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@Mistral what were the changes or the bugs that were fixed?

fixed most units costs and stats
fixed old triggers - changed into new stable version

removed ships
now shipyard just needed to open way to upgrades
and when you build
foundry - your comp get +1 atk upgrade
refinery - comp get +1 def
(+3 swords +5 arrows +15 cat) for each atk
(+5 armor) for def
and upgr not limited to just lvl 5
i think its lvl 510 max now (255+255)
(but effective upgr lvl stops at 50 i think cuz dmg cannot be more than 255 anyways)

and you can build TH
each 2 tier th gives +10 gold same as lumber mill +25 wood
3 tier th gives +20 gold each

fixed some terrain
fixed AI spellacsting
added more HP to all units considering that there will be high lvls in atk upgr at end of game
add farm and can build peons with high cost

added more cost to buildings
cuz after some testing with u8 we decided that buildings was to cheap

fixed some bugs
changed some units cost and stats
50 oil
changed abilities buildings and added new (some gold and wood + 10 oil each so u can do only 5 of these in entire game)
Inventor/Alchemist - nuke (enemy units die)
Runestone - mind control (enemy units goes to your side)
Portal - repair your allied comp portal (to full 16000 hp)
added hero Teron to TH for 10 oil and some gold+wood (can use haste)

circle - spawn demons with 666 hp now (so its basically a building for units now, sacrifice peon for powerful unit type of building)


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