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1) Mods & Development / Re: I wrote a Warcraft II map viewer in JavaScript
« on: April 04, 2019, 07:01:17 AM »
Is there a way to open the map by url? I mean, to use query string like site-name/warcraft2-map-editor/?map=GardenOfWar.pud or w/e?
To let people give links to some map directly somewhere on forum or anywhere else?

That's a great idea. I implemented it as you suggested, following the same file paths as given in the file browser. Some examples:

classic/Plains of snow.pud
ladder/Garden of war BNE.pud

(Edit: I also added a "Link to Map" action under the "Editor" menu to generate these URLs automagically.)
Nice one jc. Looks great :)

I appreciate it! It looks like there's a wealth of information here, so I intend to stick around and absorb some things. :)

2) Mods & Development / I wrote a Warcraft II map viewer in JavaScript
« on: April 04, 2019, 12:56:50 AM »
It lets you open any of the maps included with Warcraft II BNE (including campaign maps) or load maps off your computer.


My intention is ultimately to turn it into a full map editor, but right now, it only opens maps. It can also save map images using "Save Map as Image" under the "Editor" tab. It'll probably be a while before I implement full editing functionality, but it's fun to work on a little here and there.

Works well in Firefox and Chrome. Works in Safari but loads very slowly.

The source code is available for anyone who's curious. Hopefully someone else finds it interesting or useful.

Edit 6/26: I took a break from it but finally implemented saving, so you can use it to modify unit data, upgrades, and so forth.
Edit 6/30: Implemented restriction data (i.e., the ALOW chunk).
Edit 7/11: Implemented unit placement/deletion.

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