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Certified MENSA Genius Brain (smart):

--- Quote from: USA~Archer on April 02, 2015, 12:27:44 PM ---I'm sorry Blid, I didn't know RipE getting 43 kills in 60men is considered "Raping" me

Funny thing is, I still got more kills in the game that i "got raped" [49] than RipE got IN THE 3v4 THAT HE LOST [38]

Nice try

Don't try to defend him like he lost the 3v4 because of teammates either, I want to remind everyone that RipE was the only player [black, watch the video here http://****.com] on his team THAT DIDNT EVEN HAVE AN OPPONENT ACROSS FROM HIM, and his contribution to his team? 38 kills

The game replay doesnt lie

RipE, I'm afraid signing up for my tournament is your only chance at redemption here

--- End quote ---

We can all see the replay because it's on your site.  That was a 3v3 because one player died without killing any allerias.

Second, he didn't say he raped you, he said "we raped u in 2v2," which can just be taken to mean his team won easily.

Just because the guy didnt kill any allerias DOES NOT MAKE IT A 3v3 lmao

When I said the computer could do better than RipE, I wasnt kidding. Its VERY difficult to lose at pball when your team has 256 and the other team has 192 to start.

His excuse is that it was only his second time controlling an army of footmen and archers, so thats understandable lol

ONCE AGAIN, IN CASE ANYBODY MISSED IT, RipE lost a 60men 3v4, he was the one player that DID NOT HAVE AN OPPONENT across from him, and he contributed 38 kills to his team. Watch him get owned at http://****.com

Before the game began he bragged of being "the master of 60men" in pregame chat. And hes so embarrassed about the video that he is petitioning the mods to defend him, and asking that I be banned from War2RU and forums

I hate naggers:
im afraid ripe didnt/doesnt take 60 men seriously and the "master of 60 men" claims were a joke. i dont think you should brag about 3v4 that much

Claw, I wouldnt be bragging except that RipE asked mods to ban me from RU server and forums, so I'm giving him shit

Certified MENSA Genius Brain (smart):
He said that because you're spreading hacks.  You have hacks on your website that you're promoting, and you stubbornly refuse to take them down!  Moreover, you say the reason not to use them is because they don't help in your paintball map.  But what about the maps they do help on??  Do you not even care that you could be exposing a bunch of new people to hacks, people that could become the next dellam or that could hack on maps where it changes the playing field?


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