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Re: Warcraft II Config program
« Reply #60 on: July 13, 2021, 05:53:45 PM »
Did that work out
It's not in good condition for now.
I can instant join/create some games, i can use some chat features and so on, but all this still too raw.
Too many things needs to be fixed/reworked, at least "guaranteed" info delivery by BNE chat.

Common problem depending on ddraw:
while at least one BNE window exist,
all war2 windows (including main) need to be same alpha=0 (transparent for mouse clicks)
BNE not exist - main return to normal/default War2Alpha

I will be appreciated for version like this
maybe good to have options in war2_ddraw.ini
War2Alpha=255 ;  ~ 16 to 255 ; default common transparency for war2
BNEAlpha=255; same for bne mode, 0 - invisible/non clickable ALL war2 windows while BNE exist
for testing/working period at least...

Do you have a test version so I can see what you are trying to do and get a better understanding of it? Maybe makes it easier then for me to think about a good solution

I tried to just double all the sizes/coords in the dialogs resources to get 1280x960, but War2 still switching to 640 when BNE appears then crashed.
What needs to be done so that war2 does not crash?

I don't remember how i done it but i had it working before (only in windowed mode though). I think you need to test it with cnc-ddraw, gdi ddraw has too many hardcoded "640x480" stuff.
I changed the text size and let it auto scale, that was easier to do

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Re: Warcraft II Config program
« Reply #61 on: July 14, 2021, 02:34:37 AM »
changed the text size and let it auto scale
I tried different options with 'cnc'

Maximum achieved with font size changing:
1024 x 670 with related artifacts due to this - unusable
(picture attached)

~Maximum(?) by resizing the window:
7500(? and more) x 684
not tried more than 7500, because no sense while Y-size is so limited

Anyway I think this is a dead end branch, because it will not allow to choose a resolution with pixel precision.

Do you have a test version
So far, even the test version is very bad and I'm ashamed to show it :-[
The chat doesn't work now because I killed the basic functionality of the old version to rewrite it from scratch, but still haven't created new one.

Because of this, I did a little demo of how a "fast host" can work.
Hopefully this shows why all war2 layers have to be transparent at some point.

There are the same principles:
as soon as BNE disappears, the main war2 window becomes visible
and vice versa
while war2 in BNE mode - all windows are completely hidden, so that no one can click in the wrong place
so I free to display the chat and other functions in a window of any size,
separate windows or tabs for private chats,

PS: Alpha option(if introduced) can be useful by itself, for example: to set common "visible" state to alpha=192, not only alpha=255... and so on.
true translucency (rather than fake as in modern OS window headers) is sometimes handy
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Re: Warcraft II Config program
« Reply #62 on: April 10, 2022, 02:03:21 AM »
...could this program have the ability to change the move screen keys to WASD instead of the arrow keys?

Using AutoHotKey, I wrote a brief program to make WASD act as arrows (can be toggled on/off using caps lock). It works in all other programs and all warcraft screens until the actual gameplay screen. Cannot figure out how to get it to work in this game.  Drives me insane.