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Invitation to DAIFE v7.0, upgraded version - New enhanced audio/visual features



Warcraft II DAIFE v7.0 new mod version released !!

This is a different thread but the mod now contains quite a couple of new and more modern RTS game features ! Like sound alerts for not enough gold, wood, upgrades completed, multiple tilesets and more ! Please deliver any feedback if you ever give it a try !

The Mod is based off in DAIFE Enhanced up to v6.9 and contains several new features like multiple tilesets for all campaign maps, new audios, visual enhancements for some spells.
Also, it has a different mod thread aside from DAIFE Enhanced because the new version uses different plugin files.

Please give me your feedback through my twitch or youtube channel:
twitch: https://twitch.tv/dannyldd
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfcxs8KSkOiehS9GK9rSAKg

The new tilesets look incredible. Could you share the .png versions of all these custom tilesets?

u prob can get them from mpq and use wardraft to convert those into bmp


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