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War2 Triggers Editor released!

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Unrelated question: is there a known method to turn Zeppelin into a transport with triggers or otherwise? I guess if you morph a transport into a Zeppelin and then back after loading it might work :thinking:

turning transport into flying unit have better chances than making zeppelin cary units
in this game those 2 units (human transport and orc transport) have many super cursed logics very hardcoded into game code
so u cannot just simply change zeppelin cuz there will be many logic transport code not working for it

new release

added trigger 124 unit not allowed to damage other unit
added trigger 125 Repeat next code Value0 times
added trigger 126 end of Repeat block

so im in the built in editor, what the fuck is the step value refer to in the upgrade properties???

--- Quote from: Mistral ---Hello all.
So Triggers editor is finally released.

--- End quote ---

are yall working on improving the onboarding of new users???

HD was recently discribed as trash 1/10 would not reccomend
and only way i got them to give it a go was coz they couldnt figure out how to login to gog
also its almost daily i see ppl stream war2, some have original copoy still
none are aware of combat edition. most are doing campaign

--- Quote from: Mistral --- p.s. people who make this thing possible:
@Lambchops - created plugins framework - i used some functions in War2Mod.
@fois - helped with code - and i used some of his functions a lot in War2Mod.
@Available - helped with War2 Triggers Editor prog and testing of mod.
@Oragorn  - my best slave friend that helped me with tests of War2Mod.
@iL - the best admin ever.
@Szwagier - helped with tests.
--- End quote ---


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