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Hero survival map
« on: September 02, 2021, 04:58:22 PM »
Hello all.
So this is new map called Hero survival.
This map was created using Triggers Editor:,6242.msg95189.html
I add to attachments the last version of map itself and triggers from it.
Anyone can change anything to create new maps if you want.
To play this map host it on server from War2Mod channel in UMS mode.

This is defence survival type of map.
its still in develompent stage and needs many fixes and balance but main mechanicks all should work ok.

1) This map have 3 difficulties which u can choose at start - its determines how many enemies will spawn (1 line spawn, 2 or 3).
2) You can have only 1 unit (your Hero) but if you are Peasant then u can build towers.
3) all players start from building Peasant unit from TH and then you can evolve it into different units. Just go to the right side of map to a specific building. All evolutions cost some lumber.
4) players get 70 lumber after each wave of enemies.
5) players get gold for killing enemy units
6) you can spend gold for upgrades on the left side of map. Lumbermill = +1 damage to archers 10 gold. Orc smith = +1 armor to all 15 gold. Human smith = +1 damage to all other units (including towers) 15 gold.
7) After wave 5 secret area with resources opens on right mid side of map.
8 ) You regen HP and MP near runestones.
9) Players regen Oil - max is 100. Oil needed for special abilities - grunt and ogre from barack.
10) You can build Grunt and Ogre from orcs barracks - they WILL DISSAPPEAR and then your Hero will use special ability or get buff.
11) Grunt = hero will get buffs, all heroes get different sets of buffs.
12) Ogre = Hero using ultra ability. Peon - AOE repair all allied buldings on 100 HP within 10 squares. Paladin and Tyralyon - AOE heal all alied units around. All other Heroes - AOE damage enemy units (some heroes with certain effects, some have more range) (this thing can pierce even through unholy armor).
13) Protect Portal.
14) If u get to final evolution and not know what to do with lumber - keep it for respawn if you suddenly die. Because if you die - you start from peasant again.

15) new versions coming soon... (probably with new bugs...)
16) and bugs will be fixed later...

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Re: Hero survival map
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2021, 10:32:36 PM »
This was pretty fun to play.  Nice job

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Re: Hero survival map
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2022, 09:35:02 AM »
new version
fixed wave 9 (i think?) attak peons shield buff time
cuz it was unbeatable like this