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$50-100 KOTH Event PBall Tournament Sat February 17th 5 PM Central US Time


Here's the event for the $50 PBall KOTH tournament, join up if you want to play. It is in channel spikes at 5 PM Central time / 6 PM Eastern time

There will be a $50-100 king of the hill(a different map for each match of the round) tournament Saturday, February 17th at 5 PM USA Central time/ 6 PM Eastern USA time. The maps that will be played are as follows:

First rounds and semi finals(best of 3)
Match 1: 45 Man PBall
Match 2: 60 Man PBall
Match 3: 80 Man PBall
Finals will add 2 more maps(best of 5)
Match 4: PBall X
Match 5: 420 PBall

This should be an interesting/fun tournament format for PBall and it's the first time I've tried it for a tournament. Everyone meet up in channel spikes at 5 PM central time. Also the different maps add diversity and skill needed to win the tournament . Please try to make it if you can to support PBall, this great game, and so I can keep having these tournaments for everyone =D. See you all there!

This is in 1 week!

This is tomorrow, if you can make it please do to support Warcraft 2 and private tournaments. =D


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