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What Would You Do If?

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--- Quote from: ~ToRa~ on December 04, 2016, 02:12:51 AM ---Try to understand why he would

Wwyd if swift really was a billionaire

--- End quote ---

Ask him why he still lives in his parent's basement if he has so much $$$

Wwyd if China and Russia waged war against the U.S. tomorrow

Go about my day the way I usually do.

Wwyd if a stripper with big tits shows up asking for help

Suggest she go back to school and work part time.

Wwyd if your ex gf said she wanted to get back together with you because she is pregnant with your baby?

Id tell her it wasn't mine and to get lost

Wwyd if your mom and dad told you that they needed a 10k loan from you.

Give it to them.

Wwyd if a total stranger asked you a loan of 1 of your salaries?


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