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16 / Re: playing with high res game (chayliss look)
« on: January 17, 2024, 04:03:30 PM »
idk what this is but HD gives like 20-30% more field of view from what i've seen.. it's a hack if we're being honest.

Its not an hack if its an official release by the admins and able to everyone to have it.

Its and update of the game, an option.

17 / Re: New ladder Pool 3
« on: October 09, 2023, 02:35:02 AM »

noone was banned from tours cause he was too good
there was few tier 2 tours where players like me lone swift sg were not allowed to play

you think that in other games top players dont win most of tours?
for example w3 happy is winning most of tours and noone is crying to ban him cause he is too good

People in other game dont hacks, actually they not able to play the game at all, they just get ip ban, like if grubby or tod make their own personal software and edit their own mpq, if you were playing other game you will be a good boy and play legit like everyone or you will get ban, but your lucky, here, it's a jungle, you can do whatever you want and no one cares, give me a break, keep hacking and get paid, stop crying.

18 / Re: New ladder Pool 2
« on: October 02, 2023, 07:45:51 PM »
Like i said in a previous post, i prefere betweeen 4-8 maps, but what i think would be even better is starting the season with only 4 maps, then adding a new map every week as new content, so it bring something new during the season instead of being a routine.

19 / Re: New ladder Pool 6
« on: October 02, 2023, 07:40:07 PM »
I dont think the maps matter as a question, the question is more like, what kind of ladder we want.

Do We want a true RTS style of ladder or we want a free for all jungle style.

By true RTS, i mean you start with one peon, the basic Low-medium-high ressources and you play the game.

By definition it basicly mean the Ladder/Classic maps of blizzard.

The free for all jungle style is mostly like custom with infinite ressource and things like that.

But does it mean custom cant be allowed, i dont think so, there peoples who can made really great map ''gow look a like''.

If someone made greats maps and it make sens and its a good one, im all in for it.

Not only it bring more maps, more options, but it also encourage creators and i think its nice at the end.

I know water is also part of warcraft II, i dont denied it at all, and i also know there some peoples who like this.

My probleme with it, is the amount of time these games can took. A game should take 5 to 20 minutes in general, 30 minutes it became really long, but water map, that can take an hour sometime, it's just something else and for alot of peoples it can be really annoying.

I dont think it's good to get these maps into the pools for a minority when it could annoy the majority.

All these maps, water, chops, strike desert, i think it would be better to just made a special season for theme sometime.

But including this into all season, im not sure at all, i think alot of peoples will just get tired of this really quickly when they realize they need to play it. 

At the end, ill say, Ladder, classic and custom Ladder classic Look a like, and sometime special season with water chops etc.


20 / Re: The final words of EQ.
« on: August 14, 2022, 02:44:12 AM »
The difference between me and you is simple knitter.

One have speak the truth about hackers, one have host numerous tournament for 10 years and more, one was poor with no job and no family and love that game so much that he was still trying to find way to paid crooks like you for his tournament.

While the other, '' you '' was stealing money from our warcraft II community numerous time and was lying over and over, dont you remember when you stole money from igonito?

You know what destroy the game knitter, not the fact that you stole peoples money like the thief and the big liar you are, but the fact that peoples have always been enouph stupid to believe peoples like you all the time.

This is what kill the game.

You had no probleme when i was saving ur ass against steve who want to literally decapitated you because you stole money to our warcraft II family.

PS: And by the way, everyone know i was the most popular hoster of this server for 20 Years, cuz actually i was the only one who was accepting everyone in my games even the newbs, not only i was accepting newbs in game, but i was allying them all the time, dont fucking lie about this because i ban NEWB, SMURFS and troll in the 2 last weeks because someone have harasse and ruin my games for an entire year.

Ur sush a disgusting person.

21 / The final words of EQ.
« on: August 14, 2022, 01:43:37 AM »
I realize ive never been crazy, lot of peoples in here have all mental issues, they are all living multiple life with multiple account smurfs, they are mostly all cheating, hacking, snyping, sharing account whatever you can imagine, it probably happen in here. Not only some peoples are really weird, like REALLY REALLY WEIRD.. But competition is dead, admins dont take cares of us anymore, ladder is supposly broken, master tag is not respected, and confidence with admins is done.. People can log and talk about katy perry management for YEARSSSSS at a ridiculous point that you finally believe it must be an AI... Who the hell will log for years and saying he made billions with katy perry??? it make no sens.... Or who will make a millions of smurfs to troll you EVERYDAY AND RUIN your games for year!!! Thats amazing.... It's not a rage for a week or couple months, its a constant rage for year and years... Thats something else, let me tell you... I appreciate everyone who have contribute to this server.. Burnt, iL, Tora, Mistral, moustopher, you guys have still try to keep this server open and try to do what you can do to make it a little bit more enjoyable, i still appreciated that, dont get me wrong... But i dont know, i feel like you guys really want to support the weird way the server has take over the years, or maybe, you guys just dont cares anymore, to be honnest, you guys must have serious problemes to deal with those strange peoples... Because if those peoples are not AI who try to act like real human being, then those peoples have really really big probleme in their life to troll peoples like that for years and years... Most of those peoples must have 30, 40, 50 years old, and cheat/trolls/ruins games like that, i dont think its something we can consider normal. Whatever i am a competitor in soul, i love challenge, but lately, the only challenge i really have on this server is dealing with those weird peoples, i think it's really sad, cuz this is the best game ever, and if you guys had take care of this server properly, we could have great things happening here. But no one want to ear peoples talk about their big dick all day long and their bitches at the hotel and how katy perry and taylor swift have a 1 billion dollar records deal with peoples on the server. For years i have try to deal with all of this, i have try to fix all these probleme, but nobody listen me, nobody take all these probleme seriously, i am just a stupid frenchman right? I have reach a point where i cant deal with this anymore. Who want to deal with peoples that constantly wish you to die from ur cancer, while on the other side some other punk try to act like hes saving you. They are all using me like an attraction in the park. Whatever the cancer have never been a probleme, i dont cares who speak about it, but i cares when i see peoples act like they get mad and offended cuz i call someone else NEWB and i saw this person playing all day long with someone who wish other to die from cancer.. And dont get me wrong, you can play with him, but just dont act offended and a good person if i call someone new while you sit and laugh with this kind of peoples. For me, it's just being hypocrite, and hypocrite is probably what i hate the most from someone. Sure i was someone hard to deal with, constantly seing hackers everywhere, '' wich is probably true too '' constantly arguing on server, constantly calling peoples newbs, bad etc etc.. But dont forgot something, ive also always been call newb and bad my entire life, the only difference is i always did it in the gaming perception, ive never attack anyone on their personal life untill you attack me first. And even there you must attack me really hard for that because most of time im just gonna laugh at him and keep calling him newb and bad. Because when i com here, its to get out of my real life, it's not to bring my real life with me, but some peoples when they came here, they think the real life is part of this game, they think they can judge you, oh you got no job, oh you live with ur parents, oh you got a cancer, oh you got no wife, oh you got no childrens...  Do they realize if im here its probably because it's the only thing i can do? What do you expect from someone who live with their parents with a cancer and having no job, no wife, no childrens? Do they look themself in the mirror? Do they realize their childrens are in the house waiting for daddy and mommy to do something nice with them, do they realize wife is probably in living room wishing husband will be there for her? They say oh i got hobby, war2 is my hobby, dude ur hobby is at least six hours per day for the last 20 years, and you suppose to work, so if i consider that you work and you play this game so much, you probably dont take much time with ur family... Whats about having hobby with ur childrens and ur wife, playing baseball, going fishing, going to theaters, doing something with them instead of judging other peoples on a 25 years old game because you cant deal with the fact that someone tell you is better then you. '' wich is the main goal of this game by the way ''. They say, oh im just playing for fun, sure dude i know whats fun mean, fun mean untill equinox ally 3 newbs and you put me with 3 pro, this is whats fun mean, right?. But if equinox take the pro on his side and put  the newbs with you, you will get the fuck out of my games, create ur own games, then stack the game in ur favor, cuz this is what is fun right? I know, cuz i did it for the 5 last years, constantly allying newbs over and over and playing basicly the worst team every day.. Recently some peoples act like they are offended because i start booting NEWBS SMURFS AND TROLLs, because of birdbrain harrasement. Oh nox is bad guy, is booting newb, so they host their own game, and what they do? They host in private so newb cant join, and if newbs join they boot them or obs them, but they will certainly not play with them, believe me. So peoples always act like they are good and better then you, they always act like they are offended for some stupid shit, but they are even worst, cuz they do the same but actually they do it in a hypocrite way. I must be alot of things, but there something i have never been, and its hypocrite. Im sad, cuz whatever you think about me, ive always try to do my best to make this server the best as possible, everything i have try have been rejected simply because who I AM... Oh no, Equinox got an idea, make sure it never happen! Right? I am at the point where i think if this server die, its probably because some peoples want to punish me, and at the end, the entire server is punish because of me. So why i will stay here, why i will keep arguing with myself about this game, obviously im just wasting my time, and now im also wasting your time, the truth is i dont belong here anymore, i wish i could say bye to someone, like a friend, but i dont know if i got friends in here, i dont think so, because even the peoples who i think was my friend, make me feel like they are just hypocrite. So i got no one i really want to say bye in particular... You know what, im just gonna say bye to everyone, a final bye, just for the respect of doing it. I wish you guys have fun and i certainly wish someone start to really take cares of this server. This game have bring me good and bad mood over the years, even if you think i hate you, it's not true, you guys where my familly, a dysfunctional family sure, but still my family, even if you think im a bad guy cuz i call you new, i wish you the best and i wish you fun.. Good bye everyone.

22 / Re: Just find another hacker.
« on: August 13, 2022, 01:37:51 PM »
And also when i think about it, it was clearly a real person, cuz the first shotgun was the true one, and the spoofer was the second one, and as you can see the second one race as human, so it's clearly a true person bro, because bug dont race themself, that for sure!

And dont tell me it's a bug from my own client, cuz if shotgun number 2 was the true shotgun re-login on his account, he will not see the first shotgun in my game when relogin, he clearly saw himself 2 times, its not a bug from my client but also a bug from his own client even after re-login!!! It could be a bug before he relog, i guess.... even if i really dont believe that.. But after he relog, no way. he should not see that second shotgun, sure i could  probably see it, cuz i dint relog myself, but he will not see himself after he relog, cuz his client is not relate to mine, and since he refresh his client (disconect-reconect) it mean that he refresh the bug and would not see himself 2 times after he relog inside!

No there was 2 connections log as 2 different shotgun in this game, it was not a bug, it was 2 differents connections log as shotgun...... or a spoofer, but not a bug, that for sure.

The fact that he still saw himself after the relog proof that the first shotgun was not a bug but still a true connection, wich is not hard to believe cuz i never saw shotgun drop at all or left the game.

23 / Re: Just find another hacker.
« on: August 13, 2022, 01:21:26 PM »
Aug 13 12:34:27 [info ] game_create: game "GoW1s" conn_set_game speed 7(evenfaster), maptype 2(Blizzard), gametype 2(top vs bottom), tileset 14(Default) map "Garden of War.pud", tile_ord_res 12800( 1peon: 1, order: 2, res: 3, option:4) created by "Equinox"
Aug 13 12:34:31 [info ] _client_startgame4: [24] game [1825] "GoW1s" status changed to "open"
Aug 13 12:34:31 [info ] _client_joingame: [37] "alfred!" joined game "GoW1s"
Aug 13 12:34:32 [info ] _client_joingame: [32] "Shotgun" joined game "GoW1s"
Aug 13 12:42:43 [info ] _client_joingame: [30] "TWN-cancel" joined game "GoW1s"
Aug 13 12:43:30 [info ] _client_joingame: [34] "DiLLs" joined game "GoW1s"

Aug 13 12:46:22 [info ] conn_set_account: [35] forcing logout of previous login for "Shotgun"
Aug 13 12:46:22 [info ] _client_loginreq1: [35] "Shotgun" logged in (correct password)
Aug 13 12:46:22 [info ] conn_destroy: [32] "Shotgun" logged out
Aug 13 12:46:22 [info ] conn_destroy: [32] closed bnet connection

Aug 13 12:46:27 [info ] _client_joingame: [35] "Shotgun" joined game "GoW1s"

Aug 13 12:47:57 [info ] _client_closegame: [24] client closing game
Aug 13 12:47:58 [info ] _client_gamereport: [26] CLIENT_GAME_REPORT: xXxSmeagolxXx (8 players)
Aug 13 12:47:58 [info ] game_destroy: game [1835] "x" (count=1 ref=1) removed from list...
Aug 13 12:47:58 [info ] game_destroy: game deleted
Aug 13 12:48:01 [info ] game_destroy: game [1825] "GoW1s" (count=3 ref=1) removed from list...
Aug 13 12:48:01 [info ] game_destroy: game deleted

SO basically what happened is player 24 Equinox created game, then there was some players that joined this game
and one of them was player 32 Shotgun
then after some time some player 35 logged in as Shotgun forcing logout of previous login for "Shotgun" player 32
but this player 32 was staying in game so even though he was kicked from server, player 24 Equinox was still thinking he was here
then player 24 Equinox closed the game and returned to channel
and this is happened that in exact same time player 26 xXxSmeagolxXx ended his game named "x"
so they got into channel together, like literaly there was 3-4 seconds between this
and also server log shows that player 26 xXxSmeagolxXx NEVER joined any "GoW1s" games at all in this session

so there is some possibilities like
1) Shotgun got bad inet connection and got kicked from serv then rejoined with new ID so Shotguns 32 and 35 is same guy, and Equinox game client was thinking that old Shotgun still here cuz of lag
2) someone hacked Shotgun acc and know his pass

I dont know why but i found that really hard to believe,  you said there was literally 3-4 sec between us and smeagol, there was not 3-4 sec at all, he instant log on channel at the exact same time as us and just INSTANT leave like if he dint want us to see him. IT WAS PAF PAF BRO.. Odinni cant make appear and desappear something that quick himself. Also shotgun have never been drop from the game or the server, always been in the game with me from start, and when he saw shotgun join our game he told me can you see 2 shotgun? Because he was there, not only my client see that shotgun, but shotgun client also see him as you can see on my screenshot. Now, did shotgun have been hack? Maybe it's possible, but i really doubt it's the truth, shotgun have been on this server for 16 years and i dont think he have never been hack, and why someone will hack his account to join the game and show him that he have been hacked and then leave his password the same and thats all.. for me it dont make sens at all.. What make sens for me, is, smeagol have literally harasse me for years for no reason, calling me different kind of name and spamming my private message while im in game and channel, this guy literally have some serious issue with me, also custom player are know peoples for hacking the game, there nothing surprising here.. Anyway The hardest part to believe now, is you still dont know if the shotgun number 2 was a bug or a true person, how is that possible? You should know if that shotgun number 2 was a bug or a person cuz the log told you someone has definitly kick out shotgun 1 to log as shotgun 2, so its not a bug at all, someone log as a real human on this account, its not about a bug at all.. So why you still not sure, and why you can make sure it was a real person by watching the ip? dont you got acces to ip, sure i doubt the hacker will use his true ip, but you still able to see an ip somewhere about that player who kick shotgun number 1 from the server. Would you protect smeagol cuz he is part of those programmars and host some custom tournament? Cuz he is one, ive watch his youtube and he does programmation with AI and things like that.

24 / Re: Just find another hacker.
« on: August 13, 2022, 11:15:37 AM »
Dont try, that was the most easiest caught of my life.

25 / Just find another hacker.
« on: August 13, 2022, 09:04:26 AM »
You see, i just found another hacker, just like that, Smeagol, this guy is use to harasse me in private since the 2 last years calling me bitch and others names all the times for absolutly no reason, i dont even pay attention to this guy, he is also probably birdbrain, the one who harasse me and ruin my games for the entire last year. Its actually because of him if i dont let smurf, newbs and trolls join my games anymore, because he made millions of different smurfs and ruin our games everytimes, so now i dont know wich smurf or newbs are legit and i just ban everyone cuz im tire of this shit.

He probably wanted to make me cry on forum, but he dint expect to be caught.

Shotgun and i was in a game, then another shotgun join the game, we where both surprise cuz we dont see anymore spoof since long time ago, then i took ss of it super quick, he was probably thinking i will ban him, cuz im use to ban peoples lately, but i knew if i ban him i will not know who he is, instead i just left the game so i could see who was the person using the hacks, because when you spoof, you spoof the game, but when you goes back to the channel, you goes back to ur real name, so when i left who goes back to the channel? Me, Shotgun, Cancel, Smeagol.

I know its not cancel because before we left the game cancel join us, So it mean it cant be, me, shotgun or cancel, only one left was smeagol.

Then he left super quick the channel probably hoping we will not see him in time, but the worst was done, my notification are always open, wich mean if you left quick, it will notice when you will left!

Thank you smeagol, you just proof this game is still full of hackers and trolls.

26 / Re: Official challenge to KnitterHemd
« on: August 13, 2022, 08:44:55 AM »
You see that arrow? Where it say win?!

There a game missing right there, and you know it, you dint beat me 4-3 i beat you 4-1 then beat you again 5-4.

Stop lying you totally know it, just admit you told me thanks for not taking ur tag cuz i beat you.

Be a man once in your life and stop lie.

27 / Re: Official challenge to KnitterHemd
« on: August 13, 2022, 08:20:57 AM »
No, i offert you a challenge yesterday, but you did refuse and call me liar when you are the one, i dont accept any challenge anymore from you, i want my tag, thats all, and someone who deserve to be a master will challenge me, not you, go challenge someone else for another master tag.

28 / Re: Official challenge to KnitterHemd
« on: August 13, 2022, 06:34:08 AM »
And i want to be clear with some admins and programmars, i dont hate every admins and i dont hate every programmars, i only hate the ones who use their abilitys to cheat the game, thats all, because in fact, i think programmars and admins are great peoples when they use their abilitys for the right thing, without them there no evolution for no games in the entire world, we have those amazing gamed and those amazing updates because of their work, but if you use these abilitys to cheat the game and support the cheaters, sure you dont worth anything for me.

And to be honnest i dont hate anyone at all, yes sure i think some of them are lazy, useless, liar by protecting some hackers, but they never did anything wrong to me, iL by exemple always been good with me, never diss respect me, sure he ignore me like a piece of trash, wich i dont appreciate, but i can understand im an hard person to deal with and he can be tire of me, sure i understand, and sure he never did nothing wrong to me, sure i dont like tora cuz he an arrogant person who always talk about stupid things thats not relevant to the game and polluate my stream with this, kind of subject that he repeat himself over and over and i dont appreciate at all, but i still think he does great for the server in the last years with all the tournaments and i like every of his effort even if i dont participate in his tournament.

I dont hate no one, but i dont like their behavior face to those subject and act like nothing is happening, thats all.

29 / Re: Official challenge to KnitterHemd
« on: August 13, 2022, 06:24:10 AM »
Yes it's exactly this, i remember now, it's actually why i keep playing after i win 4-1, cuz it was so easy, and i remember you suddenly start to get back in the series and taught myself you were probably sniping me cuz i was surprise you getting back that well, so i was crying hard at the 9 games before to win it.
How can i forgot that series, i will always remember it because you told me thanks for not getting the tag.

This is the kind of thing you dont forgot, believe me, bring me the damn log admin and give me my damn tag!

And the most important, remove the tag from him!!!

30 / Re: Official challenge to KnitterHemd
« on: August 13, 2022, 06:13:41 AM »
And Knitter, i just realize what did happen in this series.

I beat you 4-1 then i decide to keep playing you and you get back to 4-4 untill i win the last one 5-4.

I garantee you someone build in the game wich was my 4th win, between my third victory and ur second victory!

So actually i beat you in a bo7 ''4-1'' and also beat you in a bo9 ''5-4''

Bring me the logs and give me my damn tag!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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