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Volunteer here glad to translate the game into Simplified Chinese

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Jack Chen:
Hi there. I'm glad to be a volunteer to translate the game, Warcraft II Combat Edition into Simplified Chinese. Would it be possible for me to do the job?

I'd say, most likely yes!
Russian team made a translation to russian in 2007, i took part is that (checking and packing that language files), so, you can do the same with Simplified Chinese i think.

What you need to do is to unpack war2dat.mpq into a folder, then edit about 80 files in rez-folder using several resource editors.

I can send you that soft if you interested in that.

Jack Chen:
That's amazing. Send me the tools please. I'd like to have a try. If I were able to do that, I would send you the final work when I finish the job. Thanks a lot!

I also forgot: need to make several new fonts for that job.
I used russian font from russian DOS-version of War2TD. Required to change it from different format, but i had that.
Not sure there is Simplified Chinese font for war2 exist anywhere. Also not sure, maybe font from starcraft will be compatible if exists.

Are you sure there's no any version of war2 in Chinese?
Also, is there any version of starcraft 1 in Simplified Chinese? Can save much time if it is.

I looked into my projects:
About 12 years ago I made a converter to change places of different letters inside 1 font file. I also can export font into .bmp-file.
So, i can add some code to import .bmp file into .fnt also.

Files should work on all windows since probably 95, just tried on win7 - also work fine.

winmpq: to extract files from .mpq-archives. And after editing that files - to pack them back into .mpq
After first start the program you should click options - file lists - and there add file list called "Warcraft II BNE.txt". Otherwise you will not see filenames in mpq-archive.

Tblpad: to edit .pad-files extracted from archive.

Tbled102: 1 more to editing .pad-files.
Looks like tblpad is what you need. But maybe there are some troubles with it, then use tbled102.

BinEdit: to edit .bin-files.

If it will require VB40032.DLL - use it from winmpq archive.


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