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Desert Strike

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CLAW maked new fixed version.
he fixed and balanced some stats and costs.

Changelog of v4.1 from CLAW


Removed custom speed
Removed speed manipulations in multi
Armor upgrade from 5 to 3
Arrow upgrade from 3 to 2
Sword upgrade from 4 to 2
Towers are affected by weapon/armor upgrades


Deamon range from 3 to 4


Guard tower attack from 4/12 to 6/16
Cannon tower attack from 50/0 to 75/0

Shipard from 100/100 to 1000/1000
Blacksmith from 400/700 to 400/500

Keep/hold from 1000/1200 to 500/600
Keep/hold time from 20 to 100
Stables/mound from 650/300 to 500/200

Castle/fortress time from 250 to 100
Altar/church from 900/300 to 600/300
Aviary/roost from 900/500 to 500/300
Mage/temple from 1000/250 to 700/150

Circle of power from 100/2000 to 100/1000

Map description from CLAW

Desert strike v4+ description

Desert strike is a 'tug of war' type of map with units from the melee game that are being sent in waves from each player. The goal is to destroy the opponents rune portal. Each structure from player buildings represents 1 unit spawned for AI every wave, e.g: 4 barracks will spawn 4 grunts for AI every wave. Each player starts with 4 peons which they can use to mine gold/chop wood and build desired structures accordingly.

Special actions:
-Forest replant - W->G hotkey. Use this action on the cut forest tile in order to replant the trees in the area
-Blacksmith upgrades for the AI - once player builds a shipyard, the upgrades for allied AI are unlocked. Each foundry grants the weapon upgrade (swords/arrows). Each oil refinery grants the shields upgrade.
-Lumbermill/TH stacking -  each lumbermill grants +25 wood per chop. Each keep/fort grants +10/+20 gold per peon bag respectively
-Peon training - it's possible to create more peons on the map, although they are pretty expensive. Population may need to be increased with extra great halls
-Sending resources to other players - players can exchange resources with following command: /send <number> <resource> <color>, e.g: /send 200 gold red
-Teron gorefiend - it's possible to create 1 Teron hero unit in base, which allows to cast haste on allied peons

Special structures:
-Runestone - "mind control" building. Converts all enemy AI units to the allied AI
-Goblin alchemist/Gnomish inventor - "nuke" building. Kills all enemy AI units
-Circle of power - "daemon" building. The peon is sacrified to create this building. Spawns a powerful daemon unit each wave
-Rune portal - "base repair" building. Heals allied rune portal back to 100%

NOTE: teron gorefiend/runestone/goblin alchemist/gnomish inventor/rune portal are special actions that cost 10 oil each. There's a limited number of special actions a player can use within one game


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