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READ FIRST: Guidelines for Support Requests


If you're having an issue with the server, forum or website you can post about it here and our admin/moderation staff will do their best to help you resolve it! Please observe the following guidelines when posting to ensure a timely and accurate response to your query. Help us help you!

1. Search the support forum for existing threads before making a new thread.
Oftentimes someone else has already had the problem you're experiencing, and the steps for solving it are already posted in another thread. Look for threads tagged with [done] or [solved] Make sure you check the common problems thread here too.

2. Create your own thread for your problem.
Don't post your support request in an existing thread, unless your problem is the same as/directly related to the problem being discussed in that thread.

3. Use a descriptive title for your thread.
The title should briefly summarize the error or problem you're having. Avoid generic titles like "Help me with this error please." This will help us keep track of your request, and also help people find your thread in the future if they're having the same problem.

4. Describe the problem in as much detail as possible.
Provide as much information about the problem/error you're having as you can, including what you're trying to do, what isn't working, exact steps to reproduce the error, your operating system & computer specs, etc. (see below) If you receive a specific error message include it word for word or take a screenshot.

5. Include a screenshot if possible/relevant.
Instructions for taking screenshots in Windows.

Derived from iL's thread here.

Information to include in your request:
Please make sure to include all the following information when you make a support request. If you don't we're just going to ask for it anyway, so this will speed things up!

• Computer specs or brand and model.

• Operating System

• Warcraft version installed

• A brief explanation of when was the last time game ran on that computer.

• Possibly submit a screenshot

Mousey, thank's for this guidelines here!

Small addition from me:
If you have problem with making a screenshot, you can just make a photo of your monitor with problem appeared.
I think almost all of you have photo/videocameras (e.g. in your mobiles), so making a photo with your problem and posting it here is much better than nothing.

Delete mine too:
I strongly encourage all users to use the search feature. You're problem maybe solved with a search.



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