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Screenshot command bug


Hi guys,

There’s a bug in the /ss feature, which I haven’t seen addressed. Occasionally the screenshot is incomplete, see the ss link below as an example.

The only clues I can offer is that I requested the ss, and it was CharlieChoplin who created the game. Any ideas?

I also came across this ss from a different game earlier this year;

I see this problem happening with Google Chrome Version 91.0.4472.114 (Official Build) (64-bit). Other browsers may give different results?

Almost forgot to add my specs again:
Spec: PC @ i7-2700K CPU, 8 GB RAM
         War2combat @ War2Combat46_en_full, War2BNEInSight105RC2

Regards all,

Additional, this problem is not as bad as I first thought.

You can download the image and it will show a complete ss (use MS paint), albeit somewhat corrupted/ shifted.  Think this is the workaround until the problem gets looked at?

Regards all,


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