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wat is lumber bug exactly?
i think i never had any triggers for it lol

The thing where you command a peon to chop wood, make a lumber mill and you get the +125 wood after it's done building even though the peon never chopped anything.  Thought it was in there, all good if not.

this thing never was in triggers
this is old DOS version trick - it was fixed in war2 BNE by original blizzard

basically bug was like this - peon receiving PEON_HARVEST_WOOD flag when he was actually sended to chop
not even need to touch tree at all, u can even send peon to chop someting in fog of war on other side of map.
so basically this is flag that checked if needed to give res, but peon cannot enter into lumbermill with just it, he also need PEON_LOADED flag.
but there is no check if peon loaded when he is ALREADY INSIDE and this is happens exactly when he finished build lumbermill or TH.
so u basically can get +100 free wood when build TH or +125 when build lumbermill (or builded TH and already had mill)

and fun fact - it was working every single time.
so PRO players in DOS version on 1996-99 always sended peon to chop before building first TH or lumbermill or expand TH.

Warchief Lightbringer-:
Thanks. Will download user created maps and play some. Been replaying the war2 campaign lately (still on tides of darkness then will finish dark portal before doing the user created campaign)

Are there more maps than the 5-6 examples you posted for single play?

no there is only those maps for now as i know
at least those is only maps that ME created (maps with triggers)
and i dunno about maps of OTHER players but it seems like there is still noone, no one created any maps unfortunately
i still waiting for days when someone creates custom maps

also u can check some super cool custom campanigns that me and my friends created


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