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2) Tournaments & Leagues / Re: Four Seasons 4vs4 Snow Tournament - Round Robin
« on: December 08, 2018, 07:55:55 PM »
Of course we will dominate, I just didn't want to scare them all off before it even started haha  ;)

Its not like anyone stands a chance against us  >:D

3) Tournaments & Leagues / Re: Four Seasons 4vs4 Snow Tournament - Round Robin
« on: December 07, 2018, 04:13:57 AM »
For now gathering players for my team so far I have litro and maybe he-man and tofu if I can get my hands on him haha !
That is the good part, we casters get to play and later commentate on our demise :thumbsup:

Some motivation, here is how the game plays when teamed:

Cel and Justin Schmidt Duo Commentary : Four Seasons The Comebacks! - YouTube

The main reason for the tournament to feature this map:
This video is by far the most popular video that we have posted on youtube ever since so the assumption is that at least it makes a great show, and that is what we need to do to bring people back.

Also I will be playing this weekend so make sure you guys join up when I host the map to try it up, or watch the video and or try it up on your own :D

4) Support Requests / Re: How Do I Build Walls
« on: December 03, 2018, 02:24:35 PM »
Right there:

5) Tournaments & Leagues / Re: Four Seasons 4vs4 Snow Tournament - Round Robin
« on: December 02, 2018, 08:57:59 AM »
Yeah you are right I changed the picture using yours instead  ^-^  :thumbsup:

This format should give us and most importantly the players more flexibility overall allowing them to play the games in the order they want without having to account for the casters and without added lag.
Each team has to play each other once so it is pretty easy to keep track for players if there are 4 teams you guys have to play 4 games. :)

6) Tournaments & Leagues / Four Seasons 4vs4 Snow Tournament - Round Robin
« on: December 02, 2018, 07:30:48 AM »
WC2 Four Seasons 4.0 4v4 Winter Tournament

Winter is here and it brings an experimental tourney to the table :D
(Epic banner by Mousey <3)

A good occasion for you to play something different and venture out of the classics with your favorite partners in crime. :)

If you do not already have it: Get the map here.

up to 4 players teams if you have less than 4 players you can still compete but you may face 4 players teams so you better be good ;),
map: Four Seasons 4.0.pud,
High resources,
Top vs Bottom,
Unchecked one peon only (each player starts with a skeleton to scout),
Random starting locations,

Insight replay must be provided and be valid for games to count so record your games well!
you can get insight here: http://en.war2.ru/downloads
Outcomes of the games must be kept secret until the game is fully commented and streamed on twitch.
Once the games are played post your replays on the forum they should be named following that rule:
(example: "4ST_Azeroth_vs_Bleeding-Hollow_1.wir")

This is a round robin tournament all teams face all teams once the team that has the most number of wins wins the tournament if tied the winner is the one that won against the other.
So it is not over if you loose one game it is over only when all games are played.
Because that format means more games to commentate and play.
The max number of teams for that tournament will be set to 4, which means 16 players in total.
4 games to be played per teams (not too much)
Which makes 16 games to be watched and commentated.

Winners of the tourney will be granted extra fame on my stream as they will have a special space for them and a "Kings of winter" title and maybe more.

To register this is very simple you can create and register your teams here:
Register your team for WC2FourSeasonsSnow on challonge :-)
or just tell us your teamname and members bellow and I will add you up :)

Brackets will also be available on that site and wins/losses will be updated by me as I stream and review the replays that you guys will be posting here. :-)

Because of the way it is set up we have gained extra flexibility,
It means although all games need to be played before the deadline and all teams need to be able to play the game on Saturday 3 pm EST the weekend when it starts, if players want to derogate to that rule, they are free to meet on an different hour/day to play their games as long as both teams agree before the deadline ends.
If a team failed to show during the agreed time and place (10 min after match was due and there is proof of the arrangement) the other team can request an admin win if game is not played both teams loose.

Time to go find yourselves 3 nice teamates guys! :thumbsup:

7) Server.War2.ru / Re: Facebook War2 Community
« on: November 22, 2018, 03:35:49 AM »
I call for a best of 15, 1v1 vs @Shotgun commented series!

The settings as follow:

Low resources,

Each player can choose 7 maps the maps played and order will be randomized before the series is played.

For the games to count the outcome of the games have to stay a secret until we are done streaming/commenting them me and whoever wants to join the casting desk/crew (xurnt / justin).

For this to work.
You guys save have to save insight replays then send them to me just after the game is ended with no spoilers!
Whoever leaks the outcome of a game or series grants a free win to his opponent (if the series is lost the penalties for leaking the information carries on as a handicap for next tournament).
This is so that we do not know in advance who won the game when commentating.

If more than one player are up for the challenge then I will make it a short best of 3 tournament with brackets using challonge with a best of 5 finals.
Using the same rules for spoiling and replays.

Winner gets the "War2 Best low resources player Nov 2018" title granting extra fame and advertising on my stream and other's.
@Szwagier @Swift @braviet

8) Server.War2.ru / Re: New Colors?
« on: November 14, 2018, 01:56:42 PM »
Usually the color replaced is the black color because it is harder to see on the minimap most of the streams use the black to pink mod but you can change the color directly I think the light blue color is something Szwagier did for himself or at least was one of the first to use as a replacement to pink.
You may ask the man @Szwagier:thumbsup:

9) Server.War2.ru / Re: Lets talk combat edition, spells a and balance!
« on: November 13, 2018, 11:37:18 PM »
just take away castle stage all together.

I laughed  :thumbsup:

10) Server.War2.ru / Re: Lets talk combat edition, spells a and balance!
« on: November 13, 2018, 03:57:52 PM »
I think Exorcism being able to hit Ogre Mages could be interesting.

Exorcism nullifying OM mana, or unlusting units would be awesome

Except that wouldn't be exorcism anymore we might as well rename it dispel at this point.

I mean one could argue it may be fun to have skeletons as the primary spell for death knights, a strong shield instead of a heal for paladins or haste and why not summon demons for axe throwers instead of trolls regeneration and divine intervention for mages so that they can revive units. Soon enough that would not be anything like war2 anymore we can achieve balance without changing the mechanics nor the way the game works.

I created that post because I saw a lot of people talking about balancing things but really they mostly suggest we change the game. Warcraft 2 is a game that first is not badly designed, second is not that badly balanced either, and third which remaining success relies primarily on nostalgia.

People come back to the game that they remember and loved, almost every old player remembers paladins have heal and exorcism it is iconic they love these spells they remember what you could use it for, most people remember heal as being good because if felt good throughout the campaign,  most of them didn't ever use lust as efficiently as we do.

Almost none of them remembers exactly how much heal was able to heal and how much mana it cost, they certainly don't remember how powerful exorcism was and how much mana it cost. Players tend to have a memory bias they remember the game as being more balanced than it really is but they do remember very well what spells are and what they were used for.

People want to play the game they remember they come back for these cool mechanics, if it happens to be more balanced that is very good because either they wont remember or they will welcome the change because it will still be war2 but if it feels different that is where you start to loose people big time.

That is why here I am talking balance changes, and numbers tweaking, not mechanics changes or re-design (except for heal not having cap to behave like exorcism because that people wont remember and as mentioned before it should always have been the case).

11) Server.War2.ru / Re: Lets talk combat edition, spells a and balance!
« on: November 13, 2018, 01:52:33 PM »
So I did some more testing and set the life of ogres and farms to 1000 to be able to make a full blizzard and full d&d without units dying at the first two casts thus getting a better average because more casts of blizzard within each tests.

So far the "myth" holds odd number of tiles = more damage from blizzard even = more damage from d&d
the bigger the units the smaller the difference though.

Ogres take more damage from blizzard than d&d though it is worth mentionning that neither survives being directly under 1 cast of d&d or blizzard but it does mean that a unit running through has more chances to survive if it is d&d than if it is blizzard so yeah go humans on that part.

On farms the damage difference is consistent as dks will often even kill a farm where mages will mostly get them in yellow and red on rare occasions (1000hp farms) this one did seem pretty obvious though when trying with the 400hp default life of farms that noticeably d&d killed more farms than blizzard on average also because blizzard damages were more spread. So on that part yeah go Orcs.

On barracks there is a slight advantage for blizzard it seems but it is smaller than the one d&d has on farms and much much smaller than the one blizzard has on units.

On halls the advantage is for d&d but at this point it seems it is not at a big degree of difference and we would need a very big sample to get the exact difference.

Boats and dragons are 2x2 in size and they evolve on a different grid so I would definitely try them next because I am now very curious it could very well be that d&d is better for these if they count as 2x2 in size but it could be possible that blizzard deals more damage to them because they are units.

Oil platforms are in fact 3x3 in size but just like the boats and air, so far any difference between the two is hardly noticeable even with 1000 hp each, both spells seem to perform exactly the same on these, I do not have a big sample but I can already tell the difference if there is one is not as visible as the one that exist on farms and units.

Yeah @Lambchops I noticed that both spells have that weird behavior when multi-casting I am also pretty sure it works the same for other spells like runes tornado and even attack ground if I am not mistaking which is very handy :thumbsup:

Yes @Winchester I can agree that rune has more range of utility and is arguably a better spell at the moment, all things can be balanced by tweaking values and thus keeping the game mechanics intact though. There is value to this approach we all love these iconic spells and what they can do how they look like, if we can manage to make them all worth using without changing that we are doing things right.

I think people really love exorcism, heal, skeletons and flameshield these are very cool spells we only need to make them a little more worth it, and make spells that are a bit too op a little bit less.

All so that in the end we get to see everything used more often depending on different situations, players using lust to burst down defenses or win with short skirmishes or getting runes to get more map control and adopt a more defensive approach these type of things not just going lust for the simple reason that it is that much better than everything else. ;)

12) Server.War2.ru / Re: Lets talk combat edition, spells a and balance!
« on: November 13, 2018, 12:05:26 AM »
Well gold,  research time, or mana cost reduction are things we can change without changing the design of the spell nor the logic behind it but changing what it does is not something I would want it really is not what the spell is supposed to do.

I think if we make it a little stronger and cheaper it is enough to make it a good spell against dks, situational yes, but most spells are.

Ogres certainly do not have a way to one shot mages at such a range I believe just tweaking numbers should be enough here.

Though I strongly believe if we make lust cost a lot more mana and heal a lot less it may already fix a lot of balance problems between orcs and humans and also within the orc tech tree.

13) Server.War2.ru / Re: Lets talk combat edition, spells a and balance!
« on: November 12, 2018, 08:58:20 PM »
Well yes the balance is already close to perfection.
Perfect balance would be achieved when all spells and all units have a use in competitive play where all that amazing tech tree is worth getting and is effectively used in different situations.

You see, as the game is right now if you try playing with lust disabled you will notice that games can even become a bit more interesting and strategic as they do not reach that big power spike, we see more sappers more runes more dks and dragons many different options that are very much overshadowed by the power of lust otherwise.

Lust really is a fun spell and I would not want it to be weaker because it really was designed to be strong, but I would like it if it required a bit more brain power and planning for when to use it because  right now ogres can be always lusted up and it offers no room for counter-play and it is devastating a lusted army will always be lusted there is no stopping no down time no drawback.

And that is why I feel we could while keeping lust a very strong spell make it a little bit less of a no-brainer, so that we get a bit of all of these other strategies back and more windows of opportunities or counter-play for more exotic moves and hard to pull off strategies to pay off.

The balance of the game was barely ever touched the game is already pretty fairly balanced yes but there is room to improve it without de-naturing the game or changing any mechanics.

Think about it, every bit of the tech tree used that means instead of big patches or lusted ogies in every games we would have some lusted ogres yes but also room for some sappers, some runes, some humans, heal / exorcism / church even skeletons if we manage to give them a little bit of utility back.

This would be even more entertaining than it already is and amazing to commentate and watch and advertise.

I don't want to change any mechanics or way spells were designed to work because nostalgia is such a big part of that game, most people remember what heal could be used on and what it did they don't remember how bad it was though or how much it healed or cost, tweaking some numbers a bit to try and encourage more of the tree to be used could really be a nice thing.

People love to see these spells used, think about how excited we all are when we see skeletons,or flameshields or heals these spells are so cool and they bring back memories too.

Tricky moves being executed are exciting, we could have a little bit more of these without making lust useless or changing any unit mechanics or spells one bit.
Tweaking mana costs and improve the comfort of use of some spells there and there (heal working like ex for example) these kind of things.

We are talking changes that the average warcraft 2 viewer wont notice at first glance unless he pays close attention to the numbers.

14) Server.War2.ru / Re: Lets talk combat edition, spells a and balance!
« on: November 12, 2018, 06:47:15 PM »
Tower bug exists because of the way the engine works on a 2x2 building the projectile and range is calculated from the top left tile and range are calculated from that tile, unfortunately this cannot really be fixed easily especially since we do not have the source code and this is not just changing a value there but the way it works :/

Though players have learned to play with it and it is not really breaking the balance between the races (both have same towers) nor is it breaking the balance of power between units in the tech tree too much, it does make rushing towers a bit more worth it in given situations.
But it is nothing compared to how much of a no-brainer lust is.

So yeah if there was an easy known way to fix this bug I guess people wouldn't be against it. :thumbsup:

15) Server.War2.ru / Re: Lets talk combat edition, spells a and balance!
« on: November 12, 2018, 12:46:50 PM »
Ok so I ran this map I used only one cast of blizzard and one cast of d&d on 3x3 patch of farms subsequently targetted on the bottom right of the middle farm so that blizzard and d&d are nicely centered on the patch and all damages are contained.
Then I added up the damages dealt by that one cast on every farm touched:
Mages total damages for 1 blizzard cast on farms:
307, 221, 300, 256 = 271 on average
Dk total damages for 1 d&d cast on farms:
378, 381, 382, 373 = 378 average
So on average we have 39% more damage for d&d so far but hey that is just a start the more we do the more accurate we are right so I will continue also I encourage you to try it yourself.

Oh and yeah it seems damages are a bit better on units now so far too (for blizzard) but I need to give ogies more hp because they die and it means we need more hp to know exactly how much damages was done so I will do that I thus gave them 1000hp to make the calculation more precise and will redo my testing for units.

I wasn't able to tell the difference without adding up the numbers.
Also it seems blizzard damages on farms are more spread we have up to 7 farms that took damage for blizzard (numbers are very small but it varies around 20) where d&d tend to damage up to 4 farms consistently with bigger numbers minimum seen so far was 65 where the minimum for blizzard was 15 on that round of tests.

I encourage you to try it for yourself here is the last version of my testing map I use only the first row and second row's 4 first ogre patches for the testing so that all damages are contained.

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