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« on: June 23, 2018, 02:43:28 PM »
Sunday (tomorrow) 1 pm

Szwagier will fight 7 players on GOW!!!!

32 / 1v7 Fun Challenge!!!
« on: June 22, 2018, 03:35:14 PM »

You seem pretty fun-loving and open minded, so I have a challenge for you just for fun.

1v7 on GOW classic or any other 8 player map of your choice.

I will modify the map for this challenge so that you start at your favorite location (fixed order so like slot 2 blue) and you start with 7 peons and the res of 7 players (assuming the editor doesn't cap it - I have to check that when I get home).

You can have 3 tries to win against 7 players (I'll be one of the 7).

If you win any of the 3 tries, you get $50.

If Szwagier passes up, anyone else who wants to have a little fun can try as well, i just think Swag has the best chance.


TUMWATER (CBSMiami) – An armed off-duty paramedic, who is also a pastor, is being hailed as a hero after he shot and killed a shooting suspect at a Washington state Walmart.

The good Samaritan is now coming forward to share his story.

Emotions overwhelmed David George Wednesday morning as he identified himself as the person who shot and killed a suspected gunman at a Tumwater, Washington Walmart.

“This was a traumatic experience for us and all those involved,” he said.

George described the chaotic Sunday afternoon, when he and his family were shopping about 60 miles south of Seattle.

“As a volunteer firefighter I have received active shooter training,” George explained. “I was sure what I heard was gunshots.”

Police say 44-year old Tim Day went on a shooting and carjacking spree.

He tried to carjack a couple in the Walmart parking lot, critically shooting the driver.

George says he then saw Day try to carjack another person and that’s when he shot and killed him.

“I carry a firearm for the same reason I carry a first aid bag,” he said. “Hoping not to use them but being prepared nonetheless.”

George is a local pastor, and volunteer firefighter and EMT who rushed to help the injured driver, Ricky Fievez.

Fievez’s son says the Good Samaritan’s quick-actions saved his dad’s life.

“That bystander who shot him is a hero,” said Tyler Fievez. “That guy could have killed both my parents plus plenty more people.”

Police say Day tried to carjack at least six people before his rampage came to an end.

George says he has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the shooting and needed time to process the events before coming public.

Police say the suspect is a convicted criminal who managed to get a gun from his finance.

34 / ~Tora~ v BabyShark
« on: June 21, 2018, 01:46:19 PM »
Seemed to make sense to make a separate thread since what we're talkin about isn't particularly anti-capitalist.

Ok lay out your rules and conditions.

I think:

1. We both stream nonstop
2. Mousey said she can be on hand to confirm IDs
3. Am I correct in thinking you mean we each give $250 (USD right?) to XuRnT and then winner gets $500?
4. Has XuRnT agreed to participate in the manner you described?
5. This could be fun.
6. So far you're much braver than Harrywangs, van, and Jordan4385 who fear me. I'm 10-0 vs each of em in my mind. :)
7. Saturday June 30, 2018 11 am?
8. We should have the maps and playing order set in advance. All maps are different, no repeats.

1. Tora pick
2. BS pick
3. Tora pick
4. BS pick
5. Tora pick
6. BS pick
7. GOW

We play all 7 games regardless of score.

General Discussion / What Jordan Peterson does that most people don't
« on: June 10, 2018, 10:20:57 AM »
Jordan Peterson thinks.

Jordan Peterson learns.

Jordan Peterson isn't arrogant or rude. He discusses issues instead of attacking individuals.

Jordan Peterson cares about helping people.

He's not right about everything, but he is trying to bring common sense and age-old wisdom back to a country in crisis.

Calling someone a "joke" or a "retard" or some other hollow defamatory label does not illuminate issues, increase kindess in the world, increase understanding, or help anything.

Most people today are riding the liberal media wave down the gutter and seem entitely incapable or unwilling to consider that perhaps "new truth" after 6000 years of human history simply isn't truth at all.

There are two genders. This is a biological fact.

Men and women produce babies and carry on the human race.

Children do best when raised by their biological mother and father who are married to each other.

Fathers protect and provide and mothers bear, nurse, and nurture the children.

Everything that veers away from the norms and design from the beginning of creation is inferior to the perfect design and creates pain and brokenness.

Even I don't agree with everything Peterson says, but I certainly acknowledge he has a lot of useful things to say about a lot of topics.

Instead of calling someone a name, discuss the issues. Name calling only shows that the name caller is immature and upset and is unable to address issues in a way that demonstrates ability to think and ability to respect other human beings.


Your very own thread. Quitting is overrated. :)

37 / Something Exciting for the Fans!
« on: May 14, 2018, 06:08:57 PM »

Commentary by
ViRuZ featuring cameo from Sepi - YouTube[/url]

Check out this commentary featuring W2 pro ViRuZ as well as a special appearance by W2 pro Sepi, both providing insights into better understanding the game of W2 and the way top players think and assess the game.

The game in this replay is recorded from 2011 and is between ViRuZ at 11 and yah`mon playing from 4.

Thanks guys for providing this entertaining and educational take on W2 for all the fans!!

General Discussion / Something from Nothing
« on: May 11, 2018, 03:33:29 PM »

I decided to pursue your comments about all religion being nonsense or bad over here. I should get your actual quote up here so I'm not misquoting or anything. Sec.
Now, as it is clear for me that Religion it self is inferior and that we should abolish it...

So, Igog, in the absence of an intelligent mind creating this universe and everything in it with all its beauty, order, and design, how do you logically explain the existence of the universe?

How can something come from nothing? How can something be caused without a cause?

The universe, or nature, includes EVERYTHING that is, atoms to galaxies, bacteria to blue whales, humanity, time, space, matter, laws of motion, laws of physics, laws of science, every ordered thing, everything that exists.

It is outside of logic to say that everything in existence was made by something within existence, like energy or forces or Brownian motion or radiation of electricity, all of which are created things within creation.

The only logical conclusion to the existence of everything is that this everything was created by something or caused by something outside of the everything, or something outside of nature, or something supernatural.

The amount of information, the degree of design in even the tiniest living things, also logically shows that this intricate design and vast amounts of ordered information was produced by an intelligent mind.

All meaningful information and order and design have always been produced by an intelligent mind. Nothing with complex design and meaningful information was ever observed in the history of the world to be produced randomly or without an intelligent mind.

This is evidence that an intelligent mind (far superior to the most intelligent human minds) is behind everything in creation.

It is illogical to say that something came from nothing, or that the impossible event of something coming from nothing could be uncaused by anything, or to say that the highly ordered, complex design we can observe all around us in the universe on both a large scale with planetary motion and galaxies and stars and on a microscopic scale with bacteria all the way down to atoms and even smaller particles that are being discovered after each new "tiniest" one. When I was in school, the smallest unit they told us had been found was called a quark. Apparently there are supposedly many things smaller that have been found of which I know nothing. And then on the scale of our size, humans, animals, plants, with their designs so complex that humans barely scrape the surface, the handiwork of a brilliant engineer without equal is plain and clear to anyone who is not hardened against it, willfully blinding themselves to the truth.

When neuroscientists talk about the human brain, they all admit how little is known about how the human brain works.

This reminds me when I asked my older brother, who's a super smart engineer, "What's the smallest particle known to man?"

He said immediately, "Your brain."


What are big brothers for lol.

Besides something from nothing, which is already an insurmountable problem for atheists, there is another grave problem with the godless position.

Without an authority, without a lawgiver, there is, nor CAN there be, any true morality of any kind. There is no such thing as right and wrong, nor CAN there be, as without a lawgiver, there is no grounds for it. If humans are a random accident (which is impossible and absurd to believe considering the jaw-dropping head-to-toe), there is absolutely no way for anything to be wrong or right.

So even your assertions that there is such a thing as better and worse religions from the standpoint of an atheist, kills your atheist worldview. You are slamming your own worldview by bringing forward the notion that there is such a thing as better or worse, as good or bad, since your worldview cannot account for such fanciful nonsensical concepts.

The current :peon: holders are as follows:



mousEtopher :peon: :peon: :peon: :peon: :peon: :peon:

XuRnT :peon: :peon: :peon: :peon: :peon: :peon: :peon:

Szwagier :peon: :peon: :peon:

Lambchops :peon: :peon: :peon: :peon: :peon: :peon: :peon: :peon: :peon:

Claw :peon: :peon: :peon: :peon: :peon:

00Brett :peon: :peon: :peon:

Post the FUNNIEST YOUTUBE VIDEO CONTEST (no obscene language, nudity, gory violence, etc. allowed), everyone post the funniest video you can find. You cannot post the same video as someone who has already posted. Winner by public vote gets 3  :peon:. If the vote is a tie, both will earn 4 :peon:. DEADLINE JUNE 30, 2018

Each user may enter up to two videos. A poll will be set up for voting, which will be open for a week. Users entering more than 2 videos will have the first 2 videos they post added to the poll only.


Ultimate Newb + Pro Team Face Off on Fresh Assorted Maps!!

WHEN: Monday, June 4th, 2018 at 10 pm EDT

***Pre-registration is required: Deadline to register May 21, 10 pm***

This will allow the format to be planned out so it goes smoothly and will allow players two weeks to familiarize themselves with selected maps if they so desire.

WHO: Newb + Pro team (or two mid-range players)
            Maximum ELO per team: 3150
            Minimum x wins per player at /stats x-y-z: x=100

MAP SELECTION: Each individual **pre-registered** team may choose two maps per team or one per player from the maps listed below to add to the Monday Moonlight Madness Map Pool of maps that will be played on June 4th. Picking the same map as other players IS allowed, and the map will increase in frequency in the map pool, ie. it will be added into the generator twice or however many times it is picked.

If fewer teams register, each team will be allowed more map choices.

Mr. Bean

Pirate's Lagoon


Ocean Bloom

Party at Midnight

16 x 9



Hey Stop That!

A Diamond in the Rough

Agent's Traps

Lost Paradise

Violent Voyage

Dangerous Territory

Secret Operation

Woodland Warlords

Arena of Annihilation

Combat Zone

Buccaneer Bay

Highway to Hell

The Hunters


Captain's Cove

Halo of Hegemony

Newb BS + Pro Buddy Team was originally going to challenge one other team for a little fun competition, but I wanted to give everyone a chance to participate.

*Pre-registration is required: Deadline to register May 21, 10 pm*

The exact format of the competition can only be decided once I know how many participants we will have. If you're interested, the sooner you express interest, the better I can plan this out.

I anticipate Round Robin style with each team playing each other team, if we have 5 teams or less, each team would play each team twice. If 6+ teams, each team would play each other team once. I'm thinking the map selection will be randomized using a generator (ie. the order of play and which match gets assigned which map out of the ones that have been selected by contestants). I need to have all the matches set up ahead of time so that is why preregistration is required.

If this ends up being between my team and another team, I still think that would be great fun. But especially since Thumb$ complained about lack of opportunity and others have expressed interest, I wanted to open it to more players.

Team 1: HumanPeasant and BabyShark
Team 1 Map Selections: Party at Midnight and Mr. Bean

Team 2: Igognito(z) and KagaN
Team 2 Map Selections: Zones and Halo of Hegemony

Team 3: Lambchops and TD Viruz
Team 3 Map Selections: Party at Midnight and Party at Midnight

Team 4: Vizzer and Mousey
Team 4 Map Selections: Lanes and Hey Stop That!

Team 5: ring62 and He-Man
Team 5 Map Selections: Violent Voyage and Ocean Bloom

Team 6: Masta{hr} and Disgruntled
Team 6 Map Selections: Violent Voyage and Halo of Hegemony

*Please post Insight Replays for all matches*

Let me know if you have any questions.

Cartography & Custom Maps / XBremer1's Hot New Maps You Will Love
« on: April 25, 2018, 03:34:21 PM »
Arena of Annihilation

This map is reminiscent of POS, sure, but it has it's own personality and features making it a fresh creation.

The little pockets between bases allow for some interesting burst into neighbour's base surprises or cat wars. The 12 and 6 mines are more accessible.

Beautiful to look at, and fun to play, what more can you ask for in a map?

Thanks to XBremer1 for providing us with Arena of Annihilation. +1 for alliteration in many of your map titles. ;)

Join W2 Gaming Sessions to have a chance to celebrate departing W2 community member Raimis!

Special invite to Raimis' frequent gaming buddies.

Featuring Raimis' favorite maps!

The party will continue nightly until Raimis' departure!

Fun times ahead!

Moderated General Discussion / marx was right banned for name calling
« on: April 18, 2018, 01:56:31 PM »
"dummy" etc

I've been thinking about how to do a fun fight for people my level on fun maps we all enjoy, and I'd also like to add a separate higher level fight if the interest is there.

I want to gather some community input for what people would like to participate in.

For SURE, the maps Mr. Bean and Zones will be included.

I'm going to list other awesome maps and put it up for voting to see which ones people want to play most.

Party at Midnight
Pirate's Lagoon
Ocean Bloom
Woodland Warlords
Lost Paradise
Agent's Traps
Dangerous Territory
16 x 9

Preregistration for this tournament will be required because the set up for the player matchups needs to be all worked out beforehand.

These are people who are approved to join the "my level" group, which is a bit difficult to pinpoint and certainly some of these players are superior, but people I've beat at least 2x on any proper map qualify.

Raimis (I guess you're not gonna be here then but you're invited anyway!)

Some people love water and some people play only land.

Time zones are all over the map.

The Pro group will be open to everyone, including "my level" players, so they might be at separate times to enable some people to play in both.

Another style I contemplated was having a 2v2 matchup with a maximum of 15 points per team entering. Ie. a Level 10 Player has to pard a Level 5 player or lower for a maximum of team score of 15. A Level 8 player could pard a Level 7 etc. That would be a way to incorporate higher and lower level players into the same tourney.

Another option that has gotten some positive feedback was the idea of doing a "correspondence" tournament, so it's not on a set date. It would be a round robin style so every player plays every other player in the grouping, probably about 6 players so 5 games per group, which would look something like this:

(Example only - click "Not Now" to skip registration and view example round robin schedule)

I'm thinking right now of having a group of 6 players in the 1s Round Robin and if there is interest from higher level players a separate group of 6 for them. If there are more players wanting to participate than 6, I would do a 2nd bracket of 6 players, and the winner of each bracket (whoever takes most wins) would battle the winner of the other same level bracket for championship.

Strategy & Replays / YouTube vid at war2combat channel with no volume?
« on: April 13, 2018, 05:27:06 PM »
Hey @XuRnT

Warcraft 2 | Schwartzwald | u8t3io3p vs. Braviet - YouTube

Is there a way to get volume for this vid? It seems to have no volume.

I mean you can see that you're talking but your voice can't be heard.

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