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War2 Triggers Editor released!

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Love the new version Mistral.
Would you be able to do a write up on the functions on the new version?
Most players haven’t a clue how Dessert Strike works would be great to list the latest commands and different features.
I think players can list what the cost is per unite and what the best strats are.

i have some videos on my channel

updated to 1.4.1
fixed some bugs
added trigger sort units not in region
added trigger get center of region
added trigger remove terrain in region
added new smart dota 1.4 map to triggers examples

updated to 1.5
fixed some bugs
added trigger build goldmine anywhere
added trigger build forest anywhere
added trigger build forest gold price
added trigger player is controled by human/computer/nobody
added trigger create unit in VALUE XY and VALUE AMOUNT
added trigger use ships speed upgrade for towers speed
added trigger change custom mission objective
added trigger change custom units name
added move units to VALUE XY trigger

@Mistral - where is the option to turn the lumber bug on/off?  I thought I saw it there before.


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