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Anyone like this feature? I think that wall of text is pointless and takes away from any other messages you're trying to get out. I log on and ignore all yellow text because of it.

what  other messages?!

stop bitching.

i think its cool. promotes forum usage among them noobs

I hate naggers:
I agree with player, too obnoxious, i visit the forum when i want to check/read it, a simple "Visit new w2 forum here!!!1!!" or a new banner would do just fine to get the message to the masses


--- Quote from: SmurfKinG on December 18, 2014, 05:52:39 PM ---what  other messages?!

--- End quote ---

Exactly, you don't even notice the other message because of the full page of forum related text.

all you´re missing is "there are xx users in xx channels"
and you have no mail.


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