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I hate naggers:

--- Quote from: iL on March 02, 2015, 03:08:21 AM ---
--- Quote from: CLAW on March 02, 2015, 02:33:42 AM ---is this spam or other kind of unwanted content?
--- End quote ---
Yes, i think it is.
The main problem is there are really tons of such spam messages here on the forum. Moderators should give million warnings to handle that.
My personal point: i appreciate people involvement in forum activity, but i'd be happy to reduce such kind of spam in all sections except flame wars.

--- End quote ---
i guess that whenever mod sees that kind of post, he should remove it/move it to flame wars + give an appropriate warning %%. All it needs is a clear policy (lets call it "anti-ryu" rule) posted&sticked somewhere, so every moderator would react the same way

Certified MENSA Genius Brain (smart):
Both those posts you linked, they're low-content but they're directly related to the posts preceding them. That's not really "spamming."  I don't really see that kind of post as a big deal.  why is ganz posting "I AM LEGEND" not spam, but ryu posting a pic saying "Look son, a legend" is spam?  Does it really bother lots of people?

I hate naggers:

--- Quote from: blid on March 02, 2015, 11:31:07 AM ---they're directly related to the posts preceding them

--- End quote ---,492.msg6596.html#msg6596,487.msg6513.html#msg6513,507.msg6629.html#msg6629

thats not even related and hardly "low-content", more like zero content. Even the ladyboys $pace hangs around with have more vagina than those posts have content, you hear me you little brat! this is serious business

Certified MENSA Genius Brain (smart):
Yeah, a post that's just a smiley is pretty bad, esp. from someone with a history of making low-content posts.  I will warn him for those for sure if I see them in the future.

Soo many rules, [emoji33] might need to hire a lawyer.

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