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Desert Strike

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Hello all.
So this is new map called Desert strike. Yes this map was only in Starcraft1 before but now we have it in Warcraft2 too.
This map was created using Triggers Editor: https://forum.war2.ru/index.php/topic,6242.msg95189.html
I add to attachments the last version of map itself and triggers from it.
Anyone can change anything to create new maps if you want.
To play this map host it on server from War2Mod channel in UMS mode.

Here is long U8 video of playing this map (old version)

I got to play this map a few times it was cool. Good job  8)

Updated to v2
now Inventor/Alchemist is nuke and cost 10 oil. So only 3 use per game as player have only 30 oil now.
now Circle of power is mind control and cost 100 gold (+peon sacrificed). So only 3 per game. (u have 4 peons so you can make 4 but then all your peons will be dead and you basically will be obs to the end of game cause without peons u cannot be able to do anything)
changed heros prevent loss ability to vampire aura

new version

reupdated (fix bugs)


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