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They're not rushing to join for no reason.


Finland and Sweden to join NATO. Fast.

The only way i can interpret such a monumental government decision being made in such a seemingly rapid timeframe, is that they believe they are in imminent danger and want the protection of NATO quickly.. because that's really all NATO has to offer them -- protection.

The only way i can interpret such decision according to russian media is pressure from USA side to their governments.
USA is going to lose that Ukraine campaign, so they need to do something as soon as possible. No doubt, USA has a big influence at Finland and Sweden governments.

Nothing threatened to Finland and Sweden till they decided to join NATO. And now looks like they are going to get some big problems from russian side. Finland is located extremely close (about 150 km) to St. Petersburg, the 2-nd city of Russia.

That's a very interesting question what Putin will do with that. He demanded to return NATO back to 1997 several months before.
And now looks like he stopped his talks and began to act.

ukraine didnt want join NATO, @Zelya said that stop writing that shit @iL, I suggest turn off russian tv/news, its possible that they will want join after that war

Remember that NATO is about defense not offensive

sweden and finland are not in danger,people in sweden/finland never wanted join to NATO till war started in ukraine, problem is that noone know what next move will be from putistan.


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