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--- Quote from: Player on January 25, 2016, 09:28:25 PM ---Rofl, please. By double chop I meant 1 peon taking more two rations of wood.  Also, no way I'd chop the map with 1 peon.

--- End quote ---

So explain how chopping the map with 1 peon ensures no double chops?


--- Quote from: tk[as] on January 25, 2016, 10:10:52 PM ---Yeah I think we all know 2 peons can try to chop the same piece of wood, and also 1 peon cutting at an angle will take 2 trees.

Never heard or seen of a peon taking 3 pieces. Must be a bug or glitch if it has ever happened

--- End quote ---

You've never seen the triple chop at 12? There's a few select places.  I've never noticed if it actually takes 3 blocks, or just creates an additional 3rd block of chopped trees

Managing 1 peon is easier then managing many. Doesn't matter though, I didn't chop the map with 1 peon, it was jokes.

I think its time to escalate this to Twitch live racing.

Round 1: Legendary Players: Player vs Swift
Round 2: Emo, Cry baby, My Vagina Hurts Players: Equinox vs TK

oE mad cus hes been playing this game 10+ years and still gets stomped by letsremake 

mad cus u bad bro


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