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Mods & Development / Released Version 2: Tileset compilation
« on: July 05, 2016, 09:23:24 PM »
Updated on 7/8/16:  The Pack now contains three "flavors" of Tilesets.  Read below.

This compilaiton is a working batch of oldschool Tilesets for the Warcraft2 edition!  Previously, some of these tilesets only worked in the Warcraft2 DOS version.  The new tilesets included are: Jungle, Desert, Volcano, Hell, Glacier, Cameron's Jungle, and Wetland.  New critters are also contained in this compilation.  I also included fixed sounds and build pictures for the Spider and Scorpion critters.  There is a new "surprise" building as well.

Version 2 of this release contains 3 Tileset packs.  Here is a description of each:

Comprehensive:  This is the previously released tileset pack, which replaces all 4 default tilesets with Jungle, Volcano, Desert, and Hell. All the critters are replaced in this pack.  Basically, I called this pack "comprehensive", because it replaces all of the default tilesets (and critters) with completely new and different/fresh stuff.

Moderate:  This pack Replaces all 4 default tilesets with Jungle, Glacier, Desert, and Wetland.  This pack is for those who want to keep the winter theme intact with only minor changes (instead of replacing it with the Volcano tileset).  Also, the Wetland tileset is used to replace Orc Swamp.  The only critter replaced in this pack is the scorpion (in the desert tileset).  All other critters are the default.

Light:  This pack only replaces the Winter tileset with Glacier, and the Orc Swamp tileset with Cameron's Jungle tileset.  All
critters are the default.  Basically, this pack just replaces a few minor things to add a bit of freshness.  Forest and Wasteland
themes are unchanged from the default, and nothing major is replaced.

* How to install *

BACKUP War2Patch.mpq in the Warcraft2 folder, then choose one of the 3 tileset packs listed above. Replace War2Patch.mpq in the War2 folder with the desired pack.  Only one pack can be used at a time, and the new tilesets cannot be used alongside the default tilesets.  You will have to swap them in and out to switch between them.  Make sure not to lose any default files!


Years ago, I found out that the Warcraft2 Battlenet edition has only 22kHz Music files, and that has always bothered me.  Yesterday, I found a way to replace all the game tracks in Install.exe with the high quality 44kHz CD versions.  For fun, I also added the Warcraft1 in-game tracks (Human 1-3, and Orc 1-3).  The War1 tracks have been slightly enhanced (some reverb, chorus, etc.)  I am curious if it would be legal for me to release this, and if so, if anyone is interested.  I'm sure I can find a place to host the 650MB Install.exe file.

The Warcraft1 tracks actually fit really well in the game.

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