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--- Quote from: Equinox on December 05, 2014, 06:53:03 PM ---You know what, nobody gonna have to ban me because im borred of this game, this game is a pathetic joke with retard admins.

Im just losing my time here.

I just buy a 6 month membership on wow, maybe im gonna came back if i see this 2.02 client get close and have new admins.

Have fun guys.

--- End quote ---

More important than censoring certain words or trying to force people to be peaceful and respectful at all times (impossible), the goal should be to prevent disruptions that interfere with people's ability to use the server and play wc2. That's the whole point, right? We're all standing on ceremony in the name of impartially and nonintervention while EQ runs rampant, and the result is that he became a huge ongoing disruption to the community -- harassing players on the server, inciting arguments, making literally dozens of semi-coherent posts of nothing but pointless insults on the forum, blatantly spamming the forum in the first place ffs, wasting bandwidth, wasting admin's time, wasting EVERYone's time. Obviously intervention was needed, and I think the fact that it went on for so long is a failing of our administration. Banning is a extreme solution and should be used wisely, but sitting back and doing nothing can be just as detrimental.

We might just have to accept that preventing insults, racism, etc is beyond our power, at least on the server, and that admins should stay out of personal arguments so long they aren't disruptive to the server in general.  (Players have the squelch command at their disposal in such situations.) An exception to that might be if someone singles out one player and deliberately seeks to ruin their gaming experience on an ongoing basis.

The forum should be more heavily moderated simply because we DO have the power to control it, and allowing unchecked flaming on a forum is just asking for trouble. This isn't the place for people to rant on and on about why they think of each other's mothers and religions and race, such posts contribute nothing and should be deleted on sight IMO.

I think a fair compromise would be to let people say what they want in the general discussion eg) flaming, racism, insults, etc but keep it out of the other forums.

damn mousey ... your ICQ is newb.

my ICQ is/was 10121774    8)

people still use that? I think I stopped using that back in 2000.

thing is blid sees/judges literally 90% of the threads as racist.

u ask me why, cuz hes a racist prick himself.


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