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War2 Triggers Editor released!

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there is trigger for changing fastest to anything other


--- Quote from: Mistral on June 27, 2023, 05:51:21 AM ---so for random i thinked about it but cannot implement for now

for sounds
PUD maps are basically a file with set of sections
triggers being stored is old unused OILM section which was used for oil distribution in old alpha war2
but size of this section is depends of map size so max amount of bytes that triggers can be is for 128x128 map = 16k bytes
so this is not possible to put custom sound files and etc u just not have any place for even 1 sound
it is possible to add more sections i think but then maps becomes uncompatible with original map editor and even puddraft too
if u open and save map in them then all other non supported sections being removed from map file

p.s. lol also imagine the lag when someone joins lobby and needs to download 50mb map with tons of cursed custom sounds :) :) :) :)

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Starcraft 1 remastered works this way actually, Ed.

I've encountered some of these Korean maps, like Special forces with a lot of new remastered features and they're slow to download. Even consider you have to download them from Korea server so it would be even slower for foreign people.
So basically, starcraft maps can get really big as well to download. It may turn a curse and slow in lobby to get.


--- Quote from: Mistral on June 28, 2023, 10:13:34 AM ---there is trigger for changing fastest to anything other

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Problem is nobody joins fastest games, or thet just leave - the trigger works perfectly fine.

Speed at 18 is nice but not too fast, and really nice animations.

there is trigger that allows to change game speed in game using numpad+ and - like in singleplayer

Yeah but once game starts nobody should change speed by accident or on purpose IMO, even the host. I hope in next version you could set both EF and F trigger (as EF is more popular by far).

I always hit minus key by accident because I place hall/command center on the 0 hotkey (also peon/probe/peasant is one key over), so it's now completely disabled when game window is active.

GOW with pathfix + rally + speedfix is really great introduction to triggers, but people don't want tower control and won't join fastest games.


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