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1) Server.War2.ru / Re: [Z] Challenge the Russians to war!
« on: August 16, 2019, 11:32:14 AM »
Did this ever happen?

2) Server.War2.ru / Re: tk streaming with vid commentary!
« on: August 13, 2019, 04:17:30 PM »
I don’t think you talk during your stream SG.. tk interacts a bunch. Two different types of streaming being done.

3) Server.War2.ru / Re: tk streaming with vid commentary!
« on: August 12, 2019, 03:56:13 PM »
I can appreciate tks stream. Down to earth dude with some good insight. Keep streaming tk

4) Mods & Development / Troll Mod: Zandalari: Coming soon.
« on: August 12, 2019, 01:27:22 PM »
The Zandalari Troll mod has been one I have been working on for awhile.  It replaces the graphics, some keyboard, and sounds. It is used to replace the human race.
I will be posting it soon, here are some teasers:
And a video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/464093351
I’ll be posting the mod soon. It will require a backup of your war2dat.mpq and war2patch.mpq.

The turtle looking dudes are Tortollans- which is an ancient race that resides with zandalari trolls.

Wow this is great... awesome job on the creators!!

6) Server.War2.ru / Re: [Z] Challenge the Russians to war!
« on: July 29, 2019, 08:47:32 AM »
This is cool, will the Russians play or be scared?

не бойся

7) Server.War2.ru / Re: new wc2 Buildings
« on: July 26, 2019, 06:47:43 PM »
Nicely done warbux. Even I know the obstacles of re palletting stuff. Nice re color and adds

8) Mods & Development / Re: modding wyrmsun?
« on: July 26, 2019, 03:00:48 PM »
If anyone ever wanted a 2.5 this would be the route to take. Mechanics are there.

Do you still play??

10) Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: Maps by me!
« on: July 26, 2019, 01:48:16 PM »
Post them here

11) Mods & Development / Re: Easy company:tupac:item edits:lamb
« on: April 02, 2019, 06:03:24 AM »
easy. trying to get this grunt to work.  I found a new editor.. https://www.leshylabs.com/apps/sstool/          - it is really good i think, if it is centering the pictures.

12) Server.War2.ru / Re: War2 graphics for Win Vista/7/8/8.1/10/2012 fixed
« on: April 01, 2019, 02:37:22 PM »
I use two monitors- one for twitch one for gaming. Thanks Il

13) Server.War2.ru / Re: Is the community as a whole not in favor of..
« on: April 01, 2019, 02:35:36 PM »
Yea I’m sure a 500 cost air unit with splash damage wouldn’t be an effective unit.

14) Server.War2.ru / Re: Is the community as a whole not in favor of..
« on: April 01, 2019, 07:38:56 AM »
Gryphons cost @ 1500 gold would probably balance the game.  Would probably be the most reasonable  change without breaking the game code.

15) Server.War2.ru / GoG player streaming
« on: March 31, 2019, 07:22:12 PM »
A GoG staff?player is currently streaming:
If interested 7:21 pm est

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