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Reminder: This is in 2 days!

Here is the event for the PBall Build balanced tournament. Anyone is free to join. Try your hand at PBall Build.

6 people showed up for the $50 60 Man PBall tournament last night. With QUICK getting there late and everything we played it with 4, and the Mikulz / Smeagol rivalary continued in the finals haha. Here's the bracket:
Round 1
xXxSmeagolxXx vs Igognito Smeagol withs 2-0
8)Mikulz(8 vs Manowar! Mikulz wins 2-0

Round 2(Finals)
xXxSmeagolxXx vs 8)Mikulz(8 Smeagol wins 3-1

Thanks to everyone who showed. The PBall Build tournament is this coming Saturday I will be making the event today all the PB build players need to try to make this one to make it a good tournament like the last of the builds with 8 and 12.

Thanks everyone.

This is in 1 hour!

This weekend I will try to join up ;-)
Hell yeah glad buddy =D .

Would be cool to see some 2s tourneys :)
I've had 2 but they only got 8 so was two rounds. I should definitely try to have one.

Aw sad to hear about Tora. He hosted a ton of games. I think thats what hurts the most is when hosters take a break or quit. People want to play they just need to see the games up.
Yeah I usually host lots of games for anyone to play. There is a wide variety of people who play mostly PBallers who all know each other but also random people who play and GOW players like Medivh, Angel~Fire, Braviet(Braviet started playing about 6 months ago but joined randomly before rarely)and chop players. I haven't played in about 1 1/2 months except maybe 5 games. I'm going to be coming back a lot more with the tournaments about to start playing again. I played 3 games a few days ago. =D

Tora and Mouse both contacted me. They have quit playing Warcraft as much as they used to. Tora doesn't really want to play any tournaments right now and is taking a bit of a break from Warcraft 2. Mouse is helping me with the mass PMs as usual and if she's free she will play that day as well. Anyone else wanting to play just join the event or ask me if you have any questions about the maps or tournament.

The paintball build would be better for me. I havnt tried it in a long time but I remembering doing decent in it in the past.
Okay Burnt that is coming up on the 5th you should really give it a try. I don't claim to be anywhere near the best in PBall build. There is people like QUICK{hR} and Proof-Dealer who are the best in PBall builds and many others who are awesome, but early micro and aggressiveness can break someone in PBall Build if you do it right. They know the same strats and defenses but just like any game of Warcraft anything can happen. I got 2nd in the first PBall Balanced tournament because I had a strategy of using awesome micro rushing to knights and playing super aggressive with my footmen early. You should definitely try to be there I think you would have fun. Let me know when it gets closer or if you can commit at some point.

Anyone interested in playing any of these tournaments? @mousEtopher @~ToRa~ @XuRnT @tupac @Ritalin you guys going to play any of these? I could really use the spots filled and it'll be good fun. What do you think guys?

Want to inquire about the information you have published that I can study myself or do you have good advice for me?
I'd play with the PBallers when they are on. PBall is a lot of strategy and especially quick reflexes and playing well. You should join the PBall tournaments I advertise here and on Facebook. You have a chance at money and they are free to enter and a lot of fun. Let me know if you want me to add you the PBall Players group on Facebook and you can get to know the PBallers?

42) Server.War2.ru / $50 60 Man PBall Tourny and INFO on other PBall Tournaments
« on: April 12, 2018, 03:10:50 PM »
The $50 60 Man PBall tournament will be on April 28th at 6 PM Central time / 7 PM Eastern time. I had to push the time up an hour to 6 PM Central.

The PBall Build Balanced tournament QUICK{hR} and Proof-Dealer were going to donate $100 to will be a $50 prize pool. QUICK is really busy working and can't get a date worked out to play it at the same time as Proof. I had to change the date and time several times over this. I've also been dealing with a lot in my real life and it's looking a lot more hopeful. So the $50 PBall Build Balanced tournament will be on MAY 5th AT 7 PM CENTRAL TIME / 8 PM USA Eastern TIME.

If you are a PBall build player try to make this tournament we've gotten 12 and 8 people in the last two tournaments. IF you are a casual PBALLER OR GOOD AT ANY OTHER BUILD MAP try your hand at PBall Build. Everyone is welcome so the good PBall Build players should try to be on if you can. =D

Here's the event for the $50 60 Man PBall tournament. I hope you can all make it!

Louson was sort of a cunt.

"Couldn't handle an Ogre rush" could be engraved on his tombstone.
Fuck you cunt, wanna die?

44) Server.War2.ru / Re: Challenge for Swift 1v1 bo11.
« on: March 13, 2018, 11:59:00 AM »
My schizophrenia is in the final stages of the healing process. My cognitive ability has increased very significantly. in turn my war2 skills have become  better than ever before. At this point, after 2 years of taking niaicin. I have lots of the brown skin on my stomach, according to Dr. Abram Hoffer indicates the final stages of the healing process. My inability to perform consistently at a high level, was very much linked to how I felt on that specific day. This was because, some days i had consumed more niacin in my diet than others. I always felt like I couldn't perform even close to how well I could have every single time I lost. People confused this as "excuses" or w/e. Which is understandable, I understand the logic behind it, but skepticism is often misplaced, especially when dealing with sick people. A great example would be addicts, who have a gabba and dopamine deficiency in their brain, causing them to use. They are not "pieces of shit that don't care" people who don't care don't shoot up and cry themselves to sleep. That is rather an unobservant and withdrawn opinion on addiction. As this is the internet, everyone is withdrawn and doesn't really give a shit about what's true with other people ( i am guilty of this myself, it's just how it works), So I don't take it personally.

 So it is my opinion that my skills are on par, perhaps even superior to swift. We have equally measurable experience, equally measurable strategic arsenal, but he always had the logic and cognitive ability advantage on me. Which of course is the most important part in an RTS. With my inability to think on the fly, or stop making mistakes gone, I think there's a good chance I can beat swift in a series. My schizophrenia and dementia, almost made me dyslexic in my game play flow. In which I couldn't do things in logical order, or manage res, or put the right amount of farms, or remember farms. things of that nature.

So I want to challenge swift to a 1v1 series, whenever he has time and accepts of course.

Naruto Shippuuden.......NARUTO VS SASUKE FINAL rasengan vs chidori - YouTube

how he can win if he lost vs maciek 2:1 :C

Obviously you did not read the post u8! Yamon was been niacin deficient for all of his war2 career which has caused his play to be inconsistent and stopped him from reaching his full potential. Now that he has been taking niacin for 2 years and he has a brown belly his brain is clear and he can finally becoming self-actualized. 

how he can win if he lost vs maciek 2:1 :C

Obviously you did not read the post u8! Yamon was been niacin deficient for all of his war2 career which has caused his play to be inconsistent and stopped him from reaching his full potential. Now that he has been taking niacin for 2 years and he has a brown belly his brain is clear and he can finally becoming self-actualized. 

... and what's more even when he was deficient hes was already top 1% intellectually so now he's on the juice he's like the supreme intellectual overlord of the human race. Nobody stands a chance against his awesomeness.

This post is hilarious and the replies are great too. Gold mine this shit! LOL

45) Server.War2.ru / Re: Sunday, March 18th PBall Build Balanced Tournament
« on: March 11, 2018, 05:23:58 PM »
The PBall Balanced tournament's date is pending right now. I will update everyone when I have a concrete date for it, shouldn't be that long. Also looks like I'll be hosting two tournaments two weekends in a row like I did once before. They will be the same maps I did last time PBall Balanced and 60 Man PBall. I'll let everyone know when I have the dates.

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