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31 / Re: Official challenge to KnitterHemd
« on: August 13, 2022, 05:00:51 AM »
Oh Let's not forgot also about hacking!

For years and years admins have allow peoples to hacks without doing anything against it..

Not only regular players was hacking, but even ADMINS, was hacking.

There was that guy, he was admin on the server for at least 10 years, the guy was call Lightbringer-

I probably know this guy more then anyone here, cuz i was playing on the same server as him and his cosin ze_saint in 2000 on BT NET EUROPE, they were also french, so i know them very well, lightbringer- was already caught multiple time of hacking on this server, we told to iL but it seem like he dint cares at all and still want him as admin.

Anyway not only he was an hacker, but he was also making programms for war2 ru, programm that dont even work, so what was the point of those programm.

One day i learn from a friend of mine, who had a war2 server himself, it was actually the first private server ever before battle net server die, i think his server was call world war craft, something like that, even before WAR2RU, this guy was a genius he know everything about this game. So one day i talk with him about this server, i talk with him about hackers, i told him, i think there lot of hacker on this server, The guy told me sure they are bro, they are using the old war2 bt net client to hacks... So he explain to me that the server war2ru was build on his own mecanic, so when you try to hack with WAR2RU server client, it will not work, ur map hack will automaticly not work, so peoples can request SS FROM you and caught you of hacking,

But some peoples, programmars and friend of them, know about this version of BT NET 2.02, they were using this client to log on the war2ru server, so, they were using that old rigged one from BT NET, and with this client they were able to map hack and probably did way much more hacks that we dont know without being caught. They were able to open or close map hack at any moment in the game as wish they want.

So when i came to forum and told everything to everyone, that guys who was call lightbringer- start to get on roid rage against me, calling me crazy, there no sush things happening here. he start telling everyone i was on burnt out and have mental issue... While at the same time he was preaching his religion of peace every damn minutes on the game for no reason, he was always talking about it, like... Bro im religious, how can i do that, dont believe this guy, hes got mental issue, but i dont have, cuz i am religious!! You see the manipulation here? So i start to make investigation on this guy and found that he made some latency software for war2 ru, a latency software that dont even work, so actually the software was install into our computer by a hacker with no moral at all, a useless software that dont fix anything but for some reason was still inside our damn computers.. I told to everyone about it, that the latency fix was bullshit and it dont fix anything... Here again he was still saying that im crazy, his software work good i dont know shit about those thing, im retard with mental issue and hes a genius programmar and religious, see the kind of manipulation... But i was sure i was right, so i just get fucking crazy bro, then admins was so tire of me, they also investigate on it, and then the HEAD ADMINS OF THIS server iL himself make a post about it, saying i was right, everything i was saying was the truth, peoples where using different client from btnet 2.02 to hack our server, he also admit that the latency fix was bullshit and dint work at all. And what did happen? Lightbringer-  just disappear and we never see him again.

This guy was also smurfing peoples and was manipulating the pool and the discussion on forum with fake accounts, a true piece of you know what....

So iL make a fake script to calm the things down, a fake script that told us if peoples use the Anti hack when they log on server, so it was telling you if the guys was using AH from the server, or if he was not, but it was still not working cuz now peoples where making fake virtual windows to keep hacking the game. They were using the old client, but loggin with different windows with the true one, so the software read the game as legit when in fact is still the old one, not sure how it work but something like that. Long story short, the script was not working for advance programmar but it was working for poor newbe who want to hacks the game, so we were caughing poor newbe who dint know how to hack properly and programmar where still able to hacks.

Then around 2016 we found our first MPQ hacker, now it was not about software and client anymore, it was only about hacking the code source of the game itself, it's even better bro, you can literally hack whatever you want since you got acces to the entire game creation, sound, graphic, gameplay etc etc.

That hackers was u8, he was already hacking the color of his units and the hotkeys at this time, sure its not a big deal, but we dont know what else he could hack, or what someone else could hack, cuz if he can do it, any programmar can do it, so the goal was not to punish u8 for free, but use him as an exemple and make sure everyone know about it... After that saga, alot of weird bug start to happen in the game, bug we never saw for 20 years, exemple, ur units running alone accross the map for no reason, ur peon dont wanna get into the gold mine when he fight with another peon, the cats and tower are basicly immune, 4 grunts level 1 can beat 4 grunts level 2, so much bug like that, and we dont know what else. But i am the bad guy bro, i am the bad guy cuz i tell the truth, and since that time i am the one who need to be troll, and treat like a piece of shit, and wish to die from my cancer every fucking day.

32 / Re: Official challenge to KnitterHemd
« on: August 13, 2022, 03:50:19 AM »
Oh and let's not forgot something important, the ladder was trash because it always have been manipulated, for years and years and years, some group of peoples have manipulate this ladder by cheating.

For years some group of peoples have share accounts, so when you where getting in grudge match with someone and they want to make you lose, they will make someone else play for the player, so if by exemple i was getting in a grudge match with youngsta, swift will log on youngsta account and play for him so it look like a lose against youngsta, they did this with everyone for years and years.

Or if they cant swap account, then a watcher who hate you will just build in the game and will cancel ur victory in the ladder, so when i was beating peoples in grudge match, watchers will volontary build in the game so victory was cancel and dint records in the ladder.

They does that for years, years and years.

Its also what probably happen with knitterhemd right here.

But the truth is they can still see the true records, because the ladder his link to the status game report of the server, so every games we play on server goes on the status page records of the server, and the ladder take his information from this page to make his update, but if a watcher build, the ladder reject the game, but the game is still in the server status records!!! So if they want they can get this game that we miss from our last series between me and knitter.

Also Even admins themself was creating different accounts and playing both of their account on 2 different computer so they can leach the ELO from an account to another.

Nobody did nothing to stop them, literally nothing, untill i told it and finally decide to broke the ladder cuz nobody cant take cares of it.

33 / Re: Official challenge to KnitterHemd
« on: August 13, 2022, 03:02:59 AM »
Now you will tell me, but why did you give free master tag and grand master tag to other peoples... Cuz i wanted the game to evoluate faster, my goal was not to give free title like they did with swift forever, the plan was to give free title right now and open the challenge to everyone after, so all the title i give could be challenge, but even there, i dint give free title to my friend, i give free title base on MY list, because for 2 years i made a special list, where i was ranking everyone ON THE server, active was add in the list, and innactive was remove in an innactive categories, so all the title i give was still deserve by the best ranking active peoples on the server.

Cuz i was borred of their useless ladder, the ladder at the time was full of useless peoples who dint even play the game since 10 years, full of smurfs, like swift was literally owning the entire top 5 for himself into different smurf names, Why the hell would you stole rank from other players and remove their chance to be part of this ladder because ur ego is so HUGE you need to take the 5 first position of the ladder by urself. Now you take swift and lone and both of em can win the entire top 20 if they really want with smurfs.

So i made my own personal ladder for 2 years wich i call the list, i was taking every games in the actual ladder and was updating my list from it, for 2 years it have beeen the best ladder you never saw.

But these peoples was protecting swift like, he does nothing wrong, and its ok if he took the entire ladder for himself and ruin experience other player, just because he swift, and swift can hack, swift can be a legend, swift can own the entire ladder, and you know what? You will accept it, or we will treat you bad, we will troll you, we will hack ur computer, and why not even wishing you die from a cancer.

So finally i harasse them for months to take cares of the ladder properly, i wanted them to remove all the smurf, all the old akas, all the multiples accounts, and you know what they did to punish me? Wich in fact punish the entire server? They act like they broke the ladder, nice peoples hen  :thumbsup:

34 / Re: Official challenge to KnitterHemd
« on: August 13, 2022, 02:33:29 AM »
At the beggining this server only had 1 Grand master wich was u8, and 2-3 masters wich was Alf Attack and jesk if i remember good.

But no one was taking cares of it, for years it have been stock on nothing new, then i start to make procedure to take cares of it, they give me control of it for a month..

I made new rules, and i add new master and grand master.

I add 2 new grand master wich was Lone and Shotgun, and i add some new master wich i dont remember all of em, but knitter was part of em.

Then one day, Lone and Baraman play A bo 7, Bara win lone 7-1 i think, so i give bara the grand masters, some peoples start crying it was not an official challenge and i dint have to do that, cuz Lone was drunk and it was not is night... Who the hell cares if lone drunk... I mean you play the damn games and you lose, end of the story, period.. You was drunk, you think ur the best, then com back another day when ur legit and win it back.

But everyone start crying i was not fair cuz Bara was a TD, and at the time i was Also a TD, as TDxNoX.... So they were saying i did that cuz i want a TD to be grand master, when in fact i dont cares bro, i did that cuz he LOSE, period! Why i will make special rules and special priviledge for peoples cuz they are drunk?? You are drunk? then dont play, nobody have force you, you take ur own decision, you cant drink? not our fault... Or what, everyone gonna be drunk everytime they gonna lose? and save their ass? For me it make no sens, just a bunch of excuses for a bunch of loser who want to kill this game. Cuz if you love this game you will accept the game evolution and stop acting like a king who got a master tag just because he suppose to be a king... You play? You lose? You lose the tag, period, thats how the game his legit. Crying on me, cuz i did my job? while for years and years they did nothing to improve the master tag... They give me control of it, but acting like i am a slave who must do what they said, if i got control of it cuz they did nothing for years, then let me do my things, so i left TDs, i left the master tag role and here we go,  the master tag challenge is just a joke again, the ladder is just a joke again, the entire server is just a joke again.

If i still had control of it, this server will probably still fully populated, grand master and master will be different, it will be updates, peoples will be proud to have different title..

Even DJ boss have a tag from me, cuz i dint only add new master and grand master, i also ADD champions TAG wich is under Master, i was planning to do different title like that for different rank and make everyone happy, make everyone feel they can achieve new progression and be proud of their progression by achieving new ranks,  but they dont want peoples happy, believe me.

There was also a legend tag, wich was suppose to be over the grand masters, Only one legend! The goal was 1 Legend, 3 Grand Masters, 7 master, 7 champs.  Swift had the legend tag, wich i think his legit, but i want him to win it for real, from A FFA, a FFA WITH HIM and all the master and the grand master, and the new winner will be crown as new legend. Now you tell me why a FFA, because for me it was an oppening special event for a special title. Cuz i think a legend Can win a FFA and i think peoples will enjoy to see a FFA between all those TIER 1 player, but swift and all those peoples was mad again, cuz they give the legend tag for free at swift and dint want him to win it like a man. They just expect swift to always been crown as LEGEND for ever, like no one will ever be A legend because he must be THE ONLY ONE.. Wich is ridiculous, just be a man, win the legend tag in a tournament, and show at everyone you run with the rules and you love the game and let everyone have chance to beat you.

But the truth is these peoples dint want me to take cares of it, they dont want to see this game improving, cuz they think this game dead and its just for fun, so they were finding every reason they can to miss interpret my job and make it look like i was bad, only ego peoples who dint want me to show them how to make a nice systeme on the server.

They literally did everything in their power to find excuses and remove me from there, their ego kill this game cuz they dont want me to show them 1 PERSON can take cares of it properly when 10 admins cant do it togheter!

35 / Re: Official challenge to KnitterHemd
« on: August 13, 2022, 01:44:33 AM »
how it’s works this tag thing?

Is there any old topic showing the rules?
If I beat sg I can take his tag ? :stuck_out_tongue:

In theory you must sett a challenge with the guy on forum for a BO7, both party can agree for different map pool, but if they dont agree they must do the challenge on old gow ef.

The challenge can be done without an official challenge on the forum, cuz the official challenge on the forum is for the peoples who got no time to do it, so they can sett a date etc etc.

But if the player does a BO7, even without a challenge on the forum, he lose his tag, cuz actually he played the BO7 and he lose... Seem logic no?

But some peoples like knitterhemd, just will abuse of this rule and always said i cant right now, i cant right now, or he will play untill he lose a game and stop playing to make sure hes not losing the bo7, he has been master for 2 years now because he did that for 2 years.

I know cuz i am the one who write the rules and i am also the one who give the master tag to Knitterhemd, Shotgun, Lone, and way much more i just dont remember.

36 / Re: Official challenge to KnitterHemd
« on: August 12, 2022, 10:28:27 PM »
Eq vs Knitter! I thought if people didn't accept Masters challenge they lost their tags anyway?

I offert him to do the challenge earlier today and he refuse, we were both log at same time and he decide to log off.

Not new anyway, he always do that when someone want to challenge him.

Anyway, the challenge is not an option anymore, i want to let him a chance, but he lie in front of everyone and also call me the liar, i dont give him any challenge anymore, this guy is done.

I already beat him, i dont have to challenge him, he already lose and this tag belong to me, we see later after i got the tag, maybe i will challenge him if i dont lose it to someone else before.

37 / Re: Official challenge to KnitterHemd
« on: August 12, 2022, 05:27:49 PM »
You guys wish me dead, dead cuz i have always been a man, a man who have always been legit, no hacks, no cheat, no sharing account, yes i got a big mouth, yes i can be toxic, yes i can be an ass, but it always been in a gaming perception, i dont attack peoples and their personal life like everyone does everyday to me. I have never lie, when i decide to do something, i tell it right into everyone face, i dont hide, im not an hypocrite, and i certainly dont lie. You hate me cuz i have expose the hackers out there, you hate me cuz i have expose these lazy admins, you hate me cuz i am who i am. But i am certainly not an hypocrite, im just a mad man because after 20 years of supporting this server i never had the respect i deserve for it... Instead i have been trolls by a bunch of trolls. I know you wish me dead, i know you want me gone, this is where the line will be draw, you want me gone, then support this liar hypocrite thief and let him is master tag that he dont deserve. You want to do the right things, then give me what i earn, i beat this liar, i know it, he know it, we all know it, cuz we know Equinox have one word, we know equinox his a man of honor, i can be alot of things, but one think we all know i am, a man of honor, no lie, no hacks, no cheat, no hide, this is who i am. I know that everyone know if i said i beat this guy, then i really beat him, you all know it's true, you can support this liar hypocrite, or you can make the right choice, if you decide to support him, i will desapear for ever and i will know it's the right choice, cuz you will have decide it to be it. So if you decide you want me gone, i will be gone, i swear to god, this is the last post and the last time you will see me forever, right now, im gonna go to sleep, if tomorow, i dont have whats belong to me, whats i truly win, i will be gone, gone for ever.

Do i want this tag? No, i dont cares at all, some admins already ask me numerous time if i want a master tag, i told em no, cuz im a man of honor and i dont want whats not belong to me, and having a free master tag is not right if i dint win it, but i want to see the justice, this liar lose to me, this tag belong to me, do i want this tag even if i beat him? No, the truth is, i want his tag remove from him, and even if its nasty from me, i still beat him, and this tag still belong to me, i will probably lose this tag in 2 or 3 days, whos know, but the thing is, he will lose it too, and thats the only thing i really want, you see, no lie, i dont want the tag, i want him to be remove from him. Cuz hes an hypocrite, a liar, a thief and a troll.

Do the right choice, it's not about giving me what i want, it's about giving me what i win, i beat this guy, its belong to me, whatever the motivation i got, it's belong to me.

Remove it from him and give it to me or im gone forever.

38 / Re: Official challenge to KnitterHemd
« on: August 12, 2022, 03:36:13 PM »
You guys can even watch the war2ru status records, game dint have records on the ladder, but i know you can find the miss match on the status server records, go watch for 9-17-2020 for 5-4 score, thanks.

You can find the final score, with this things, right here.

Let's see whos the liar now, idiot.

39 / Re: Official challenge to KnitterHemd
« on: August 12, 2022, 03:33:31 PM »
Please just give me the tag this dude is a total idiot, thief and liar.

40 / Re: Official challenge to KnitterHemd
« on: August 12, 2022, 03:13:47 PM »
You are the liar and you know it, you even tell me thanks cuz i told you i will not request it, how can you sleep the night being sush a liar.

Here our last series, i taught i beat you 4-3, but its actually 5-4, one of our games dint have record.

The proof that you are lying is, you choose specific SCREEN SHOT of different series 8 months before our last one, ur sush an idiot dude.

Cuz you clearly see that our last game was 4-4 and you also know one game dint records, because you even thanks me for being a nice guy with you.

Stop lying, now you dint deserve a rematch at all for so much lies, just give me the tag thanks.

41 / Re: Official challenge to KnitterHemd
« on: August 12, 2022, 02:47:13 PM »
Knitter dodge, not new he dodge everyone, so i request my master tag, cuz i beat his ass 4-3 in our last series and never request it, sure it's kinda late to request it, thats why i give him the chance to win it back, but he dodge, he always dodge everyone, he always have excuse to not accept a challenge or always try to tell someone we do it another date and never happen.

He dont deserve this master tag at all.

Remove the master tag from him and give it to me, thank you.

42 / Official challenge to KnitterHemd
« on: August 12, 2022, 02:34:29 PM »
Official challenge to knitterhemd, cuz the last time we did a series i beat his ass 4-3 and should have his master tag.

But since i want to be cool, i never ask for it, now i will beat you bad and give you no mercy at all.

You must accept, or ill request the master tag from the last series.

43 / Re: 4-1 vs Deku- ** He was drunk **
« on: August 12, 2022, 02:12:53 PM »
shut up retard

You told me, i protect you on forum because startale wish you to die from ur cancer.

Then you tell kiss my ass faggot.

Flash news bro, if you think someone has to protect me against someone who wish peoples to die from cancer, then ur the retard, everyone know this guy will burn in hell, you act like a savior but you get in peoples games and the first thing you say its calling them bitch.

If you think that '' protecting me '' give you the right to call me bitch after, then ur wrong.

The only one who have truely protect you is ME... WHEN EVERYONE told me you have still money 2 times at igonito and someone else, then i try to protecting your thief ass saying peoples can made mystake, because i truely believe peoples can made mystake.

But i was wrong, u act like a savior, but in reality when it not goes the way you want, you showing ur true face.

The difference between me and you, is, i dont act like a savior, i am who i am everyday, every night, and i dont play hypocrite.

44 / 4-1 vs Deku- ** He was drunk **
« on: August 07, 2022, 02:35:18 AM »
I rarely do 1v1, but when i do, i love my middle.

4-1 vs Deku- ** He was drunk, pardon him **

Win from Mid, 4, Mid, 9.

45 / The most amazing resistance of all time??!
« on: August 03, 2022, 03:18:55 AM »
Jay taught it will be an easy game, untill... 2 Towers cross his road :/

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