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SPB hack or Bug?

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SPB vs Unfo

SPB dk about to die, then regains all health.

rofl u8 devloppe a new hack, great.

On one hand the game has seemed very buggy for me lately. Not sure if it's my new laptop, or modifications made to the game.

On the other hand there was a recent game i played with him where i felt very convinced he was using a macro script of some sort. Can't prove it... but it seemed like very suspect play.

Bro stop trolling, we both know 80% of the server hacks, and we dont only talk about MAP HACK, they have all different kind of mpq hacks.

Units move alone, peon refuse to get inside gold mine, cats do 99% dmg on a single shot.

I could name a tons of peoples who clearly hack, i will just shut my mouth.

Delete mine too:
Lol he coiled the first ogre which heals the dk. Then he went to decay and died doing so. Just a bunch of newb who don't know war2 lol.


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