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Classic/Built-in Maps - Must have at least 1 Computer opponent. Any game speed, resources, or starting location.
Most gold mined in GOW BNE: Swift 966,000 (Download Warvid)
Most wood chopped in GOW BNE: Player 615,375 (
Most farm space used in a built-in map/Fastest (must click each hall): Player 224 of 200 (
Time to beat 6 Computers in GOW BNE/EF: tk[as] 00:22:22 (
Time to beat 7 Computers in GOW BNE/EF: Swift 00:18:48: (Download Warvid)
Time to beat 7 Computers in GOW BNE/F: Player 00:13:31 (

Custom Maps - Anything goes (except hacks).
Most gold mined in a custom map: G3mini 455,940,000 (

Delete mine too:
I broke that record with my powers! ;) My gold doesn't stop counting...............

gj  :D no walls?


--- Quote from: easycompany on January 11, 2016, 07:41:53 PM ---gj  :D no walls?

--- End quote ---
No walls were used for this monumental achievement.

Certified MENSA Genius Brain (smart):
Opponent chopped 1750 wood?  Looks like you fucked up.


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