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Fractals anyone?

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--- Quote from: BabyShark on December 15, 2017, 01:32:35 PM ---I've been listening to fractals seminar over and over while working, and I'm just...blown away.

I realize now why no one from the secular school system was in a rush to teach people about fractals...because there is no atheistic/evolutionistic explanation for it.

God is amazing!

We can SEE infinity...we can SEE beauty, intelligence of vast degree, master design...we have the evidence...we can see that an all-powerful, almighty, omniscient, vastly superior mind has produced this infinite beauty and intricate design...proof of God that we humans can study and look at in wonder.

It's beautiful, Lamby! We can SEE proof of what we can't grasp. What we can't understand. What our brains can't handle. Infinity. We can see the infinite exists, but we can't touch the end of it or grasp it.

I'm so blown away. Thanks for sharing this Lamby!

I'm not withholding this from anyone! I'm sharing this with everyone, starting with my family and facebook and everyone else I meet!

FRACTALS!!!! The design built into mathematics from the beginning of time, that human beings took 6000 years to discover!!



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hahaha, this is glorious perspective, love it :D though i say -- evolution & god both make the most sense when they're not held to be mutually exclusive

they really are so beautiful !


--- Quote from: mousEtopher on December 22, 2017, 09:47:23 AM ---so looks like you're definitely safe to pop in from time to time to chat briefly if nothing else :D
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Thanks for the info @mousEtopher :) I'll look into it.


--- Quote from: Lambchops on December 12, 2017, 11:03:37 AM ---Yeah :)  they're nice, and they literally go on forever...  our human brains try to ascribe all sorts of meaning to them - flowers... galaxies... even the bhudda, but actually they're just numbers (and not even real numbers!), they don't really mean anything at all.

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I like this statement.

Every Billionaire is a Policy Failure:
"If they hadn't wasted all the time in university science class promoting the lies of evolution, they might have had time to teach me about fractals and other things actually found in science, nature, or mathematics!"

hahahahaha! ;D

arent these representation of the golden ratio? i think it is.. number do mean something....  music comes from number.


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