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i been messin around with an idea
but i cant even fool around trying it out in game
ive changed a units stats but they do not apply ingame
i havent tried to train them, but i take off 1 peon only and have units at the start
ive opened it in a couple of different editors and it shows what i changed just doesnt affect the units in game

a radical rework of knight/paladin!
anyone wanna amuse ourselves and try this out?
im pretty sure its a broken as fuck ideas lol. so knight has to stay the same or it will 100% be broken, and it will just be paladin.

i toyed around tryna bring axer/archer with a rush. they are just so shit. and ive seen enough air lately its like cant do nothing with range or it fucks air. maybe atk type armor tweaks where it brings em up vs melee but no vs air idk

oh, if anyone is into sc2 and maps, i have full war1/2 assets that i found.

been back 5 days, after gone 10+ years because my mouse was always shit ingame.
the HD fixed the mouse for me and i really enjoy the resolution upgrade!
 thanks those who worked on it!
sorry im bored no one is on ;(

sorry im bored no one is on ;(

i just talked to you online, I told you i beat van to get my belt and you laughed. Here is you video of the replay.


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