Author Topic: Looking up for some help in Lava animations for new "Lava River" tileset.  (Read 1568 times)

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Is there somebody interested in doing some graphics artwork for a new tileset called as Lava River in Warcraft 2 ? I have the tileset sheet and your job would just be to give some cool and more realistic animations for Lava in Water tiles, but now with Lava shades (aka: orange, yellow, red shades). I'm looking for someone who would be interested at something like this. Of course, credits for this work will be given to you.

In Lava river v1 I have set some animations already in Shorelines & Water (Lava), but it still needs work there to be properly showcased.

In Lava River v2 there are not animations in shorelines but some in Water (Lava).

There's a video and screenshot into here to showcase the index colors that have to be used for the animations. And a video to showcase how currently its seen Lava river v1 with its current animations.

Video with current Lava animations:!AtHUwvs739I6bSXiqF4I3pcJyKw?e=ACGq6z
Any help is really appreciated !
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