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BRACKET POSTED USA-Archer.com 60men Tournament begins now!!!!!

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Thanks for all who joined, even some joined that don't like pball, thanks for that.

16 players is great response! Even better than I hoped for!

Needless to say, if I dont win this I will be pretty pissed. But there are some other very good pballers in the tournament so we will see :D

Hope that theyre not all smurfs or something lol some of these guys I havent heard anything from since they signed up. Hope I dont have to deal with any no-shows.

I will try to be around to host for people for a couple hours

Any questions, whisper my bot, USA-Archer and I will check it once in a while.

I'll be playing on my main account: USA~Archer, hit me up there if im online

I hate naggers:
claw beats mikulz 3;0

never heard of said player mikulz

I hate naggers:
mikulz is a chopper (chop player), surprisingly decent at 60men too. he had previous alleria experience and i heard he practiced with archer

edited for clarity

I just let smeagol know

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