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1) Mods & Development / Re: Palette questions and original grp art errors
« on: August 15, 2021, 10:35:54 AM »
First question, why didn't Blizzard put the player color palettes somewhere else instead of duplicating them in each tileset?

Secondly, I'm looking at the forest.ppl file and all the colors seem to be 1/4 the color they should be. If you look at LambChops' 256x256 example palette that he posted here, let's look at the second color (since the first is black) which is rgb(0,37,63) in the forest.ppl file but rgb(0,148,252) in LambChops' example file. Clearly those are the colors that were used so why did Blizzard store the values as 1/4 what they should be (and were, in game)?

Thirdly, I've noticed some errors in the grunt.grp file where the artist or the encoder seems to have made a mistake and left out some pixels in several of the frames. Using a shift instead of a pixel instruction. I looked at the human footman grp file and there are some similar issues and at least one frame with a stray pixel. I'm sure most grp files have such errors. Does anyone know how these errors happened? I haven't seen anyone mention them before but I was thinking of creating patched grp files with fixes. I'm no artist so I might need palette color suggestions.

For grunt frame 3 these are the memory locations you would need to edit assuming you want to use palette location 86 (0x56).

0x00000CFB 0x03
0x00000CFE 0x56

0x00000D34 0x03
0x00000D1A 0x56

0x00000D34 0x03
0x00000D37 0x56

0x00000D4A 0x04
0x00000D4E 0x56

0x00000D5F 0x04
0x00000D63 0x56

0x00000D73 0x04
0x00000D77 0x56

0x00000D88 0x03
0x00000D8B 0x56

I'll throw a final question in and ask if anyone knows what the forest.cv4, forest.vr4, forest.vx4, nf_rock.bin, nf_tree.bin, and nf_wall.bin files are for.

Thank you

Below forest_palette.png is LambChomps sample palette, palette_example.png is what the forest.ppl data looks like, and grunt_error.png is one example of missing pixels in the grp files

With respect to the skipped pixels from grunt.grp,I can surely let you know that I saw this same situation with the archer.grp (spearman.grp) and I just corrected them with respect to the unit sprite. I didn't notice any further bug in game ... Those pixels are so small to notice that I didn't care before till looking up the file, maybe original graphics artist thought it would fit better with the environment the unit is playing on.
forest.cv4 = I haven't touched up this file but it's just another one required for the tiles on each tileset (forest,winterland,iceland)
forest.vr4 = another information file for the tiles on the map
forest.vx4 = this is a file I have modded along with the palette file, which is the most important for tiles to been shown off inside the game. Even if the tiles file has different colors than the palette, the colors will change still depending on the palette file. This file offers a good view from all the tiles that are used on the map: wood + water + coast + rocks + walls. Pretty good file to help out developing a new tileset.

** I'm looking up for anybody if could manage to make a whole new tileset for the game. I have set up 4 new tilesets in my warcraft 2 mod called as DAIFE Enhanced >> https://gamebanana.com/mods/288680
But thanks to a very recent plugin made by Edogorod, now it's possible to set up to 52 tilesets in-game for campaigns. I have currently 9(+4 base tilesets) custom ones available, but it's still to add up to 52.**

With respect to your final question about forest files, they serve for:

2) Server.War2.ru / Re: Twitch on Facebook Update
« on: August 05, 2021, 10:40:44 AM »
I went on a big surprise to be part of this list. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, friend. This is a good idea and I hope the notifications can reach out more warcraft 2 fellow warriors.

Since a couple of weeks ago was released DAIFE Enhanced v6.0 already. This patch serves quite a couple of new enhancements to the base warcraft 2 game and specifically to the one from this community.  Between all changes you can find new sprites + sound effects + portraits + tilesets. The patch is free to use and fully compatibl with the russian installer (not russian language necessarily) from this community. Any further information you need to know either about base DAIFE or DAIFE Enhanced, is available in: 

Current and probably last version now is v6.12. So if you would like to bring up a more fresh experience to your multiplayer experience (yes, DAIFE Enhanced is almost 100% compatible with multiplayer experience or LAN) then please feel free to use my patch.

This is a little reminder if you didn't read up completely all info in the link above:  DAIFE Enhanced or even the regular DAIFE, works properly but the only case which will bring you up any problem is whenever you play against computer in multiplayer or LAN. At this case if you want to keep still using DAIFE Enhanced then you NEED to deliver the war2patch.mpq file to your friend/s or any person that plays with you against computer. You will get a client crash if this is not applied.

If you got any feedback using this little mod then please deliver it to me either here or in gamebanana or my little twitch stream: https://twitch.tv/dannyldd
Good luck & have fun

DAIFE v6.0 and DAIFE ENHANCED v6.0 area already available in >> https://gamebanana.com/mods/288680

A whole set of new features for Warcraft 2 are available in ENHANCED version, please read the update notes for all the information you need to know about it.

All whole set of new enhanced features are COMPATIBLE with Multiplayer aside of the single player. Keep in mind that if you use on MULTIPLAYER or LAN or with a 2nd person remember that ANY OF YOU need to have the war2patch.mpq file  if ever plan to play vs COMPUTER in MULTIPLAYER or you will get a crash client.

This mod was tested up along with the whole set of features through the past months in my little twitch.tv stream >> https://twitch.tv/dannyldd

If you would ever like to support my job into it, please consider donating to my paypal address: https://www.paypal.me/dannyldd

Good luck & Have fun !!

*** UPDATE July 02nd, 2021:

Warcraft 2 Danny's Insane Edition version 4.0 is already out:

So at this version we got some massive experience improvements. Before the main new features, I will say
the bug fixes for missions.

Xorc5 got a bit more gold in initial gold mine. Removed unholy armor + haste for this mission.
Xorc6 more gold in first + 2nd gold mine. Fixed up peasants mining pathing. Fixed up lack of resources to research
all upgrades for both blue and red humans.
Xorc7 fixed up  purple to prevent attacking after reaching keep. Fixed up green to prevent getting transports stucked by
naval fleet.

So the main features here now are:

*** I have merged both warcraft 3 announcer sound effects (both knight and grunt for humans / orcs respectively) plus the left unit panel you can see in-game (single or multiplayer) by Incos - Warcraft 2 USA member (discord server).

*** This Insane Edition mod can be used for either playing the campaigns modded for such purpose OR for playing multiplayer.
The only rule for playing the multiplayer with this patch is that you NEED TO CONSIDER that if you ever attempt to play against computer with other people you will get a CRASH. So in order to prevent this, you either have to share this same war2patch.mpq file from the Insane Edition with the people you're going to play with OR just go back to the base warcraft 2 game without patch.

*** Added up install.exe, which is a modded file containing several community remixes of both human and orcs sound tracks for either single or multiplayer and I have been using a couple of times on my stream. This patch can be used for both single or multiplayer.

Credits for those melodies:
Thanks to Ciunek85 for War2-Human4 Remix - Human06 theme in-game>>

Warcraft 2 - Human 4 metal cover - YouTube

Thanks to Blizzard Entertainment for Human 3/4 themes in-game from Warcraft 3 - Human campaign (Human 1/2 themes respectively)
Thanks to LiveMIDI for Warcraft 1 - Human 3 Remix, Human5 theme in-game >>

LiveMIDI: Warcraft (PC) - Soundtrack (Remake) - YouTube
Thanks to LilMalygos for War2 - Human 1 Remix, Human1 theme in-game >>

Warcraft II Alliance OST Orchestrated - YouTube
Thanks to J Stadler for War2 - Human 2 Remix, Human2 theme in-game >>

Warcraft 2: Human Theme [Orchestra] - YouTube
Thanks to rinerion for Warcraft 2 - Human briefing (war room) remastered theme, War room theme in-game >>

Warcraft 2 - Human Briefing [Remastered] - YouTube
Thanks to Tuxedo for Warcraft 2 - Human Defeat remix #2, Human defeat theme in-game >>

Warcraft 2 "Human Defeat" Theme 9 #2 - YouTube
Thanks to BaDitO for War2 - Human Victory remix, Human Victory theme in-game >>

- YouTube

Thanks to Blizzard Entertainment for Orc 2/3 from Warcraft 3 - Orc campaign (Orc 1/2 themes respectively)
Thanks to Blizzard Entertainment for Orc 1  from Warcraft 2 - Soundblaster 16, Orc1 theme in-game
Thanks to http://en.war2.ru/downloads/ for War2 - Orc4 remix, Orc5 theme in-game
Thanks to BaDitO for War2 - Orc 3 remix, Orc4 theme in-game >>

- YouTube
Thanks to annonymous user for War1 - Orc 1 HQ theme, Orc 6 theme in-game >>

- YouTube
Thanks to LiveMIDI for Warcraft 2 - Orc briefing/Main menu remix, orc war room theme in-game >>

LiveMIDI: Warcraft 2 (PC) - Soundtrack (Remake) - YouTube
Thanks to Tuxedo for War2 - Orc defeat theme remix #3, Orc defeat theme in-game >>

Warcraft 2 "Orc Defeat" Theme 10 #3 - YouTube
Thanks to LiveMIDI for War2 - Orc Victory theme remix, Orc victory theme in-game >>

LiveMIDI: Warcraft 2 (PC) - Soundtrack (Remake) - YouTube

Credits to Szwagier for making his AI's violent edition (available in russian installer from http://en.war2.ru) that helped as an inspiration to make this Insane edition mod.

*** NEW PLUGIN that fixes up save-load in-game issues with the AI-Computer that didn't allow to play properly against it for about 25 years...
Well until now, since we got this new plugin from Mistral - Ed gorod (Big thanks to this guy who made this glorious
feature for warcraft 2 possible).
I don't know if have ever explained the several issues with the computer behavior in warcraft 2 but this is the situation that happens with it anytime you use save-load against it either in single or multiplayer ...

I have wrote this somewhere else so with this you should get an idea nor if have ever experienced an issue related to this while playing warcraft 2 - campaigns. *ALERT* if you don't want spoilers about computer behavior with the issues / bugs being present in warcraft 2 AI behavior then avoid this next part below:

"it's a bit complicated to explain for me but will try.
For example, if you're playing a campaign mission or any situation against computer and you save up your game in about past 10 minutes of game so then you either reload in the same time OR you reload minutes later OR you reload from main menu so the AI gets bugged in several parts. So for example if in that moment you save up and computer was ready to research ogre-mage upgrade and it was preparing a  6 grunts + 3 trolls + 2 ogres attack but only had ready 4 grunts + 1 troll axethrower, so the moment you re-load in that exact moment then will happen this behavior and bugs issues not corrected by Blizzard Entertainment to this day:

1) Computer stops chopping wood completely, which means that computer will NOT be capable to train units with wood required any further nor any other upgrades remaining at the AI script. If you damage enemy buildings then workers will NOT be capable to repair them because they won't chop any further wood so this will cause that workers stay next to buildings and will be GameOver for computer to fight against you.

2) Do you remember that the moment you saved up computer only had 4 grunts + 1 troll ? So the moment you reload then will NOT only stop following up the units required to train from AI script anymore but will start sending SMALLER group of units to attack (something like 4-6 units at most). For some reason (my experience with this issue) is that the moment you re-load, then computer will just send immediatelly to attack the units they have trained already.

3) The computer doesn't have a way to remember the upgrades already researched so if you for example save up the moment they're researching like level 2 damage or lvl 2 armor or any other thing then the moment you re-load, it will not be completed and will NOT proceed with the rest of upgrades on AI script.

This plugin is revolutionary in my opinion and would definetely improve experience for single player. "

This patch may be the last one required (unless something else is reported).


So with this new plugin, you should NOT have any trouble to play Danny's Insane Edition or Danny's AI Fixes Edition (DAIFE) using this new feature for the single player or overall playing against the computer. However, if you ever plan to play with a friend or multiplayer using this war2patch.mpq then I highly suggest either sharing both the plugin AND this patch to your friend or the people you play with online because you will mostly get a crash if both of you play against 1 or more computer enemies/allies.

Previously to this version, I suggested either in "DAIFE" or here in "DIE" to play the entire mods WITHOUT using save-load in-game features and ONLY any time you would get victory window (in order to save your progress to the end of each mission) so this way you would NOT bug out computer behavior and would allow yourself to play with all the fully experience available that this mod ever had to offer but that is NOT the case anymore. Since now we got this save-load FIX plugin by Mistral - Ed gorod, it's totally
possible to save-up and reload as many times as YOU WANT through the course of campaign missions or against computer in single custom/multiplayer. 
I have been personally testing this plugin and haven't encountered any issues THUS FAR (July 01th, 2021) but if for any reason you may encounter some bug experience after reloading that you would not do if you play straight up missions without save-reloading (except victory window)
then please don't hesitate to report either on the game banana post related to this mod or to my little stream in https://twitch.tv/dannyldd

The plugin added up you just have to place it in your warcraft2/Plugin folder. The patch in your main war2 directory and install.exe in your main war2 directory (do a makeup if you want to rescue your original install.exe with original war2 soundtrack)

As far as I'm concerned, this plugin works for the warcraft 2 installation downloaded from https://en.forum.ru ...
The plugin is NOT necessary for a fully operational work from this mod EXCEPT that save-load will work as buggy as
always was in warcraft 2 battle net edition, so without it I suggest that you do the previous requirement I set for this
mod that was playing straight up campaign missions without using save-reloading except in victory window for any mission to not corrupt the computer behavior.


6) Server.War2.ru / Re: u8 is ban from twitch?!!
« on: June 13, 2021, 12:42:39 PM »
I'm so sorry this happened to you Szwagier, thanks for the good times I had occassionally watching your stream. I hope you can get viewers on youtube or any other platform you get involved with.

7) Server.War2.ru / Re: u8 is ban from twitch?!!
« on: June 13, 2021, 10:37:59 AM »
Omg why did you get ban from twitch u8?? You try to hack there mpq?!! Oh right they have no mpq..... Oh i know you buy fake followers again :rofl: :rofl:

hello, what do you mean about buying followers ? Since many months i saw he had about 50-60 viewers.

8) Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: map editor help
« on: May 29, 2021, 12:21:30 PM »
i saw no problem there, the map editor should have its own folder after installing. Try downloading another language or version

Final version now is v5.5 for DAIFE Battle net edition and DOS version. Link in first comment... No more changes may be applied to the mod unless some new bug is reported. Please don't hesitate to bring me up your feedback either here or in https://twitch.tv/dannyldd

Final version for DAIFE - DOS Version now is v5.5 ... Unless there's some new bug to fix, I think this may be the last version required for this little mod. If anyone got any feedback to bring then feel free it to drop it here or my little stream https://twitch.tv/dannyldd

The changelog should be available in DAIFE, Battle net edition single player which is added up into this same forum section.

Link in first comment.

Big THANKS to Mistral and Tupac for their help in an attempt to import DAIFE into DOS version, I never thought would ever be possible to tweak that game version... Dreams became real thanks to the help of those guys.

11) Server.War2.ru / Re: War2 Triggers Editor released!
« on: April 30, 2021, 11:04:29 AM »
Mistral is a GOD, he did finally make a tool required for a warcraft 2 remastered version.

12) Server.War2.ru / Re: My Twitch Stream
« on: April 28, 2021, 08:12:35 AM »
are you a human (faction) player ?  you got nice game yesterday ! just saw some of them.

there's no remake of war2 campaigns with new difficulty (expect your Violent AI Edition or my versions). I was glad to make this as an alternative and specially FIXING UP Blizzard Entertainment several bugs that campaign missions originally had.... It would have been easy money for them just to release a patch for this. Now I'm glad its done.

Oh and I need Ed triggers tool to make new maps. Without triggers there's not too much room to make new maps.

Those files are to allow anybody to play Warcraft 2 DAIFE into war2 DOS version... All you have to do is paste those 2 files into your folder warcraft2DOS/Data

Remember to back up previous files in case you want to go back into the classic war2 version. You gotta need to get the DOS version for warcraft 2 somewhere out there.

If you wonder what is Warcraft 2 DAIFE then >>  https://forum.war2.ru/index.php/topic,6011.0.html   OR https://twitch.tv/dannyldd  (war2 DAIFE panel)


Danny's AI Fixes Edition is pretty much an enhanced version from the original war2 campaigns but WITHOUT bugs, so you're playing the ORIGINAL difficulty intended by Blizzard Entertainment in 1996 for warcraft 2 since the DOS version. Not only difficulty is even or way harder for the most casual people but actually the real difficulty intended by Blizzard which could never EVER been seen by any player since so many bugs those missions have from the code. And adding up a difficulty boost in a couple of missions in order (or attempting) to bring up a gradually harder difficulty over the progress of missions.

Overall the missions may feel way different because the fact almost all warcraft 2 campaign missions have bugs which may affect quite a lot the difficulty for player but causing in the end the feel that enemies are just there to be destroyed and nothing else ...

If you ever would like to bring up any feedback about this mod please don't hesitate to either deliver it here OR through my little stream: https://twitch.tv/dannyldd where I'm usually testing those warcraft 2 mods...

I hope you can bring it up a try.

Good luck & Have fun


*** NEW UPDATE, June 06th 2021 ***

From now on, newer updates are uploaded here:    https://gamebanana.com/mods/288689

Just added up the final campaign after being a while out of Warcraft 2. Now the Alliance campaign from Beyond the Dark Portal has been added up to the fully ready patch file so you can now play properly all 4 campaigns from War2 DAIFE through your main campaigns menu.


This is the version 5.0 which may probably the final one, unless there may be some other bug or tweak to be done... This version is fully functional now and if you ever bring it up a try then please don't hesitate to let me know either from here or https://twitch.tv/dannyldd ... All information you need to know about this warcraft 2 mod is available from the -README- file from the link above. Enhanced version with some little improvements to the game experience is also added up in the link.

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