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War2 Triggers Editor released!

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Warchief Lightbringer-:

--- Quote from: Mistral on May 02, 2023, 10:38:41 AM ---no there is only those maps for now as i know
at least those is only maps that ME created (maps with triggers)
and i dunno about maps of OTHER players but it seems like there is still noone, no one created any maps unfortunately
i still waiting for days when someone creates custom maps

also u can check some super cool custom campanigns that me and my friends created

--- End quote ---

Exactly what I needed! Thanks man. Been enjoying doing the campaign lately. MP is way too hectic for a 10 something year old rusty me.. lol

Hi Mistral, want to thank you for this great tool and have some suggestions. :thumbsup:

I think a random function would be very useful, Set Value = Rand function (ex, Random number between x and y) and also Amount = Rand (example Timer between 5 and 20 seconds).

Second suggestion, Starcraft maps can embed sound files (at ~30% of the original size), as the scm is just an MPQ container file, would it be possible to embed sounds into the trigger file?

so for random i thinked about it but cannot implement for now

for sounds
PUD maps are basically a file with set of sections
triggers being stored is old unused OILM section which was used for oil distribution in old alpha war2
but size of this section is depends of map size so max amount of bytes that triggers can be is for 128x128 map = 16k bytes
so this is not possible to put custom sound files and etc u just not have any place for even 1 sound
it is possible to add more sections i think but then maps becomes uncompatible with original map editor and even puddraft too
if u open and save map in them then all other non supported sections being removed from map file

p.s. lol also imagine the lag when someone joins lobby and needs to download 50mb map with tons of cursed custom sounds :) :) :) :)

Yeah it migt be a problem :)) I didn't notice the trigger maps are embedded without separable files for online play, makes sense.

I was thinking of Sniper CTF or bomb plant/defusal with random groups of NPC units moving around the map to create danger for both teams, as well as runes so you must send spotters first, with each round you can buy fire throwing grunts, additional spotters(submersible peon), demo team etc, or air strike (temporary battleship or catapult with 128 range and turtle missiles), etc, the random factor makes each round different as much as is possible, random terrain would be cool but maybe a bit ambitious.

I think random can be implemented another way (Hp of unit under some effect) but it's slow, you lose player slots and I don't know how reliable that method will be generally.

By the way, it would be really nice to change the speed of "even faster" being the most popular selection.

For reference, fastest defaults to 13, even faster is 20. Something like 17 plays better, I think.


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