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WAR2 DISCORD SERVER !!! (easy&good web-based voice chat - all join!)

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Update update - the Discord server is thriving! We have many members, custom roles, custom emotes :peon:, custom voice channels, Yamon-protection, a #tech_support channel headed by Tupac, a #cartography channel for mapmakers, and a bunch of other cool crap! JOIN NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Update - the Discord server is doing really well! Over 50 people have started using it off and on. It's super easy & fast to get started, you can use it with a desktop mic, headset, or smartphone. Download is optional on desktop. Everyone is encouraged to try it out -- you can't beat voice chat during team games, it's handy as hell!  ;D


* Runs in your browser without installing or registering, takes seconds to get started
* If you don't have a mic you can use it on your smartphone (both Apple & Android)
* Very fast, excellent audio quality, great interface
* Completely free, no ads, no restricted features
* Send notifications with @mentions (great way to stay in touch and annoy people to log on & play :D)

Anyone ever used Discord? Today I tried a server hosted by tetrisbros and it's really nice. It's for text & voice chat like Teamspeak but web based, no registration required, can voice chat right in the browser (with Chrome/FF/Opera, IE not supported), and there are also desktop & mobiles app.

It's free and takes 10 seconds to set up a new server, so I set up a server for us: http://en.war2.ru/discord Everyone go try it out right now!

Will definitely try that later today! [emoji4]

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Warchief Lightbringer-:
Registered. I'm not that great talking in english as opposed to writing. I talk much better in french :P I'll talk if people don't laugh. Haha

Then, play with french/canadian players + Saint too ;)

well you guys should use curse vocal, it's the best.


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