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just changed my PC , i have a problem in lobby , w10

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i just downloaded wc2 and joined the lobby but its not full screen , just like its 4:3 with black borders on left\right.
with my old pc , same screen, was adapted and full screen , its annoying.

how to fix this?

it doesnt adapt in game either, totally unplayable  :'(


--- Quote from: LoRyS.iT on July 07, 2021, 04:48:00 AM ---totally unplayable
--- End quote ---
Bad joke.
Maybe it's time to get used to the normal picture?  ;D

Really totally unplayable is ugly melting picture 4:3 to 16:9...

But, ok.
There are two[or three..] solutions:

1. hardware settings in your display, like turn off "keep aspect ratio", select kinda "stretch to screen"
2. driver level fix by nvidia/amd/intel apps: find settings and do something similar

if normal solutions somewhat not working:
3. use Warcraft II Config.exe, turn off "keep aspect ratio", then
for GDI ddraw - switch to windowed mode, and stretch window as you wish
for CNC ddraw - select OpenGL in config + No border (fake-windowed mode)

tried a lot but couldnt find a "normal" solution  :(
windowed mode didnt work properly (fucked up the resolution pretty much plus windowed its not as good as full screen)

in my old pc it worked properly with the wide screen but if i'd use the laptop screen its 4:3 there aswell.. i might be the only one using it streched?

@Droid u might want to help a microHSC player!


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