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the gamebot has latency as well can we get this fixed plz thanks
making it impossible for my SFC members to game.

Uhh arnt they just ur bots?


--- Quote from: LuNaTiC on November 28, 2014, 01:19:19 AM ---the gamebot has latency as well can we get this fixed plz thanks
--- End quote ---
Yes, this problem is still active for several months, just no ideas what can it be.
Some people joins fine, some have such problems.

Let me know details:
- did they ever join games created by gamebot or it never worked for them? Is the problem permanent or appears from time to time?
- what do they see for /ping gamebot ? What country are they located in? The reason could be eighter a port forwarding or really a low latency to gamebot host.

Checked that, it's really a problem.
The server stays at mousEtopher's home. Let's check until she checks her configs.

Donation $10/month wanted for windows hosting for bot also.

Talked to Lunatic on the server, he said it's all good now. I still double checked the ports and everything is still forwarded, nothing has changed configuration-wise, so still not sure what was causing the problem.


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