you for being a fraud and a manipulative liar though.

I have seen pics and videos of her house / garden / pets etc.

I'm sure that makes your quest to finding her address on google maps easier when scouring her area. Probably what you're up till 6 in the morning every day doing anyway when you're not ranting and lying on the forums. We all know you're doing it since you attempted this not even 2 months ago to tk. I'm sure you know exactly how many plants to look for to narrow down the searches, the type of  front door or back door the fence in the background, if theres a pool or not. I'm sure you logged it all down. when she showed you since you're just that kinda guy.

Yes definite "friendzone" lol exactly you idiot. We are friends.

In popular culture, the friend zone is a situation in which one member of a friendship wishes to enter into a romantic or sexual relationship, while the other does not. It is generally considered to be an undesirable situation for the rejected person.

The sense of zone is one of being stuck in an unwanted and distant relationship. The rejected person is said to have been put "in" the object of their affection's "friend zone".


Lol, so you admit to having feelings then, or do you just not know what being friendzoned means?

You got friendzoned and started logging IP's so you could find her address bro. (You tried this with tk whom you dislike so it's obvious you would do it to those you like) She's not interested and she won't be interested if you find her. She'll probably be terrified if you find her and move to another state.

15) Server.War2.ru / Re: Let's be honnest....
« on: November 24, 2019, 10:42:55 PM »

.... and there's why. God what a complete tool. I am embarrassed to be associated with this community.

We're all embarrassed that blah blah blah I have nothing to say except posting lame hater speech because im an obcessesive compulsive shut in.

LOL here's the original version of my post. I amended it because I didn't wan't to be seen as encouraging you.

This story about me that you are concocting in your head gets a bit weirder every time you tell it. Seek help you creepy little man-child.


Rofl, "hater" speech, mate i had no problem with you until you started calling me dellam  multiple times for years and when confronted about it you ignored it, edited my posts into blah blah blah for no reason upon proving you wrong about something  simple like discussion on the runes spell, I didn't flame you in it or anything, you legit had a problem with me for no reason then when i didn't even insult babyshark, just called her out on her nonsense, you got super creepy protective, got called out on it, then tried really hard to frame me for hacking and bragging about your shitty data, and then you got caught hacking not even a month later rofl. Then you made a thread about my family, and everyone called you out on it but yeah, im the creepy one rofl.

You are a creepy weirdo bro, you started logging peoples ips because babyshark friendzoned you hard and you wanted to try locate her address. you did something similar to tk not even a month ago by looking up his ip and posting shit a few miles away from his address rofl. So It's really obvious you're doing it to everyone on this game, and you're probably still looking at every house on google maps in Babysharks area to be like "this might be babysharks house!"

No wonder your wife left you you creepy fuck. she didn't wanna be around when you get busted for child porn in the next couple years.

And you're one to talk about concocting stories about other people, considering you made multiple threads about me and trying to frame me, then constantly changed the topic. My topics are consistent, you're a creepy fuck who cyberstalks people, uses a program to help cyberstalk people, cheats at video games.  And is terrible at said video game despite playing it for 20+ years. Anything else I talk about to you is something you yourself have concocted and im bringing it to you and you're avoiding. And you bring alot of random stuff up then avoid. 

Even when one of the head admins (blid, who you have no problem with, its not like tk said this to you) had to tell you dellam was doxed when you tried to frame me, and you were like "pics or it didnt happen" yeah bro, you want to know another persons real life information from someone who doesn't know him, you're a creepy fuck. It actually took a female admin saying to you "it actually happened" for you to go be like "oh ok" and retract a frame attempt, yet another strange coincidence eh? I got a strong feeling if iL, dugs, warbux, tora all told you the same thing you'd have "pics or never happened" them too. Like people are as creepy as you to want to keep that information saved.

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