Author Topic: looking up for voice acting to add up on my warcraft 2 mods, MODDING IN 2022  (Read 2376 times)

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hello fellows. I'm looking up for voice dub-acting if you were willing to do for my warcraft 2 mods. I'm currently on the way making a mod that will attempt to make a port from Warcraft 1 features into Warcraft 2.

For now I would like to introduce new voice sounds for Lothar & Uther & Orc Peon:

Either here or the warcraft 2 russian discord is where you can find me.
Files needed:
3 files for acknowledge (right click on terrain) for lothar & uther
3 files for "what" command (when you left click unit) for lothar & uther
3 files when unit is pissed (annoyed) for lothar & uther


7 files for being pissed
5 files for "what" command
4 files for acknowledge command

The sentences are free to be done from yourself.

I may appreciate if you want to contribute into this.
Thanks for your time and helping the mods to be greater.