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How will we direct people to this forum?


Answer Subject questions please. Close down the old one?

I actually hope new people will join here themselves. They will see links to this forum there.
They should make their own choice to use this forum or no.
Axolotl planned to make a redirect from his forum, but he didn't answer, so we will wait for him and update this forum at the same time.

--- Quote from: iL on November 29, 2014, 04:30:58 AM ---Now we have almost the whole active war2 community registered here, except maybe 3-5 contradictive users.
There's not many people posting something both there and here, but we have active core of users here on the new forum, and that's the best thing.

The most problem for the new empty forum is that's psychologically difficult to post on the empty forum, and this problem should be resolved soon. Most people just waiting and looking around this new unknown thing before coming.
But we have to handle both forums for a long time, we will see which one will be more active. Everything just begins.

Another important thing to say: I don't want to contradict the old forum: I should use both of them.
It's not easy for me sometimes, because i feel this one as something like my baby and requires all my care, but that's important thing: our main care is people, doesn't matter which forum do they use.
--- End quote ---

I think the forum doing pretty good.

Total Members:45
Total Posts:284
Total Topics:46
Total Categories:4
Users Online:7
Most Online:14 -Today at 15:21:11

Total page views:19416

Average registrations per day:5.00
Average posts per day:31.64
Average topics per day:5.64
Total Boards:12
Latest Member:IBecomeShivaDestroyerOfGN
Average online per day:8.09
Average page views per day:1765.09

Just the member online is a good reason to stay here.

I dint see more then 5 members connect at same time on the old forum since the 5 last years :(

Warchief Lightbringer-:
Heh Gleip good to see you post! Be prepared to get more replays featuring the legendary Gleipnner!

what i hope from u admins iz that u keep an eye on new "users" joinin.

in the beginning there might b many posers acting like they r some1.

im sh0cked that n0b0dy has stolen my nick alrdy cuz im a big racist bl0nde cuntz0re!!!



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