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1 / Cisegron ss
« on: May 02, 2021, 11:49:58 AM »
He has no anti hack
"whats ss?!"
ban and aka reveal plz

2 / ss grimmor
« on: June 24, 2020, 04:04:47 PM »
SS site still not working for me so posting here.
Also what happened to opp's ss?

People with mental defects please don't spam here.

3 / ss opps
« on: June 12, 2020, 10:58:52 AM »
I can't pass the Captcha on so I'll post it here.
This trash talking hacking smurf named opp unpaused the game twice and didn't take ss. Ban asap. Raped anyway

4 / Minor balance fix ideas
« on: September 07, 2019, 07:58:58 PM »
-One idea is to make ballistas fire the same way as cats. I can't imagine counter-arguments to this change, but we'll see.
-An alternative, and ugly (but potentially easier) idea is to remove them all-together and give humans cats as well. Cats are race neutral and I'm pretty sure even the icons of commands would not be an issue by default. However I can see people disliking this which is understandable.

Paladin, holy vision
-When you cast holy vision, the game camera automatically centers itself around the casting square. Due to the latency, and cast-time this makes holy vision unnecessarily difficult to use. (pre-target dks, combine with exorcism, combine with polymorph on sea maps). The idea is to just remove the part where the camera shifts to the casting location and let the player retain control of the camera.

Paladin, heal
-Heal is technically useless. An idea to make it easier to utilize is to make it function like exorcism. Make it so, that you do not need to target the unit you wish to heal, but the game automatically tries to heal every unit in a certain (let's say 4x4) region after it is cast. To make it even remotely useful, players would usually need to use multi-cast, but at least it could be potentially utilized now and then.
-I doubt making heal only function on allied units could be a problem. Exorcism already only works on enemy units, so it should not be too difficult to code this. However, assuming heal does get changed, to AoE, then it could still heal enemy units, requiring the human to have better timing, or mouse accuracy, tho I'd vote against this. Lastly, mana cost could be decreased to 4 or left untouched.
-Alternatively, it could just be changed to cost 50 mana, and heal 50 hp, and leave it's mechanics as it is, but it's still gonna be useless. (Maybe combine this with a cheaper upgrade, ah whatever)

I assume we have access to the base code, as latency and lumber bug were fixed.

Imo, none of these changes would break the game, the change in power would be extremely small, and humies could add a tiny bit of diversity. Personally, I would not touch anything else as I have no other safe ideas. Playing vs humans gives a very different feeling. Playing Hu vs Hu is again very different (worse imo), hence I would not want to try to really balance the races. Also, I think perfect, or even 'good' balance is impossible. I see no harm in these ideas tho. Regarding nostalgia, I love the spell sounds of paladins. Lastly, I like seeing (or being) a good human player fighting an almost as good orc player.

Thoughts? Positive, negative, neutral all welcome, just please communicate properly!

5 / Metagame
« on: August 05, 2017, 04:59:57 AM »
I have experimented a lot with flyers, sappers and had a lot of success with them when I was active.

Having flyers combined with some game sense, means that you are basically using map hack.

I like to get 1-3 flyers, where I micro one of them and put it on a hotkey, and the others would watch key areas. With flyers you can basically always perfectly determine what fights you need to take and you will never ever be caught unlusted. Furthermore they protect against dks, and occasionally you can even use them to find exps. I use flyers vs. aggresive players.

As for sappers, they are amazing vs defensive players. If someone likes to turtle on 2-3 bases until he gets big, you can decimate him by being faster and finding key wall-ins, unit positons with 1 flyer. Sapps are best for breaking s9, 3, the back of 5 (1 sapp is enough for a sneak from the back attack when 5 is walled-in) and sapps are also great against distant exps, like 9/11 when enemy exps there from 2/12 or 6.

Fast flyers also allow you to hunt early dks, and scout enemy strategy.

Now, building an alchemist and getting a flyer early is costly, however with a cat and sometimes a tower you can live at 4/5/2/12/9/11 no matter how good someone is at aggression, given that you went at least close to even during early game. I have not yet found the perfect time to trainsition to alchemist units. I believe it is good to get them on 1 base vs 1 base players and on 2 base vs expansive players and play defensively until flyers allow you to have an unbreakable defense. When you are against aggressive players going 3/4 rax on 1 base, sapps can help you live, win engagements as they can take out 1-4 ogres. They are very hard to micro tho!

Another tactic I like to use is to have a sapp and 2 dks with haste dnd between 11 and 12 where usually people wall with a farm or temple. You can pre-haste the dks, sapp the wall and take out every peon at 11. It is just impossible to pull peons or to bring ogres in time. This works when enemy starts 9 or s9. It can be difficult to execute, as you have to be certain that the area under 12 is clear and late game this is a major hassle, but doable.

Against slower players, sapps and ogres can also overrun the enemy on 2-3 bases. I tried having double alchemists and pumping 2 sapps silmultainously to take out usually 2 enemy raxs at the same time. Rebuilding raxs takes time and losing them will throw the enemy off especially when you follow-up with more ogre pumping. You might lose the first couple of fights, but with your rax advantage and pressure you can still push hard enough.

Sapps can also work with ogre rushes. With absolutely perfect res managment this is a dangerous combo to occasionally use I believe.

I went through much more scenarios than this and had many more ideas that I could not try as I've had not enough time to practice.

Any thoughts on how good this is, or how to make it better, when to trainsition or how it felt to play against it?
I know that Braviet mimic'd this and also saw Viruz using flyers after our games.

Games vs Braviet would become boring tho as essentially there were 2 hackers sitting on their bases with 30 ogres neither attacking into defensive positions. Although hasted dks > Braviet runes. ;p

I won so many games with alchemist units vs so many players. Everyone essentially, so it should be an option to consider exploring! Really wish I had the time to perfectly implement my ideas but life is too good now!

Good luck haver fun guys~

Mine is Sg. I believed he has exploitable weaknesses, but after a few mega series, he started to do his stuff so well, that he could kill anyone off of 1-2 bases with constant, clean aggression and just superiour micro. Knowing how to play against him (I'd get small advantages by taking calculated risks) and me peaking during our last series was still extremely challenging and barely went even. Would love to see him derust and stomp everyone for a couple of weeks! Aside from his style being slightly exploitable and an average late game (with respect to high level players), he is perfect and amazing to watch/play against.

7 / Good old retirement thread
« on: February 05, 2017, 11:40:41 AM »
I have noticed that in my life I keep quitting all my activities that I seriously get into before I complete a journey. The reason for that is, I lose interest after I believe to realize how meaningless my potential results may be.

I've returned to this game after having a real bad crash in my life. My initial plan was to make getting great at this game my first and easiest completed journey and to give myself a break.

I've put a lot of time and effort into the games I've played, often waiting for hours at dawn just to get an appropriate series for my little goal. I've had a lot of fun improving until the current top players stopped playing me. Then, the majority of the times I was only able to get a series when I had stated that I've skipped a night of sleep or when I was obviously and severely tilting with an awful attitude. The best examples to these games were with Swift and Startale. Both of these players said that they had a good record over me and that I was easy/uninteresting to play or whatnot.

I am certain of a few games where watchers tipped against me. I'm highly suspicious of several other games. Just a mention, but I don't want to cause anymore unneeded drama with writing down the names.

I think I've been around long enough trying to challenge people or finding practice partners with little to no success. Simply put, I do not want to keep trying to get games with "good" players when it is a futile effort.

The only relatively skilled 1s players I can currently mention are Medivh and Braviet. However they are not sufficient for me to learn enough in order to stand up to the real legends of the game, which was my mission. I've gotten to a point where I had won (or could have won if I was not dodged) against any master players.

Shotgun is another honorable mention. He is very skilled even when he is rusty. Sadly he cannot get on too often. He was someone I had hoped to share many more valuable games with.

I've found a practice partner with whom I have also shared conversations which I regard as highly beneficial for my future growth as a person. I'm very thankful for those chats and the games we've played, cause I loved it all. However he is gone from today, and with that, I've lost my motivation to carry on with my mission alone. I need many more series to become the dominant player I had aspired to be. These series are impossible to get at the moment, due to my opponents attitudes. I suggest them to grow a spine instead of taking undeserved credit from people who cannot stand up to them in-game. Exploiting one's fatigue and engaging into dramatic mental warfare without honor is not the way to go here or in any scenario that life has to offer.

I've also realized that most of the top players that we've seen throughout the last months actually care a lot for their reputation. I've learned this thinking I was playing friendly games when in the next second I've found people claiming that I'm getting tipped, I'm hacking or if they won an unlucky series - that I'm too easy. Competitive mindset is one thing. Trash talking without backing words up is another.

You may think I'm just giving up, but honestly in the circumstances that the current players create, it takes unnecessarily long to improve one's skill.

Regarding people saying that I care so much and that I only play 1s.... Well I highly prefer and enjoy the dynamics of 1s games over 2s games. Also I never liked teamwork in other aspects of life. I do admit that ego/prestige has some role in it, but honestly I just like 1s more! Also everybody prefers winning over losing. I like to force games into straight up matches because they are the most fun for me. I did not play to win because of ego, I played to win because I like to win and enjoy manly matches. Also, you may call this a dead game, but it is a great game with an overall great community aside from a couple of crazy people. ;p
I see nothing wrong with playing to win on occasion. I also have seen many getting emotional or trying really hard to win since I've been back. Great players unrust fast and even though the competition is smaller, it can be more or less as real as it is in other games/sports. I also believe that many people like to see a good game.

Perhaps I'll return if skilled and honorable players appear before the 1s tourney in July or if there will be another big festival. It's anyway doubtful after my recent, mixed experience here. I suspect I'll be tempted to check-in once in a while, however I won't take this seriously anymore.

I decided to re-focus all my energy on life for now.

Thanks for the good games some of you gave me. I really enjoyed them!
Have fun~

8 / Wc2 utilities
« on: February 05, 2017, 05:54:38 AM »
Does anyone know what do the two check boxes do in warvideo ("+" and "stats")? If I enable them, warvideo just crashes. Does anyone notice a change in quality when they set fps to a higher value? Is there any way to stop warvideo from blinking and dropping frames?

I tried to use cpu savior that IL created but if I run it before starting the game, or while in-game it just crashes wc2 for me. Solutions? (I'm running win 8 )

9 / Warvid proof for "TizZzy"
« on: January 25, 2017, 11:56:20 AM »
Not sure who you are, but seems like you have great skill beneath the rust!
I like your arrogance! ;p

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