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War2 Triggers Editor released!

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Updated to version 1.1
(changed download link in main post message)

added custom names to Values and Flags
custom names not saved in *.pud files, only in *.w2tr, cause need econom place in pud maps.
fixed default value in msgbox
fixed text in msgbox
GlobalVals number changed from 256 to 16
now GlobalVals not changes between game save/load

its working with war2mod v1.71 and higher (currently on backup server)

update to v1.1a
fixed give orders trigger

working with war2mod 1.74 and higher (currently on backup)

Updated to 1.3.1
and there is some example triggers and maps included here.


I tried doing a few basic triggers like setting player money and I saved them to a .pud. I then loaded triggers from the .pud and I can see that they were saved but when I play the level, the triggers aren't doing anything. Is there something else I could be missing?

if you play on server then u need to host game from War2Mod channel (red text TRIG will be added to game name)

if you want play on singleplayer you first need instal our War2 that have plugins support
then you join server 1 time and can leave
when you joined server plugin will download and will be in war2 folder (named war2mod.w2p) you then put it into plugins folder
then you make triggers folder in plugins foder
you can use triggers editor to save triggers not into PUD but just in file
name those file humanNN.w2tr or orcNN.w2tr or custom.w2tr
where NN is number of mission from campanign (from 01 to 14) (xhuman xorc for BDP campanigns from 01 to 12)
and custom is applied for all custom maps


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