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Edo defence


Hello all.
So this is new map called Edo defence.
This map was created using Triggers Editor: https://forum.war2.ru/index.php/topic,6242.msg95189.html
I add to attachments the last version of map itself and triggers from it.
Anyone can change anything to create new maps if you want.
To play this map host it on server from War2Mod channel in UMS mode.

This is tower defence type of map.
its still in develompent stage and needs many fixes and balance but main mechanicks all should work ok.

P.S. i named this map Edo def cuz my name is Edo and just because why not?

Map updated to version 1.2
1) fixed bug with catapult timer - now cannot kill it
2) lives changed from sheep to walls cuz has been possible to spawn them with polymorf
3) fixed some bugs with terrain
4) Flying machine now = lumber to gold exchange (you build it for 10 lumber then it dies and gives you 30 gold)
5) more waves (13 now) and old waves changed
6) enemies HP balanced a little
7) difficulty selector changed to skeleton and now any player can do it, not only host
8 ) TH cost 10 lumber instead of 10 oil (you can build more TH for more limit if need cuz you cannot build farms)

this version is more better that previous but still need many balancing and bugs fixing...

Map updated to version 1.3
fixed HP and damage a little

now map at least seems possible to survive)

new v1.4
fixed ai spellcasting maked them stuck
removed send res cuz comp gold = wave number and it was possible to skip waves by sending gold to yellow player.


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