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1) Server.War2.ru / Re: eq join and lets play 1v1
« on: September 14, 2019, 06:01:09 AM »
Stop talk about me, im already the most popular player ever.

TK I've noticed your posts lately have gotten quite a bit funnier than I remember when I was reading the forums a year and prior. I just got back into reading the forums after a year+ break from Warcraft 2 a while ago. Well done :P Haha.

Are you guys on crack or any kind of drugs, why you guys are all looking retard like im too smart and  i just feel i came from another planete.
You're narcissistic and annoying. 

2) Server.War2.ru / Re: eq join and lets play 1v1
« on: September 13, 2019, 08:17:25 AM »
Stop talk about me, im already the most popular player ever.

TK I've noticed your posts lately have gotten quite a bit funnier than I remember when I was reading the forums a year and prior. I just got back into reading the forums after a year+ break from Warcraft 2 a while ago. Well done :P Haha.

3) Server.War2.ru / Re: eq join and lets play 1v1
« on: September 13, 2019, 05:54:11 AM »
Stop talk about me, im already the most popular player ever.
The most narcissistic, over self exaggerating, and soft dude on here who can't even pull the semblance of real discussion/debate without rage quitting or going off on a mental tirade player for sure I can agree. The most popular player... Uh not so much.

« on: August 27, 2019, 05:25:59 PM »
How is that ok? It's blatant cheating and probably even worse than map hacking.

Custom communities tend to think macros like that are okay. They are playing a different game than war2 classic/bne.
Lotta people have done it on the server over the years. Is it "okay" to do it on the server? No.


Hacking has never been tolerated in PBall.  On east there were a lot of map hackers who played PBall because it can help a lot in PBall and was nearly impossible to prove then with no admins and all. It's never been allowed in tournaments, or fun/competitive games, with PBall players who hack or are suspected of hacking being considered scum.

There will be a free to play $75 PBall Build Balanced tournament Saturday, November 3rd at 6 PM central/ 7 PM Eastern time. It is in channel spikes as always on the server. I hope you can make it to support this great game!

sure, i moved it to the tournaments section. i moved a bunch of old tourney threads into that section a while ago & iirc claw made a troll post with the same title as one of your pball tourney posts so maybe i just grabbed the wrong one when i was moving them.
Okay thanks Mouse, appreciate it.

This post was about a legit tournament that was played(10 people showed). The tournament I'm talking about had a lot of interest and had a good showing. The forum post itself had over 1,200 views. yes a lot of the views are trolling back and forth but this tournament got more interest than most of my other tournaments in general everywhere I posted it as well.

When that was posted Samuel the forums most obvious troll started responding to it and eventually claw posted on it too(claw wasn't banned at the time). I was just defending my post and asked that claw's trolling be deleted at the time. He kept posting multiple advertisements to my tournament as well as his normal trolling on the post comments itself.

I admit claw as far as trolls go can be funny. The posting multiple threads was comical but I didn't ask for it and asked them to be removed at the time because it was confusing would be entrants to the tournament. I only argued on the thread because people were commenting who had no interest in playing the tournament, so i was defending my thread.

Please add this forum post link below to the server discussion where it was and rightfully belongs. This was a good tournament and had a good showing of lots of old school players, I'd like a record of it on the forum, one not in flame wars because of trolls...

Let me know what you guys think(Mouse/Blid)



8) Server.War2.ru / Re: Heights and weights of active W2 players on sever
« on: July 11, 2018, 09:46:36 PM »
Quick{hR} is not 5'9 or 220 pounds... I've talked to him about his height and I believe he is 5'11' if I recall right. I know he is a bit taller than me for sure and I'm 5'9 about 175 pounds. Also the 220 is way wrong because I've seen pictures and he is skinny doesn't weigh near 220.

The 2v2 PBall tournament Saturday got 8 people here's the bracket:
Round 1
xXxSmeagolxXx & QUICK{hR} vs Proof-Dealer & Manowar!
Smeag and QUICK win 3-0
8)Mikulz(8 & Flea vs Mariano & Cardona
Mik and Flea win 3-0
Round 2(Finals)
xXxSmeagolxXx & QUICK{hR} vs 8)Mikulz(8 & Flea
Mik and Flea win 4-2

1st: 8)Mikulz(8 & Flea
2nd: xXxSmeagolxXx & QUICK{hR}

Good Job Flea and good job Mik on another win. QUICK and I did well for QUICK not playing in months and I haven't played much in months :P. They were good games rust or not though, I had fun. Thanks for coming everyone who played.

I'll let everyone know in the next month when and what map the next tournament will be.

45 minutes!!!!!!!

That is 02:00 for me I think. I will try to join too :-)
But cant promise because of Saturday night. I might be out at that time.
Hell yeah man glad to hear you might make it. I'll see you in spikes Saturday hopefully! =D

I will likely be available and do not mind parding Mano... though he needs a lot of TLC and work haha.
Mano has always been a better than average PBaller not great but pretty good. Honestly though the last 1 to 2 years(especially the last year) he has really grown in skill a lot. I have played him in team games and 1v1s A LOT since he shows to nearly every tournament, and hes one of the most regular PBallers. I always try to give him advice and tips for getting better when we play now and then. Also he has played a lot vs me and the best PBallers like Quick so he has gotten tons of experience with the best.

He's definitely grown a lot and is better than he was 1-2+ years ago. I'm not saying he's tier 1 pro in PBall but he's definitely a lot more solid/skilled now and I'm sure he'll keep getting better with more time and experience.

This is in 3 days. Right now 8 have committed that they should be there so looks like it will play alright. I'm really hoping to get 12+ as it would make a 2v2 run a lot better with more rounds. If you are new to PBall you are still welcome try it out you might like it or possibly win some cash. The tournament is in channel spikes as usual, hope to see some new faces there.

14) Server.War2.ru / Re: W2 Upgrades?
« on: June 05, 2018, 09:06:46 PM »
Honestly I was drunk when I snapped out on you the other day, so I guess I'll apologize for that. I have actually been making an effort to get along with you, like when I let you play the tournaments again. I guess I just hold shit against you from the past but I have let it go, I guess alcohol makes us think stupid shit.

15) Server.War2.ru / Re: W2 Upgrades?
« on: June 04, 2018, 01:15:39 PM »

I had to go out of town clearly stated on those posts and all over facebook. That tournament is Saturday but it's a 2v2 tournament now. There's plenty of things that can be tried for this game, I am not against trying them but throwing money at this game really probably won't help. Basically I just believe this game is slowing going to decline until just the hardcores are left who just won't give up.

Almost everything has been tried and no I don't want this game to die as I help new players and spread this game a lot. The hosting needs fixed, the community needs to stop being assholes to new players, and new players need taught to be good or they won't stick around. There's plenty of problems money can't or won't fix. The games old and a lot of us love it, I hope you can find a way to make this game great again but anymore I doubt it will happen(fingers crossed lol).

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