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31 / Re: Master tag challenge thread
« on: March 04, 2017, 09:57:48 AM »
doing master challenge v s jesk

i severely underestimated jesk. Next time we do a series i will have to put on my super try hard pants.


33 / Re: Master tag challenge thread
« on: February 04, 2017, 03:37:03 PM »
since/if ripe is unavailable ill challenge jesk since hes never done a challenge lets break that tradition!
i accept. alrdy talked to vizzer about a date, we will try to play next weekend because of time zones

34 / Message to the world of warcraft 2
« on: November 17, 2016, 05:20:48 PM »
Dear Warcraft II Community.

My name is Equinox and today I write this later to clarify all those situations we have endure togheter during the 2  last years.
Before starting i want to said thank you to everyone who have always being my side, i also want to said tanks to everyone who have endure me.
We all know i have not being the best person recently due my behavior and i want to excuse myself for that, some peoples will said i was crazy, some other will said i was right.
Some other will just said i was trolling, and some other probably think i got mental issue. The truth is, i dont have mental issue, and yes sometime i was trolling,
while some other time i was not trolling at all, so for this reason, i know it's hard to find the real guy under equinox when everything is mix like that, did he troll, did he not,
or did he have mental probleme.  The fact is i have never been that guy i am today, i think if we go back 5 years earlier, i was one of the most favorite player at this game,
so how the hell did i became that guy i am today. Well it's really easy to understand, and i dont blame nobody for who i became but i want to said its not my entire fault.
You know guys, i have start playing this game at 12 years old, i have start to play this game cuz at the time me and family where poor and have no money to get a computer,
so every week end i was going to my friend and i was playing warcraft II on his own computer, we where doing the mission and the goal was to see who will did it the faster between me and him,
so ive always been really competitive about this game since im really young, then a good day my father bought me a computer, i let you know what was the first game i buy!
Warcraft II certainly! So i start playing this game online before realise i was a total trash, so ive work my ass really hard to became a great player, yes i did hack in 2002 on europe server,
and yes i get caught by the european community, and yes they totally destroy me, saying trash about me all day long, calling me hacker, banning me and insulting me.
It hurt me so much, ive decide to never hack again, because it really make me sad to being destroy like that at something i was loving so much. So i stop hacked and start working really hard,
start playing every day all day and watching replay, it was the only way to get better and became a real good player, my only goal was to beat those guy who have destroy me so much from a legit way.
And i did it! Ive became a great player and i was proud of myself, i was proud when my friend was camming to my home and was saying damn son, How the fuck you can play this game, thats crazy.
I was a proud guy when other player was fighting to join my games and know who will watch, all of those things ive make me a really proud person at this game and a really passionate person about this game.
Then people have left the Warcraft 2 Blizzard server and join the War2Ru Sever, it was better for us since Blizzard was not taking cares of ther server anymore.
So i join that server and start playing with them there, we had a ladder, we had a politic about the hacking and Screen shot, overall it was a good place to keep playing this game.
Then years and years past and game start to die, people grow up, new games have been release and people dont see no points of playing this game anymore.
Only the more passionnate peoples have stay here... Wich includ myself! But it was not something of what i was scare, i told to myself untill someone take cares of this game, it will always be good.
So i start to work harder for the server, not for myself, but for the server as a NONE admin person, at that time we had burtn who was making tournament, he was the only one, actually burnt have always made the tournament,
but he was there for 6 month and was leaving the game for the six other month, so he was not there all the time, so when he was leaving i was trying to take cares of the game for him, cuz he was obviously the only one to take cares of this game at that time.
So ive made tournament, league, banner, staying on the game 16 hours per day, hosting for peoples, explain them how to watch, allying them all night long in stacked team because nobody want to ally them,
Ive also creat nice map where custom player and gow player was able to play togheter, try to keep this community stronger togheter and it was working.
People were starting to see what kind of server i was working on, trying to bring everyone togheter and stop stacking team and rejet newbe, we where all togheter everyday everynight playing togheter in fair team with pleasure.
Then Burnt came back from a long vacancy, at that time i was working on a league tournament called UWC wich take me ALOT OF TIME, i was making banner, statistic, recruiting, i was making everything alone in a MAJOR way,
i wanted that to be good for the players, i was making banner for the only reason of making them happy and proud, make those people feel important by including there name on the banner, for me it was a gift and it was some kind of grateful for them,
it was alot of work but it was alot of accomplishment for me, i was proud of it. So like i said burnt came back, and instead to help me in this league i was making, he decide to create his own league from his own side, like a fucking none loving rat!!!!
And for me it was just making no sens, since the dude was not here for the last six month and i was the one who taking cares of this game, so ive ask him to forget his league and help me for my own league,
what he totally refuse and keep doing his own shitty league from his own side, what it was totally dumb since we got a 50 players community and we dont have enouph player to fill 1 SINGLE league so how the fuck we gonna make 2 different league.
So at this time i was starting to be really upset by him, upset cuz i was tooking 10 hours per day working on this league with nice banner and design and complex rules to attrack peoples in the league.
While this guy was just making is own league with a shitty basic thread with no love cuz he was obviously too lazy to did something attractive for us.
So i really feel the guy was only a pound to my shoulder, he was only trying to compete with me about who was making the best league while he was obviously making nothing great, the only reason why he was competing with me, was because he was admin with the tool and the respect.
But otherweise, he was fighting for no reason, cuz his tournament and league was lazy shitty work wich even a ten years old guy can do.
I also remember the day i was pist off and decide to start my own server, so i get contact with an OLD friend called Vegeta Aka Micros0ft To help me on that,
before he told me he will never waste his time again for that community, i ask him why and he told everyone was hacking and admins was doing nothing about it even if he know that.
So i was like wtf you talk bro, ive send over 10K SS and receive over 10 K SS since the last 10 years, ive never notice nobody hacks. Then he start to explain me people was using different version of the game and different client to log on war2ru server,
so they were able to hack without getting caught cuz the old version had no anti hack and they were able to toggle map hack ON/OFF much time they want at any moment.
So i decide to download those thing and realize what he was sayig was a total truth.. Then i came back to the war2ru forum and explain that to everyone because i was mad of being played like that for the last ten years.
It was a shock to know people where calling thesemlf newb and trash while they were probably hacking, it was a shock to know best player have been love and like for the last 10 years when they were probably hacking.
Then lightbringer start to call me crazy who need to stop playing this game cuz i am on burn out, telling me everything i said is total lie cuz he made patch of this game and know everything about it.
So we get into a huge altercation and he decide to ban me, banning me cuz at the end everything i was saying was the truth. So finally after six month of arguing with admins, they decide to make an anti hack, cuz obviously i was saying truth.
It was not what i was asking for, cuz i was asking to close the other clients, but at least it was a good start. Ive also ask to close other client cuz it was better for pro player,
pro player dont realize that yet, but playing with different client on the server corrupt the latency and bring the game unplayable, wich mean pro player cant RESSOURCE MANAGEMENT properly without lag.
So it was 2 good reason why i was asking to close the others clients, but it never happen and we get an anti working at 50% and still playing with corrupted latency.
I also remember that banner burnt made, a banner where he put like 500 names of player in the community, and my name was not even there, it hurt me so much to being forget like that after everything i did, but whatever.
I also remember all that time ive ask to be an admin, and the only thing they was saying is, proof yourself, proof yourself, we need you to proof yourself before to put you admin.
While they was adding non sens people like RIT and TORA, poeple we dint even know and people who have never proof nothing to get in these admins.
I also remember that time blid tell me if i want to be admin it will be a great way to give a 500$ donation to the server. He was actually trying to sell me my admin position after everything i did for this server.
And giving 500$ was not a probleme and will be a pleasure, but there was no way that dude will sell it to me like that, i was willing to give 1000$, but not before he put me admin, after he put me admin, from my own heart and from my own reason,
not from a lazy dirty men who want to sell me an admin position. Finally, I know i cant blame nobody for my own action, but i think you guys have just been blind for all those years and just blaming the easy target wich mean the mental crazy frenchman.
Targeting me of being a bad person who destroy that game while i will be the BEST THING EVER for that game, will all the time, passion, love, money i was willing to put in this game, all of this cuz you guys are greatful to those admins, at the same point i am greatful to those admins,
but not for the same reason, cuz im a wake up person and can see the probleme, i am also gratefull for everything they did, i am greatfull cuz they help this game to keep living, but im not gratefull of saying they make this game better,
cuz its not fucking true, for the last 5 years we have been stock in a 30 member community, for the last 5 years we had absolutly nobody to take cares of this game, they start to take cares of this game the day IVE Became crazy and start to harasse them.If it
Before i start to force them to do something, we have been stock on a forum where our new member was not able to subscribe for the last 5 years, before i became crazy we have never had an anti hack, before i became crazy we have no paid ladder our tournament, everything you got today, is because of me!
I know i look like a maniak ego men, but its the truth, dont ever forget something guys, everything i did, was for us, not for me, but for us. Ive also try to explain many thing about promotion and marketing to iL. But he just understand me, actually he understand but the truth is,
this server is a russian server, its not an american or worldwide server, this is a russian server they transforme into world wide server, all the work he do for the worldwide he do the same only for the russian people, if we got a forum, hes gonna make a russian forum also, if we got a patch, hes also gonna make a russian patch.
All this time he took for russian people is time wasted for the world wide community. Im greatfull for what they did, it mean keep this game alive, but they never did nothing to bring this game far higher in E-SPORTs community like all the older games, Warcraft III Arena, Diablo1HD, everquest, age of empire.
All those game are old too, but they have a real pro staff who love those game and really want to make it better.. Thats not the case here, no, we only got a bunch of lazy admins who talk about politic and nba and think this game is dead and dont deserve to being take cares,
the only thing they do is letting the server alive for peoples who just want to play for fun, but they have no intention about getting this game better, they are lazy, selfish, and now waste of my time. Recently i was just playing for fun, cuz there no real competion for me here, but now, i dont even have fun,
joining this game and trying to find a game for hours and hours, i mean, ive try everything to make this game better, ive try to help, ive try to argue, ive try to being crazy, but at the end, i cant fight with people who are selfish and want to die alone with this game.
They dont want to improve this game and they dont want to bring new admins to improve this game for them, they are so selfish about ther position and who they are, they gonna kill this server with them at the top. So let it be, because i have no more strength to fight.
So today i just want to said thank to all, thank to everyone who have support me, thanks to everyone who have endure me and excuse to everyone i have hurt, it was not the goal im sorry,  today, i officialy retire from this game, it's time for me to go somewhere else where im gonna be usefull and appreciated for what i do.
It been a pleasure to play with all of you, it been a pleasure to take hours and years with you, i will never forget, for me, you guys are my family, you guys are my peace, when i was comming here, everything in my real life was forget, but now, this game became a bad part of my real life.
So it's time for me, i hope you guys gonna be happy, be happy in the way you guys want, i hope you guys gonna enjoy your time here.

PS: Mousetopher, keep the hard work, those peoples deserve it.

Asta la vista, je vous aime tous! :)


The problem is with a league its very difficult if not impossible to keep track of all wins/losses of something like a league.

The ladder is not a good representation of where players stand among the community. Unfortunately the ladder is full of smurf accounts and is easily manipulated.
There is no real solution to this problem.

As far as not including players in the discussion I don't believe that is a fair assertion. While its true I didn't ask Jesk specifically what maps he wanted to play and which he didn't. I did request feedback from players for weeks before starting the month long tournament. KOTH probably was the way to go I won't disagree with that.

it's not hard to track scores, the winner has to report the score in a topic. last time i think i did an excel sheet with % win ratios n stuff. but that's just a suggestion

i don't care what kinda formats you host, but getting auto-set in a tournament and kinda getting forced to play is just strange.

€found the sheet
just trying to give suggestions and maybe improve stuff, don't feel attacked.

To be honest this month long tournament seems like a good idea in theory. The idea was to give players the ability to play on their own time. I did try my best to coordinate with all the players via pms and Facebook. Players like Viruz, Lux, knitterhemd  and a couple others were very postive in their responses and did play

 Unfortunately there has been too much dodging and excuses from many of the other players, for these reasons we will be suspending this tier 1 tournament will further notice.
It seems we will have to go back to making it a 1 day 2-3 hour affair.

Another problem was that you set players for a tournament without even asking them resulting in having inaktiv players and players who don't like the maps/format.

An alternatively format that worked pretty well in like 2012(?) was a league format. Everyone can just play everyone and gets points based on results. Thats an highly motivating and fair format. Non-top players can try to get a good ranking when they are very active for example. This again rises the questions why we don't have a motivating (for example elo style) ladder system yet. Remember all of them newbies in wc3 trying to climb the levels and collect avatars lol.

My opinion on different maps
Most non gow maps have very little variation if you play them at a high level. That said, for me bo5/bo7 is pretty boring on most non gow maps because it either results in repetitive games (small-med rush maps) or in long ass late games (big maps / sea). I prefer loser picks next map (for example from a certain map pool) and random res adds even more variation. Different predefined maps in a boX is fine too.

37 / late ss upload
« on: August 22, 2016, 04:55:22 PM »
my apologies. pls no ban!

38 / Re: Tired of waiting and missing games
« on: June 01, 2016, 04:23:35 PM »
2nd w2 in a virtual machine or window mode is my solution

is stealthbot allowed to join the server? might be a very simple solution

39 / Re: #1 Ladder Prize Payouts.
« on: May 21, 2016, 06:37:20 AM »
The ladder doesn't/can't count each game as it is played, because the reports aren't sent to it - I am not sure how they could be but it would require editing how the server handles games and game reports.  Not being able to do that when I coded the ladder, I used only the publicly available information, from here:

So, the ladder updates by scanning the game reports log for new reports every X often.  Right now 20 minutes.  I think we had it more frequently at one time, but if a previous scan is still running when the new scan starts, that can cause problems.  Anyway, the more often it runs the more taxing I think it is on the server

Is to possible to let 1on1 games count when a watcher discs? You basically have 2 people building + 1 discer (ya i know, no information provided). It's highly unlikely that those games woulda been a 3 player ffa or 2v1

i had two series vs u8 and 4 games didn't count.

Strategy & Replays / Re: Looking for pro warvideos
« on: April 11, 2015, 03:59:56 PM »
warvid was made by djinnkahn

i have a collection of all warvids what were posted in the old forums in the last few years. i can upload them if anyone is interested

Support Requests / Re: Need help with War2 on my laptop!
« on: February 09, 2015, 04:08:14 PM »
If you have another PC with IDE interface (or an adapter), take the HDD out of the laptop and attach it to the IDE interface...

43 / Re: ICCUP Style Ladder
« on: January 11, 2015, 10:08:56 AM »
I'm still not sure which system is the best. Maybe we should start to make the current ladder system more competitive and interesting which will be way less work than building a new ladder from scratch.

Strategy & Replays / Guide: Optimize your Mechanics and Settings
« on: January 09, 2015, 05:06:49 PM »
I just found a warvid from me playing kanuks in some tournament in '06... and dang! I was horrible back then.

Here are some basic-advanced tips which focus on improving mechanics and can bring them to the next level. Most of this is well known and written down more detailed in sc:bw guides at teamliquid for example. Since i have seen alot of war2 players play in real life, i know almost all of them are having deficits in their mechanics and settings. But not all of this will fit to your playstyle.

Generally try to use as many hotkeys as possible. You should be able to use all hotkeys without looking at your keyboard. If you don't use a lot hotkeys yet, start to integrate 1 or 2 hotkeys into your playstyle and once you mastered them, go on with the next hotkeys.

Macromanagement (building stuff)
The '0p':
Bind your first hall to '0' (Ctrl+0), second '9' etc. and use '0p' to build peons. This will allow you to build peons while you micro your units and after a while you will build peons without even thinking about it.

Build units from your barracks:
-Bind them to 0-9:
You can either build units using hotkeys ('5g6g') or just click the unit icons ('5click6click'). I prefer clicking because i use 1-4 for raxes and '1o' is just not confortable for me.

This jumps your screen to the place where the last action happened (a grunt was build but also a building finished, you get attacked etc.)

-Bind f2-f4 hotkeys:
With shift+f2-f4 you save a position. You can bind the area where your raxes are to f2 to quickly jump there to build units. This also is very nice when you have to micro in two areas to quickly switch between them.

-Click through raxes:
Just click through the raxes and use a hotkey to build the units, this is probably the best way if you have alot of raxes.

Use Hotkeys for upgrades:
Back then when i used to click upgrades, it happened that the upgrades didn't go, usually because of a "dirty" click while moving the mouse quickly. Hotkeys are faster and you are sure the upgrade will go, there is nothing worse than losing a game because bloodlust didn't go!

Micromanagement (unit control)
Send a bunch of peons to work:
You have a bunch of peons standing around and only a few of them are carrying ressources? Send them to the gold mine or lumber and press 'g'. The empty peons will go to work and the others will return goods. This is insanly fast compared to microing single peons.

Use doubleclick to select units:
When you doubleclick a unit, you will select all units of the same class on your screen. This is very fast and especially usefull when your units are spread out or inbetween other units.

Game settings
Mouse Scroll and Key Scroll settings:
Set it to as fast as possible (Menu -> Options -> Speeds). This will take a while to get used to but it makes you alot faster! If you are not confortable at all with the fastest setting, set it to the second fastest at least.

Always enable warlat. It will reduce the latency and make your units respond faster and better to micro. To enable it, go to Menu -> Network and set it to extra high, wait a few seconds and set it to low again. Warlat is built in war2combat.

APM (actions per minute)
This is how many clicks and hotkeys you make in avgerage per minute. Use war2observe to see your apm. When you have mastered the hotkeys, try to increase your apm. War2observe is not 100% accurate and doesn't count a few hotkeys. For example 0-9 bindings and f keys, so you might get fooled when you start using those hotkeys and your apm gets lower.
Caution: War2observe may crash your war2, i will post a guide how to prevent crashes soon.

This is just a best practice, you can be happy with whatever settings you are feeling confortable with.

Windows Mouse Settings:
Speed 6/11 and no mouse acceleration. With this settings your mouse won't skip pixels (1 Mouse dot = 1 screen pixel) and is the most accurate. Some mice have built in stuff like acceleration and angle snapping etc. which you can't dissable in some cases.

If your mouse feels too slow now, increase the DPI of your mouse if possible, else use higher windows mouse speed settings but you will lose accuracy.

I for example play with 1000 DPI (dots per inch) which means i only have to move my mouse ~0.5 inches to scroll the full w2 screen in width (w2 resulotion is 640x480). Thats pretty fast and yet i can control it perfectly.

Windows Key(s):
If you accidently hit the windows key(s) and jump to the desktop, crack them out of your keyboard and use alt+tab to swich to your desktop.

The "marked" Key:
If you tend to miss an imporant key, for example 'P' to build peons, switch your P key with the "5" key from the numblock. The 5 Key has a little bubble (just as the F and J keys) and the next time you build a peon, your finger will get a feedback and you can be sure that you hit the right key.

45 / Re: ICCUP Style Ladder
« on: January 06, 2015, 03:12:09 PM »
That is the point.  It should be harder to KEEP a rank.  Not attain it.  You should be able to quickly attain AND hold a rank.  Thats how proper ranking works.  If it takes you 500 years to grind to the rank you "should" be at, then the ranking system is flawed.  If it takes you 500 years to get to a rank you arent suppose to be at, then you shouldnt be there for very long as other better players will come along and push you out of the rank by beating you over and over and over.  Thats a proper ladder system.  The only downfall to such a system is that a low population will result in the bottom tier being closer to the top (which is actually SUPPOSE to happen since the skill level is dwindling, so should the power rankings).

if you take a look at the iccup ladder top50, you will see most players have 30-100 games in the top 100 (with a few K ppl in the ladder) and ppl with a skill lvl of rank #200 are probably ranked somewhere there
on top of that there could be a ladder reset once in a while to prevent players with alot of games sitting on top
iccup has some good rules to prevent abusing too (which sucked in the bnet ladder)

anyhow, we should either improve the current ladder or create a new one, anything will be better and maybe help to keep some newbs/people

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